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Was a reason needed to kill someone

At most times, it wasnt necessary.

If youre weak, then you deserve to die.

The strong preyed on the weak in this world where the strong were respected, and that was especially the case in the Ominous Territory.

Goodness and evil Many didnt care about that.

As far as they were concerned, there was only the strong and the weak.

That was why many in this world were fond of bullying the weak.

The kind were always bullied!

Just like this very moment.

They knew that Yang Ye and the others were weak, so they wanted to kill Yang Yes group.

Because they would definitely be able to gain a huge amount of wealth from killing Yang Yes group.

The person in the lead was extremely swift, and his aura was very formidable as well.

Even though he was only a Semi-Deity, his imposing aura was much more terrifying than some of the Deities Yang Ye had met.

Lian Suyao and the others had extremely calm expressions on their faces because theyd expected that this would happen.

Suddenly, Yang Ye raised his hands, “I surrender!”

Lian Suyao and the others were stunned.

The green robed man whod charged over to Yang Ye stopped as well, and there was a trace of astonishment in his eyes.

Obviously, he hadnt expected Yang Ye to react like that, and hed been ready for an intense battle.

After all, anyone who came to the Ominous Territory was definitely someone who was bold and wouldnt be willing to just wait for death to arrive.

However, he hadnt expected this man before him to actually surrender.

The other three behind the green robed man stopped as well.

Just like the green robed man, there was a trace of shock in their eyes.

Meanwhile, the masked woman and the old man who stood not too far away to the right had looked over as well.

The old man frowned slightly.

He glanced at Yang Ye, and then he closed his eyes again.

As for the woman, she sized up Yang Ye, and there was a trace of curiosity in her eyes.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye passed over his spatial ring and the ancient sheath which had the Sword Precursor in it, “You seek wealth.

Fine, Ill give it to you.

I presume you definitely have no intention to fight us to the death, right”

The green robed man sized up Yang Ye, “Are you sure”

“Absolutely!” Yang Ye continued, “To be honest, if it was before this, then the four of us would have no need to fear your group.

Yet now, my profound energy is almost exhausted.

I cant fight all of you at all.

So, Im willing to give up my possessions to preserve my life.

After all, so long as Im still alive, I can earn more in the future, right”

“That does make sense!” The green robed man continued, “However, why do I feel like youre scheming against me”

Yang Yes face stiffened, but it quickly returned to normal, “So, you want both my wealth and life”

The green robed man gazed at Yang Ye for a long time, and then he said, “Toss it over.” After all, if someone acted unusually, then that person was definitely scheming something.

So, it wasnt wrong to be a little cautious.

Yang Ye shrugged and tossed them over to the man.

The man took a deep and long glance at Yang Ye, and then he gazed at the spatial ring and ancient sheath.

Hed intended to check the spatial ring first, but he was stunned when he saw the ancient sheath.

“Is… is this an Origin Rank treasure” The green robed mans voice was trembling.

He stretched out his hand to grab the ancient sheath while he spoke.

However, at the moment he did, a ray of dazzling light suddenly erupted from the ancient sheath, and then the Sword Precursor left it.


The mans right hand was instantly sliced into two.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye had appeared in front of the man.


The sword entered the sheath on its own, and then it transformed into a ray of light that flew into Yang Yes grasp.

A moment later, Yang Ye drew his sword and swung it.

The green robed man was shocked!

At the critical moment, his remaining hand emanated a green glow as he raised it to stop Yang Yes sword.



Half of the mans arm instantly flew up into the air while accompanied by a pillar of blood, and his figure was blasted flying.

As he flew in the air, a fountain of blood sprayed from his mouth and his severed arm.

Meanwhile, the other three men recovered from their shock, and their faces fell.

They charged at Yang Ye, but it didnt take long for Lian Suyao and the others to obstruct their path.

At this moment, Lian Suyao was extremely happy because Yang Ye had attacked.

Actually, she was quite worried that Yang Ye would just leave on his own.

If that happened, then the three of them would definitely not be a match for the green robed mans group of four.

However, Yang Ye hadnt left.

Even though the way he attacked was quite strange, hed attacked.

Lian Suyao was full of confidence when she had Yang Ye on her side!

Actually, she was very well aware that if Yang Ye exposed his identity and the people here found out about his past deeds, then they would absolutely not dare to look for trouble with her group.

Unfortunately, Yang Ye wanted to keep a low profile.

Fortunately, hed joined the battle.

Yang Ye walked slowly towards the green robed man.

Needless to say, the green robed mans strength had exceeded Yang Yes expectations a little.

Because the man had forcefully resisted a Heavenrend from him and survived.

He could imagine that if he hadnt tricked the man like he had, he would probably have to spend a huge amount of time to kill the green robed man.

Even though the green robed man was still alive, hed practically lost the ability to fight.

It didnt take long for Yang Ye to arrive in front of the man, and the man stared at Yang Ye as he said, “You tricked me!”

Actually, hed expected that Yang Ye intended to trick him, and that was why hed been vigilant against Yang Ye at all times.

So long as Yang Ye made the slightest unusual movement, then he would be able to counterattack immediately.

However, he hadnt expected the attack to come from the sword in the ancient sheath.

Hed been completely fooled.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye suddenly said, “Do you want to live”

The man spoke in a low voice, “What are you trying to say”

Yang Ye replied, “Hand over a strand of your soul and Ill let you live!”

“You want me to be your puppet” The mans face turned gloomy, “Dont even dream about it.



A ray of light flashed, and the mans voice stopped abruptly.

He stared fixedly at Yang Ye, “I havent finished speaking….

Im willing….”

He hadnt finished speaking before his head tilted to the side and rolled off his neck.

Blood sprayed out like a fountain.

“You havent finished speaking” Yang Ye shook his head, “Its your fault for not speaking faster.

My sword is very swift.” As he spoke, he waved his right hand, and the mans spatial ring immediately flew into his grasp.

Yang Ye glanced at its contents, and a wisp of surprise instantly flashed through his eyes.

Because he hadnt expected it to actually contain over 100,000 divine crystals.

Moreover, there were two Void Rank daggers in it.

Void Rank treasures were very useful to him.

Moreover, even if he didnt use them, he could give them away to Zhuang Weiran and the others.

Yang Ye put the spatial ring away, and then he turned to look at the masked woman.

The woman was looking at him as well.

Yang Ye paid no further attention to her and started walking towards the three men that were in battle with Lian Suyaos group.

At this moment, Lian Suyao and the others were completely suppressed in battle.

They were naturally not weaker than those three men.

However, it couldnt be helped because theyd exhausted too much profound energy while resisting the Miasma all night.

So, they didnt have much energy left.

The three men were horrified when they noticed Yang Ye approaching, and they didnt hesitate to vanish into the distance.

Yang Ye was stunned, Am I that terrifying

Yang Ye didnt chase after them.

Because he needed time to recover his profound energy.

He would be entering the Ominous Territory at noon.

At that time, he had to be at his peak.

There were countless experts in this place, and the Ominous Territory was filled with unexpected danger.

So, he had to be careful.

“Thank you!” Meanwhile, Lian Suyao gazed at Yang Ye.

Her gratitude came from the heart.

Because Yang Ye could have just left.

Based on the strength Yang Ye possessed, Yang Ye could have just left.

But he hadnt.

Yang Ye smiled, “It was nothing.”

He wasnt a pedantic person.

Having more friends was better than having more enemies at a place like this.

Lian Suyao and the others were weaker than him, but they werent weak.

Just like the previous battle.

If Lian Suyao and the others hadnt kept those three men busy, then it would have been impossible for him to kill that green robed man unless he exposed some of his trump cards.

As far as Yang Ye was concerned, he intended to keep as many trump cards as he could.

He believed that Lian Suyao and the others definitely had their own trump cards.

Or it should be said that everyone had trump cards.

If they really entered into a battle of life and death, then it would be a competition of who had the most and the strongest trump cards!

Lian Suyao glanced at Yang Ye and nodded, “Lets recover quickly and strive to regain our peak strength before entering the Ominous Territory.”

Yang Ye nodded, and then they immediately sat down cross-legged and started to madly absorb the energy within divine crystals.

Ominous City was very quiet, or it should be said to be perfectly silent.

It felt like a dead city.

There were some people here, but most were vigilant towards each other.

So besides the people in their own respective groups, they didnt talk to others or move about in the city.

Everyone was waiting for noon to arrive.

Time trickled by.

It didnt take long for the sun to rise high up in the sky, and the miasma in the city seemed even thinner beneath the suns radiance.

Meanwhile, the old man who had been seated cross-legged in the distance had stood up, and he vanished.

After that, the masked woman stood up and vanished as well.

“Lets go as well!” As soon as she finished speaking, Lian Suyao stood up and started walking forward.

All of them arrived at the center of Ominous City under Lian Suyaos lead.

There was a huge stone platform there, and a circle of dark light resided on the platform.

At this moment, countless strands of dark grey energy were seeping out of the circle of light.

Lian Suyao spoke solemnly, “Thats the teleportation formation which leads to the Ominous Territory.”

Yang Ye nodded, and then he gazed at the teleportation formation.

There was an old man by its side.

Every person who entered the teleportation formation handed a spatial ring to the old man before entering it.

Obviously, it was the entrance fee.

The entrance fee was truly shockingly high.

It was actually 30,000 divine crystals!


The Shi Clan is really great at earning money! Yang Ye shook his head, its even faster than stealing!

Yang Ye had just stolen 100,000 divine crystals, but hed instantly given a third of it away right now.

Meanwhile, Lian Suyao suddenly gazed at Yang Ye, “Because some issues have arisen with the teleportation formation, well be teleported to a random location within the Ominous Territory.

So, be careful.

Dont be careless.”

Itll be random Yang Ye nodded, “Alright!”

It didnt take long for it to be their turn.

They paid the entrance fee and entered the teleportation formation.

Some time passed before Yang Ye opened his eyes slowly.


At the instant Yang Ye opened his eyes, a shrill cry suddenly resounded from not too far behind him.

After that, Yang Yes expression changed while the hairs throughout his body stood on end.


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