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All four Dualism Realm experts were stunned when they heard Yang Ye, and then their faces turned ghastly pale.

Because they suddenly remembered that Elder Hua was gone.

Elder Huas departure was very sudden, and he hadnt even warned them before he left.

Of course, that wasnt the main issue.

The main issue was Elder Hua had left.

The only person who could stop Yang Ye, Elder Hua, had left.

Once they recovered from their shock, they immediately turned around and fled towards the door behind them.

However, Yang Yes sword had vanished again.

At the moment his sword vanished, a Dualism Realm expert stiffened on the spot around 3km away from him, and then a fountain of blood sprayed from that experts chest.

An instant later, another ray of light flashed, and another Dualism Realm experts figure stiffened in midair.

However, the remaining two had entered the door.

Yang Ye shook his head while a trace of helplessness and regret flashed through his eyes.

Even though those Dualism Realm experts couldnt resist his Rebirth Sword, he couldnt stop all of them if all of them fled at the same time.

However, being able to kill two was good enough!

This time, he was smart and didnt take their heads.

Because he wanted to refine them into Sword Servants!

Sword Servants at the Dualism Realm!

Yang Ye waved his right hand and took those two corpses, and then he went over to the door.

Even though this place could be considered as part of the large world, strictly speaking, it couldnt be considered as really entering the large world.

He would only be considered as truly being in the large world once he passed through the door before him.

This place could only be considered as a stopover between the lower dimensions and the large world!

Right when Yang Ye was about to enter the door, his expression changed abruptly.

He intended to retreat, but it was too late.

A wave of terrifying force slammed down towards him from the other side of the door, and Yang Ye instinctively raised the casket lid in front of himself.


A loud explosion resounded as Yang Ye and the casket lid were blasted over 3km away!

Meanwhile, a black robed old man with a black cane in his hand walked out slowly from behind the door.

The Rebirth Realm!

The old man gazed at Yang Ye, “He actually sought reconciliation from an ant at the Semi-Deity Realm.

The Ma Clan is getting from bad to worse.”

Yang Ye wiped off the blood on the corner of his mouth, and then he looked up at the black robed old man while he slowly clenched his left fist.

The old man was even a little stronger than the previous Rebirth Realm expert from the Ma Clan!

The old man walked slowly in Yang Yes direction, “Yang Ye, there was no enmity between my War Pavilion and you.

Unfortunately, you insisted on interfering in our business with Blood Maiden.

The Nether Pavilions business is complicated beyond your imagination.

Even a hundred lives wont be able to save you now that youve interfered in it.”

As soon as he finished speaking, his cane shot forward like a bolt of lightning.


Yang Ye was blasted away again.

If one looked carefully, one would notice that the casket lid almost escaped his grasp this time.

The old man was too strong!

After flying very far away, Yang Ye finally stopped himself, and then he spat out two mouthfuls of blood in succession.

Yang Ye looked down at his hand.

At this moment, his hand wasnt just trembling, he couldnt even feel it anymore.

How strong!

Yang Ye looked up at the black robed old man.

At this moment, the black robed old man was walking slowly towards him, “Needless to say, youve surprised me a little.

No wonder that fellow, Old Man Ma, chose to make a compromise and make peace with you.

Indeed, if youre allowed to grow, then not to mention the Ma Clan, even ten Ma Clans wouldnt be able to stop you.

Unfortunately, youre bound to be unable to grow!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he tapped his cane forward in Yang Yes direction.


The space in a huge area trembled violently, and then a wave of invisible force appeared in front of Yang Ye.

This time, Yang Ye was ready, and hed raised the casket lid and slammed it forward when the old man attacked.


A loud explosion resounded as Yang Ye was pushed backwards.

Because he was pushed back too swiftly, it caused the space he passed through to warp slightly!

Yang Yes figure finally stopped after being pushed almost 9km away.

At this moment, it wasnt just his hands that couldnt be felt, he couldnt really feel his entire body!

“That casket lid of yours isnt bad!” Meanwhile the black robed old man added, “Your body is probably at the Undying Realm.

Youre truly a freak.

Your body is at the Undying Realm before you even attained the Dualism Realm.

I presume someone helped you with that.

Right, the thing that arouses my curiosity the most is your recovery.

Exactly what treasure is able to repair your injuries at such speed Im curious, very curious!”

As he spoke, he took a step forward and stretched his right hand out.

Just that caused the space above Yang Ye to tremble violently, and then a huge palm emerged from there and slammed down at Yang Ye.

Yang Ye would naturally not just stand there and wait for death to arrive.

His sword had vanished at the exact same moment that the huge palm had emerged from space.

A ray of light flashed.

However, the ray of lights target wasnt the huge palm but the black robed old man.



Two explosions resounded simultaneously.

Yang Ye and the casket lid were blasted flying as expected.

But this time, the black robed old man was pushed around 1km back as well.

Yang Ye heaved a sigh of relief when he witnessed this scene.

Even though the old man was stronger than the Rebirth Realm expert from the Ma Clan, the black robed old man wasnt invincible.

The Rebirth Sword still posed a threat to the black robed old man!

It was fine so long as the old man wasnt impossible to defeat!

Yang Ye withdrew an Energy Pearl and consumed it, and then countless strands of spirit energy erupted within him.

After that, threads of Primordial Violet Energy flowed out from the Primordial Pagoda and entered Yang Yes bones, causing his injuries to start being repaired swiftly!

The black robed old man glanced at his chest.

At this moment, there was a gash on his chest.

It was very deep, and if one looked closely, one could see the bones beneath his flesh.

The reason hed resisted Yang Yes attack by force was because he hadnt expected Yang Ye to ignore his attack and attack him instead!

The black robed old man looked up at Yang Ye, “Needless to say, possessing such terrifying combat strength at your age is truly heaven defying.

Im afraid that even the Unfettered One and Jian Wuji wouldnt have been any different from you!”

He stretched his right hand forward and was about to attack, but Yang Ye attacked before he could.

Yang Yes figure flashed forward while his sword vanished, and then a ray of light flashed.

It was swift, swift to the absolute limit.

It could be said to be so swift that even Yang Ye couldnt see it clearly.

The black robed old man could, but he couldnt dodge it.

If Yang Ye had been a little further away, then he could dodge it.

Unfortunately, they were too close, so he had no choice but to head-on against it!

The old mans reaction was extremely swift, and hed attacked at the moment Yang Yes sword vanished.


An explosion resounded.

The old man was blasted backwards, and hed just stopped himself when another ray of light flashed.


The black robed old man was pushed back again!

When the old man stopped himself, Yang Ye had vanished.

The old man was stunned, and then he gazed at Heavens Door.

He seemed to have thought of something, and it caused his face to become unsightly.

Obviously, Yang Ye had fled to the lower dimensions.

A moment later, his figure shot towards Heavens Door.

However, he stopped right when he was about to enter it.

The old man gazed at the door for a long time.

In the end, he decided against going down there.

He wasnt really afraid of Yang Ye, and he was confident that Yang Ye couldnt harm him even if he was suppressed to the Dualism Realm.

However, Yang Ye wasnt the only enemy he had in the lower dimensions, the Nether Pavilion was there too!

He naturally knew about Blood Maidens strength.

Not to mention that his cultivation would be suppressed, and his strength would decline tremendously; even if his cultivation wasnt suppressed, he would definitely be no match for Blood Maiden!

So, he couldnt head down to the lower dimensions!

The black robed old man hesitated for a moment, and then he sat cross-legged on the ground.

He started to absorb spirit energy and repair his body.

Hed suffered injuries from going head-on against Yang Yes attacks.

Moreover, it had consumed a huge amount of his spirit energy.

Now, he had to recover his spirit energy and repair his injuries.

Because he knew that Yang Ye would definitely be back!

However, hed underestimated the speed at which Yang Ye returned.

Around four hours later, Yang Ye emerged from Heavens Door again.

The black robed old mans expression instantly became quite unsightly.

Because Yang Ye seemed completely healed.

After all, Yang Ye had suffered severe injuries before he fled! Yet now, he was completely healed!

Yang Ye didnt waste his breath, and the sword in his grasp vanished.


The black robed old man was blasted around 1km back.

However, as soon as he stopped himself, another ray of light had arrived before him.

The old man was pushed around 1km back again.

Just like before, as soon as he stopped himself, another ray of light arrived in front of him!


The old man was blasted backwards again.

This time, a ray of light didnt assault him again.

However, Yang Ye was gone as well.

Yang Ye had fled back down to the lower dimensions!

Yang Ye left as soon as he finished executing three attacks!

Yang Ye had realized that he couldnt allow himself to be locked in fierce combat with the old man.

That was very disadvantageous to him.

In any case, only the Rebirth Sword could pose a threat to the old man, and he could only execute it three times.

Since that was the case, it was easy.

He could attack thrice and leave.

The old mans face became extremely unsightly when he saw Yang Ye vanish.

Around 6 hours later, Yang Ye emerged from Heavens Door again.

The black robed old man was at a loss for words.


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