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The Rebirth Sword!

At this moment, Yang Ye had executed the Rebirth Sword!

Yang Ye was very well aware that the old mans strength far surpassed his own.

So, he would only be making a fool of himself if he used an ordinary attack.

Thus, hed immediately executed the Rebirth Sword which hed just mastered.

The reason his attack could crack space apart was that hed enhanced it with Quasi Returnal Rank sword intent and slaughter intent.

The two intents had caused its might to multiply numerous times.

When the old man recovered from his shock and gazed at Yang Ye, the sword in Yang Yes grasp had vanished.


A loud explosion resounded in front of the old man, and then Lian Banzhuang watched with shock as the old man was blasted around 10km away.

Once the old man stopped himself, he stretched open his palm, and there was a sword at the center of it.

The sword had stabbed through the old mans palm, and it wasnt sitting still there.

It was still spinning at high speeds.

Moreover, it was moving forward, inch by inch, into the old mans palm.

It didnt take long for the sword to shoot through the old mans palm.

A string of blood sprayed from the old mans right shoulder!

The Sword Precursor had the Sword Spirit within it, so it instantly transformed into a ray of light that flew back into Yang Yes grasp.

A moment of silence ensued, and then a wisp of blood flowed out from the corner of the old mans mouth.

Even though the attack had merely pierced through the old mans palm and shoulder, the force within the sword had instantly shot through the old mans entire body when it came into contact with his palm.

So, it hadnt just injured the old mans palm and shoulder, it had even injured him internally!

The old man gazed at Yang Ye, “Truly unbelievable.

I was actually injured by a Semi-Deity.”

Yang Ye glanced at his sword and said, “Unfortunately, I wasnt able to kill you.

Since youre alive, Ill have to suffer now.”

“Kill me” The old man was stunned, and then he shook his head and chuckled, “How laughable! A Semi-Deity actually wants to kill me How absurd.


The old man was about to speak when Yang Ye suddenly closed his eyes.

A moment later, Yang Yes sword vanished once more!

The old mans expression changed, and he swiftly slapped his left palm forward.


An explosion resounded before the old man was blasted away once more!

This time, a hole appeared in the old mans left palm, and it went all the way through his left shoulder.

At this moment, both of the old mans palms and shoulders were bleeding.

Yang Ye shook his head. What a pity.

Two attacks!

Once he attained the Semi-Deity Realm, the volume of profound energy he possessed was sufficient to execute the Rebirth Sword twice.

Hed intentionally launched a surprise attack while talking just now.

Unfortunately, the old mans reaction speed was too swift.

So, the sword which was aimed at the old mans heart had been stopped by the old mans left palm.

Now, he didnt have the strength to execute the Rebirth Sword again!

The old man glanced at his left palm, and then he looked up at Yang Ye, “Youve really surprised me.

Needless to say, I was blind this time.

If it was an ordinary Dualism Realm expert in my place, then even if those two attacks of yours couldnt kill that expert, it would heavily injure that expert.

Unfortunately, Im not at the Dualism Realm! Now, your profound energy has been exhausted.

Do you have any other moves”

Yang Ye flipped his palm and put both the ancient sheath and Sword Precursor away.

After that, he stomped his right foot down, and the space below him instantly started trembling violently while his figure vanished on the spot.

He was in front of the old man when his figure appeared once more, and he didnt waste his breath and just slammed his fist at the old man!

A wisp of ridicule curled up on the corners of the old mans mouth.

He clenched his injured right fist and similarly slammed a punch at Yang Ye.


As soon as their fists came into contact, an explosion resounded.

At the same time, Yang Ye was blasted very far away.

At the same time, Lian Banzhuang immediately appeared in front of the old man, and the multicolored ribbon in her right grasp swept down at the old man!

At the moment she swung the ribbon, it transformed into a pillar of multicolored light that instantly appeared above the old man.

A wisp of ferocity flashed through the old mans eyes, and then a terrifying aura surged out explosively from within him!


Lian Banzhuangs ribbon was blasted into pieces while she herself was slammed over 3km away.

At the moment that Lian Banzhuang had been blasted away, Yang Ye suddenly appeared before the old man, and he slammed his fist forward again.

The old man refused to display any weakness, and he slammed his fist against Yang Yes fist.


Yang Ye was instantly blasted over 3km away!

“Your strength isnt bad!” Meanwhile, the old man suddenly spoke, “Unfortunately, its still too weak for me.

Its time to put an end to all of this.


The old man stopped abruptly because Yang Ye had suddenly appeared in front of him again, and then another punch slammed down at him.

At the same time, Lian Banzhuang charged at the old man.

“Youre courting death!” The old man clenched his right fist and slammed it forward.


A loud explosion resounded.

As expected, Yang Ye was blasted away again, and the impact even blasted away Lian Banzhuangs approaching figure.

However, every single time he was blasted away, Yang Ye charged over to the old man again.

As the old man fought, he suddenly noticed that Yang Yes physical strength and defenses had actually far surpassed his expectations.

It wasnt just that, even Yang Yes recovery had far surpassed his expectations.

As far as he was concerned, Yang Ye was definitely injured every single time he punched Yang Ye away.

However, as the battle dragged on, he noticed that Yang Ye seemed to be completely unharmed!

Meanwhile, Yang Ye arrived in front of him again.

Just like before, Yang Ye slammed his fist at the old man!

The old man subconsciously slammed his fist at Yang Ye.

There was a strange expression in Yang Yes eyes when he saw the old mans fist approach him again.



As soon as their fists collided, something unexpected occurred.

While Yang Ye was blasted away again, the old mans entire arm was actually blasted away.

At the same time, the powerful force within Yang Yes punch pushed the old man around 300m back!

Elemental Breaker!

It was the Elemental Breaker, of course.

The reason Yang Ye hadnt executed it right away was because he wanted to numb the old man to his attacks.

He wanted the old man to put down his guard.

Because the old man had been extremely vigilant in the beginning.

If hed executed the Elemental Breaker technique while the old man was vigilant, then it would have definitely been incapable of causing any material effect.

He could only take the old man by surprise with the Elemental Breaker technique if the old man had put down his guard.

Sure enough, Yang Ye had succeeded.

Hed blasted off the old mans arm with just one punch!

The old man had an extremely ferocious expression on his face right now, and he looked up at Yang Ye.

Needless to say, hed been tricked by the ant who stood before him.

It was an embarrassment!

A huge embarrassment!

Because hed actually been repeatedly injured by a Semi-Deity!

“Ill tear you into pieces!” As soon as he finished speaking, the old man transformed into a ray of light that shot towards Yang Ye.

Everywhere he passed, even space started to warp.

Lian Banzhuangs expression changed slightly from the sight of this, and she hurriedly said, “Watch out!”


As soon as she finished speaking, Yang Ye was blasted away.

However, it didnt take long for him to stop.

At this moment, there was a casket lid in his grasp!

Lian Banzhuang heaved a sigh of relief when she saw the casket lid.

After all, the consequences would have been unimaginable if Yang Ye didnt have that casket lid!

Lian Banzhuang wasnt the only one who heaved a sigh of relief, Yang Ye had done the same.

Fortunately, he had the casket lid.

Otherwise, he would have been crippled even if he could escape death.

Because even with the casket lid, he felt like his entire body had cracked open.

His body was at the Undying Realm, and hed even cultivated the Undying Elemental Body.

So, his body was even much stronger than the rock titans at Rock Mountain.

However, his body was still cracked open after he used the casket lid to protect himself!

Obviously, if he didnt have the casket lid, then the old mans full strength was very likely to have blasted Yang Ye into pieces!

Even though the old man had been suppressed to the Dualism Realm, his strength wasnt something that a Dualism Realm expert could come close to! Lian Banzhuang was at the Dualism Realm too, but she was completely suppressed by the old man!

Perhaps the old man was inferior to Blood Maiden, but he was much stronger than Yang Ye and Lian Banzhuang!

Fortunately, Yang Ye had no intention to kill the old man.

He only sought to keep the old man busy.

So long as he succeeded in keeping the old man busy until Blood Maiden regained her consciousness, then his side would be victorious!

Yang Ye took a deep breath when he thought up to this point, and then he started to use the bit of profound energy hed recovered to repair his body.

He had Energy Pearls, so he could restore all his profound energy in an instant, but it wasnt the time to use it!

The old mans gaze descended onto the shield Yang Ye was using.

He hadnt expected his lethal blow to be actually stopped by that casket lid!

Based on his current realm of cultivation, it wouldnt be that easy to kill Yang Ye while Yang Ye had the casket lid!

Their plan was guaranteed success, yet now, a problem had appeared in their plan!

The old man glanced at Blood Maiden.

He was very well aware that if she woke up, then not to mention killing her, even he would die here!

Suddenly, something unexpected occurred.

The space above the old man suddenly shook slightly, and then a middle aged man with a spear in his grasp appeared above the old man.

The old man gazed at the middle aged man, and a wisp of surprise flashed through his eyes, “Yu Ming, what are you doing here”

The middle aged man glanced at Blood Maiden and said, “The Oracle said that you will encounter problems here, so she told me to stop fighting for that treasure and come here immediately.

As expected, you really are having some trouble.

She still isnt dead.”

Two Rebirth Realm experts!

Both Yang Ye and Lian Banzhuangs face turned extremely unsightly.

Suddenly, Lian Banzhuang turned around and transformed into a ray of multicolored light that vanished into the sky!

Shed fled!

Yang Yes face grew even more unsightly!


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