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The Stellar Sword Diagram!

The reason he told Qiong Qi not to come was because he didnt intend to hold back anymore.

He couldnt hold back anymore.

Because he was very well aware that they wouldnt give him a chance to continue exhausting their strength and forces.

Sure enough, five Rebirth Realm experts were waiting for him.

Five Rebirth Realm experts!

Besides the Stellar Sword Diagram, he had no other way to deal with them.

Mu You and the others frowned when they saw the diagram.

Because they didnt recognize it.

But it didnt take long for them to recognize it.

Yang Ye didnt waste his breath and just waved his right hand.

The Stellar Sword Diagram shook violently and emanated a ray of dazzling starlight.

In an instant, the surroundings were transformed into an expanse of outer space!

“The Stellar Sword Diagram!” Mu You and the others gazed at Yang Ye with astonishment.

The Stellar Sword Diagram!

The Stellar Sword Diagram contributed immensely to Jian Wujis strength in the large world.

All those years ago, Jian Wuji had activated it above a powerful sect, and then that power which had around eight Rebirth Realm experts had immediately chosen to make a compromise.

None of them dared to fight back.

The Stellar Sword Diagram became renowned throughout the large world after that battle!

Actually, they knew Yang Ye had the Stellar Sword Diagram, but they werent very afraid.

Because they were in the Rebirth Realm while Yang Ye was just a Semi-Deity.

Yang Ye was a realm of cultivation lower than Jian Wuji had been all those years ago.

Even though it was just a single realm of cultivation, the gap between the Semi-Deity and Deity Realm was like the distance between the heavens and the earth.

Especially when the comparison was made on geniuses like Yang Ye and Jian Wuji!

So, they felt that even if Yang Ye had it, he couldnt make the Stellar Sword Diagram possess the same might as Jian Wuji had all those years ago!

However, theyd overlooked something.

Yang Yes sword intent was at the Returnal Rank while Jian Wujis had been at the Quasi Returnal Rank then.

Yang Yes sword intent had compensated for his insufficient cultivation!

A moment of silence ensued before Mu You suddenly said, “Kill!” As soon as he said that, a terrifying aura erupted from within him, and it surged like a torrent towards Yang Ye.

The other four Rebirth Realm experts attack in succession as well!

At this moment, they were very well aware that it was impossible to flee, or it should be said that they couldnt flee.

If they wanted to flee, it represented that they had to destroy the Stellar Sword Diagram! Destroy it They didnt have the confidence to do that! Since they couldnt flee, they had to kill Yang Ye who was the core of it.

So long as Yang Ye was dead, the Stellar Sword Diagram would naturally be deactivated!

Yang Ye waved his right hand and the Sword Precursor flew to the center of the area, and then the distant stars instantly lit up.

In next to no time, countless strands of sword energy shot down from the stars.

In the end, they pierced through space and formed a dense storm that descended towards Yang Ye and the others here.

This time, the sword energy was countless times stronger than it had been when he utilized the Stellar Sword Diagram last.

Besides the rise in his cultivation, there was another reason for this, and it was because his sword intent was at the Returnal Rank!

The Returnal Rank!

The Stellar Sword Diagram and Returnal Rank sword intent! They were Yang Yes biggest trump cards!

The stellar sword energy rained down like a storm, and the terrifying energy they contained made Mu You and the others instantly turn ghastly pale.

In the past, theyd merely heard of the Stellar Sword Diagram and knew that it was terrifying.

However, when they experienced it for themselves, they realized that it was much stronger than theyd imagined!

This time, they didnt dare hold back at all.

Countless strands of powerful energy surged out incessantly in the starry sky, and they struck the stellar sword energy.

However, Mu You and the others counterattack was obliterated before the endless stellar sword energy that was descending towards them.

Just like that, around two hours passed before the stellar sword energy gradually vanished.

Once everything returned to normal, only two people were left here.

One was Yang Ye, and the other was Mu You!

Mu You looked up at the sky with a lost expression in his eyes.

A long time passed before he looked at Yang Ye, “The number one treasure of the lower dimensions!”

As soon as he finished speaking, his body gradually turned ethereal, and then it vanished on the spot.

After Mu You vanished, Qiong Qi appeared here.

He gazed at Yang Ye.

At this moment, Yang Yes countenance was pale, and he seemed very weak.

Qiong Qi asked solemnly, “Kid, are you alright” He hadnt forgotten how Yang Yes lifespan was almost completely exhausted when he utilized the Stellar Sword Diagram that day.

Yang Ye shook his head, “I wont die.”

Qiong Qi asked, “How much lifespan do you have left”

Yang Ye replied, “Around two years!”

Qiong Qi visibly relaxed, “Good.” Yang Yes natural talent was very good, so even if he couldnt attain the Deity Realm within two years, he had time to find treasures that increased his lifespan.

In short, it wasnt the worst case scenario!

Yang Ye nodded because the situation was still acceptable.

At the very least, it was much better than before.

Two years were sufficient for him.

However, he couldnt utilize the Stellar Sword Diagram again for the next two years.

Yang Ye glanced at the door which led to the large world, and then he said, “This time, let me head up there on my own.”

Qiong Qi asked, “Youre not taking me with you”

Yang Ye nodded, “You stay behind in the lower dimensions.”

Qiong Qi asked, “Youre afraid they would descend to the lower dimensions and attack Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region”

Yang Ye nodded slightly.

Besides him, only Qiong Qi had the strength to stop the Rebirth Realm experts of the large world.

If both of them went to the large world and the large world sent Rebirth Realm experts down to the lower dimensions, then Zhuang Weiran and the others wouldnt be able to defend themselves against those Rebirth Realm experts.

As for the Nether Pavilion, he didnt dare to rely completely on them.

After all, they wouldnt specially stand on guard at Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region.

Under such circumstances, he could only rely on Qiong Qi.

If Qiong Qi stayed, then even two Rebirth Realm experts wouldnt be a problem for him.

After all, those Rebirth Realm experts would be suppressed to the Dualism Realm upon descending to the lower dimensions!

Qiong Qi thought for a while and said, “Do you really not need me to go with you”

Yang Ye smiled, “Ive decided to do it on my own.

After all, I cant be relying on you forever, right”

Qiong Qi nodded slightly, “Thats a good way to think.

Since youve made your decision, then I wont say anything.

Be careful! Are you going to recover before heading up there, or will you…”

Yang Ye shook his head, “I dont have the time.

I presume those powers know what has happened here.

So, I must leave immediately.” He gazed at Qiong Qi and continued, “Ill leave the lower dimensions to you.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye didnt stay a moment longer, and he just entered the door.

Qiong Qi gazed at the door for a long time, and then he shook his head, “What a madman.”

Actually, after staying by Yang Yes side for so long, he really admired Yang Ye.

Yang Ye had ferocity, and Qiong Qi really admired that.

Yang Ye was ruthless to others, but at most times, Yang Ye was even more ruthless to himself.

Most importantly, Yang Ye was loyal.

That was the rarest and more precious thing.

Even though Qiong Qi liked the aura of evil, it didnt represent that he liked evil people.

Qiong Qi remained silent on the spot for a while, and then he turned around and entered Heavens Door.

Not long after Qiong Qi left, two old men suddenly appeared here.

The red robed old man glanced at the surroundings and said, “Theyre dead.”

The other old man asked, “Was it the Nether Pavilion”

The red robed old man closed his eyes slowly.

A long time passed before he opened them, and he shook his head, “It probably wasnt.

The Nether Pavilions experts wont come up here until their 1st hall master is found.”

Both of their expressions became extremely solemn at this point.

Since it wasnt the Nether Pavilion, it represented that Yang Ye had done it himself.

Even though it was quite inconceivable, it didnt mean that it was impossible.

So, if Yang Ye had really killed all of them….

A long time passed before the red robed old man took a deep breath, “Old Man Hua from the Ma Clan was really smart! From now onwards, it may be the age of Yang Ye!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he shook his head and vanished on the spot.

The remaining old man fell silent for a short while, and then he said, “He was smart indeed!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he vanished on the spot.

The Ma Clan had suddenly withdrawn at the critical moment.

Even though theyd lost face because of it, they wouldnt suffer Yang Yes revenge.

But the War Pavilion and Emperor Sect had refused to stop.

Not only did they lose five Rebirth Realm experts because of it, theyd formed irreconcilable enmity with Yang Ye.

They could imagine that Yang Ye would definitely take revenge on their sects in the future.

Even though Yang Ye was just a Semi-Deity now, both the Emperor Sect and War Pavilion didnt dare to treat him as just a Semi-Deity!

The news that Yang Ye had passed through the Heavenpath spread like wildfire throughout the lower dimensions.

After Jian Wuji and the Unfettered One, another legend had appeared in the lower dimensions!

That legend was Yang Ye, of course!

At this moment, Yang Ye had clearly become the idol of all youths in the lower dimensions.

Especially those who were training in the sword.

Yang Ye had entered the large world with his own effort, and it had undoubtedly brought glory and honor to sword cultivators.

From now onwards, would anyone in the lower dimensions dare to look down on sword cultivators Or it should be said that from now onwards, there may be more and more who took up the sword!

Sword cultivators were only ordinary while they werent strong, but once they were strong, they could shake the heavens and the earth!

The Unfettered One and Jian Wuji from all those years ago, or Yang Ye himself were the best examples.

It was the truth.

Sword cultivation had become popular in the lower dimensions again and countless people were taking the path of the sword.

The Radiant Dimension.

On a huge and smooth rock deep within the mountains, a young girl sat cross-legged atop it.

She seemed to be around the age of 10, but her entire body emanated a mature aura.

There was a sword floating in front of her.

Suddenly, the space in front of her trembled slightly, and then a voice emerged from there.

A long time passed before she opened her eyes, and then she looked up at the sky, “The Heavenpath….


Im going to do the same in the future!”

As soon as she finished speaking, a strand of sword intent surged out explosively from her.

Rebirth Rank sword intent!


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