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The Deity Realm

He wasnt being arrogant, but he really didnt take Deities seriously.

Besides the strength he possessed, he had quite a few demon beasts with him!

All those demon beasts were at the Deity Realm!

Especially the Ancient Emperor Python, it could be considered as one of the strongest in the Deity Realm!

As for his own strength, he was at the Semi-Deity Realm.

Coupled with the Undying Elemental Body, Elemental Breaker, Rebirth Sword, and the casket lid, it could be said that he didnt even have to fear a Dualism Realm expert.

Meanwhile, Lian Suyao suddenly asked, “Why are so many people from the large world looking for you”

Yang Ye laughed coldly.

Besides Mo Xiaoleng, there was no one else in the large world who had enmity with him.

Of course, the Emperor Sect and War Pavilion too.

However, according to Lian Suyao, those geniuses of the large world had come over a dozen days ago.

At that time, he hadnt fought those two Rebirth Realm experts.

So, it was impossible for those geniuses to have been sent by the War Pavilion and Emperor Sect.

Since it wasnt them, then only Mo Xiaoleng remained!

Moreover, even Shi Tian who hed encountered within the Ominous Territory had said that Mo Xiaoleng was constantly promising more and more things in the large world so that others would come and kill him.

Obviously, Mo Xiaoleng had somehow succeeded at making them believe her.

So, those geniuses and experts had specially descended to the lower dimensions just to look for trouble with him!

Lian Suyao didnt repeat her quest when she saw Yang Ye remain silent, and she immediately spoke softly, “You stayed in the Ominous Territory for so long….”

After she left the Ominous Territory, she hadnt gone in again because she got news that the geniuses from the large world were looking for Yang Ye.

She was waiting for him to come out.

However, she hadnt expected that this wait would go on for two months! Actually, she was on the verge of giving up.

Because she felt that Yang Ye had died in the Ominous Territory!

Yang Ye was a very monstrous genius!

However, the Ominous Territory was even more terrifying.

Since he hadnt come out after going in there for so long and there was no news about him, she felt that he was probably dead.

She hadnt expected Yang Ye to actually come out alive!

Moreover, it seemed like Yang Yes strength had improved tremendously again!

Yang Ye nodded when he heard her, and then he said, “I suffered some setbacks in there.

Fortunately, I got out of it safely.

Right, theres no need to come here anymore in the future.”

Lian Suyao was puzzled, “Why”

Yang Ye thought for a moment and said, “Actually, you can go in there in two or three days from now.

Remember, no later than three days from now.

Once you go in, just go all the way to the depths of the place.

What you get depends on your own fortune.”

Many demon beasts and people in the Ominous Territory were leaving.

However, the treasures and inheritances left behind by the people whod died in there were definitely not going anywhere.

Almost all the demon beasts and humans would have left in around three days.

So, it was almost completely safe if someone went in there at that time.

Simply speaking, she would be making use of the opportunity to gain what she could!

Yang Ye was naturally not interested in doing that.

Presently, ordinary treasures and inheritances werent attractive to him at all.

The exception would be a treasure better than the casket lid or a technique better than the Sword of Rebirth.

Otherwise, he didnt need any other treasures or techniques.

Most importantly, he didnt want to waste more time.

Hed been in the Ominous Territory for so long, so Zhuang Weiran, Su Qingshi, and the others were definitely extremely worried about him.

Now, all he wanted to do was go and see them.

When he thought up to this point, Yang Ye gazed at Lian Suyao and said, “Miss Lian, thank you for waiting here for me and providing this information to me.

I have other matters to attend to, so Ill be bidding my farewell.

Right, remember what I said.

You can go in the Ominous Territory around three days from now.

At that time, your gains will depend on your own luck.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye was about to leave.

However, Lian Suyao obstructed his path and asked, “Youre heading back to Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region”

Yang Ye nodded.

Lian Suyao fell silent for a short while, and then she said, “Its best to stay away for now.

I know youre very strong, but those fellows from the large world are at a higher level of cultivation than you.

Moreover, it isnt just one or two who have come down here.

Youll definitely fall into a difficult situation if you head back right now.

If you stay away, then theyll definitely head back once they cant find you for some time.”

Yang Ye smiled and replied, “You want me to hide like a coward”

Lian Suyao shook her head, “Im just telling you to avoid them for now.

Its not worth going head-on against them.

Once youve grown fully, they will definitely not be a match for you.”

Yang Ye smiled, “No matter what, thank you for your good intentions.

However, Ive made my decision.

So, Miss Lian, see you next time!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he didnt stay a moment longer, and he vanished on the spot.

Lian Suyao was stunned on the spot for a moment, and then she shook her head, “That fellow doesnt know how to make any compromises.


After he said farewell to Lian Suyao, Yang Ye entered the teleportation formation outside Ominous City.

Presently, he was anxious to return.

It didnt take long for him to arrive at Stellar City.

He had no intention to stay, and he was about to enter the teleportation formation to Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region.

However, an old man appeared in front of him.

Yang Ye was slightly stunned when he saw the old man.

He just happened to recognize the old man.

It was the old man in a luxurious robe that hed met when he went to look for Nangong Qin.

There had been a young man who wanted to chop off his limbs that day, and it was this old man whod taught that young man a lesson.

The old man heaved a sigh of relief when he saw Yang Ye, “Youve finally shown yourself!”

Yang Ye was puzzled, “Why”

The old man spoke solemnly, “My Eldest Young Miss wants to see you.

Its very urgent!”

The eldest young miss the old man spoke of was Nangong Qin, of course.

Yang Ye hesitated for a moment before he nodded, “Alright, take me to her!”

The old man nodded, waved his hand, and withdrew a black robe, “Wear it!”

Yang Ye was stunned, “Why”

“My Eldest Young Miss instructed me to give it to you, and she said that you must wear it!” The old man spoke solemnly, “Young Brother Yang, dont waste time.

Its something urgent, and its extremely important to you!”

Yang Ye glanced at the old man, and then he wore the robe.

The robe was huge, and it completely covered his figure.

Moreover, Yang Ye noticed that it could even obstruct the divine sense of others.

What the heck is all of this Yang Ye was utterly puzzled.

It didnt take long for him to arrive at Azure Cloud Merchant Group under the old mans lead.

As soon as he entered the hall, Nangong Qing came to greet him.

He was just about to speak when she spoke first, “Did anyone notice your presence”

“I dont think so!” Meanwhile, the old man said, “As soon as I saw him on the teleportation formation, I immediately brought him here!”

Nangong Qins expression eased up slightly, “Thats great!”

Meanwhile, Yang Ye said, “What exactly is all of this” At this moment, Yang Ye was completely bewildered.

“What is all of this” Nangong Qin walked over to Yang Ye, “Tell me the truth.

What did you do to make so many people from the large world come down here to look for you Do you know how many are here looking for you At this moment, there are no less than 100 of them! Moreover, many of them are Deities.

What sort of unforgivable crime did you commit”

Yang Ye shook his head, “So its because of that.

I didnt do anything unforgivable, and theres just some enmity between me and one person.

Its probably that person who made them come down here.” He paused for a moment and continued, “You made me wear this robe because you were afraid others would notice me”

“Why else!” Nangong Qin continued, “Do you know how many powers are looking for you It isnt just the powers of the Eastern Territory, the powers of the other three territories are looking for you too.

Moreover, there are even some four star stellar regions amongst them!”

Yang Ye frowned, “Why are they joining in as well!”

“To curry favor!” Nangong Qin spoke solemnly, “Who came down to our lower dimensions The experts of the large world.

They represent various different powers in the large world.

So, if they can curry favor with these experts and the powers behind them, then it would naturally be extremely beneficial to them.

So, many powers have started to look for you right now.

However, they dont know you were in the Ominous Territory.

Otherwise, you would have been surrounded as soon as you left the Ominous Territory.”

Four star powers! Yang Yes brows were pressed even more tightly together, “Do they have nothing better to do Do they think Im so easy to bully”

“No one thinks that!” Meanwhile, Nangong Qin continued, “However, they dont fear you as well.

After all, youre just a Voider.

Even if you possess the Stellar Sword Diagram, youre still just a Voider.

Not to mention that so many geniuses of the large world have descended here, and all those geniuses want your life.

So, as far as they are concerned, youre definitely dead.

Actually, lets not even talk about others, even I think youre dead!”

She gazed at Yang Ye and continued, “Now, seize this opportunity while no one has noticed your presence to hide and wait for all of this to pass.

They should leave once they cant find you for some time.”

Yang Ye shook his head, “Its fine.

Theyre nothing to worry about.”

“You still want to try and put on a show of strength at a time like this!” Nangong Qin was quite displeased, “Great men know when to take a step back and hide.

Im not asking you to kneel and beg for mercy.

Is that so difficult”

Yang Ye smiled, “Youre right.

But I still have to face what I have to face.

Running away cant solve any problems.

Moreover, if I hide, then Zhuang Weiran and the others will definitely be the ones who have to endure all that pressure for me.

Do you think I would let them do that”

Nangong Qin was about to speak, but Yang Ye waved his hand, “Ive made my decision.

Theres no need to say anything.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye was about to turn around and leave.

However, the space in front of Nangong Qin suddenly trembled.

It didnt take long for her face to become unsightly.

Yang Ye asked, “Whats wrong”

She glanced at him and said, “A genius from the large world called Ma Wudi led other geniuses from the large world to Clouds of Heaven Continent, and theyve surrounded it.

They said theyre going to slaughter the entire continent if you dont show yourself!”

Yang Yes eyes narrowed slightly when he heard this.

A moment later, he turned around with the intention of leaving.

However, Nangong Qin suddenly stopped him, “Dont be impulsive.

Besides Mu Wudi and those other geniuses, a four star stellar region from the Northern Territory is there with them.

That power sent many Deities with them.

So, you cant be impulsive.

We must consider the matter and come up with a plan!”

“A plan Plan my ass! Im going to advance to the Returnal Rank in slaughter intent today!” As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye vanished from the hall.


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