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Yang Ye naturally wasnt courting death when he attacked.

Right at the instant he moved, hed given himself a high-grade Strength Talisman and Strider Talisman.

Of course, even with the boost from these two talismans, it was still insufficient for him to go against Feng Yi that was already at the seventh rank of the Spirit Realm.

So, when he was only less than 10m away from Feng Yi, hed tossed over the Lightning Strike Talismans that Lin Shan had given him that day!

The reason Feng Yis expression changed was exactly because of these three Lightning Strike Talismans!

The three Lightning Strike Talismans erupted in midair.

A large expanse of dark clouds instantly condensed into form, and then three thick and large pillars of lightning descended down towards Feng Yi from within the dark clouds.

Moreover, they were so swift that even a Spirit Realm expert like Feng Yi was unable to dodge them.

Feng Yi didnt dare be careless at all.

She waved her hand, causing a Profound Energy Barrier to instantly take form.

At the same time, a shield that seemed as if it was created from petals had floated up above her.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The three pillars of lightning struck the shield and caused deafening rumbles to resound.

After that, along with a loud bang, the shield transformed into pieces that covered the sky, whereas, the three pillars of lightning hadnt dispersed.

Their speeds didnt decrease at all as they descended towards Feng Yi that was beneath the Profound Energy Barrier.

“Hundred Flower Palm!” Right when the bolts of lightning were about to strike the barrier, Feng Yis furious shout resounded abruptly, and then an energy palm formed from profound energy shot up to greet the three bolts of lightning.


An enormous bang resounded.

Waves of air suddenly swept out from the spot where the palm and lightning collided, and everywhere it passed, all plants and trees were instantly destroyed.

At the same time, the energy palm had dispersed in the air as well.

However, only two of those three bolts of lightning had dispersed, and one of them experienced no obstruction as it fell directly onto the barrier that Feng Yi formed.


Another enormous bang resounded!

The waves of air dispersed to reveal Feng Yi.

Even though the barrier Feng Yi condensed had blocked the bolt of lightning, it was very obvious that Feng Yi wasnt in good shape at all.

Because her clothes were already tattered.

Moreover, her hair was standing on end as if it had exploded up….

Right when the last bolt of lightning had dispersed into the surroundings, Yang Ye arrived before Feng Yi.

He would naturally not be naïve enough to think that he would be able to kill Feng Yi by relying solely on three Lightning Strike Talismans.

After all, Feng Yi was an expert at the seventh rank of the Spirit Realm.

It was enough so long as the three talismans were able to heavily injure Feng Yi.

Because so long as she was injured, then he had an opportunity.

Even though this opportunity was quite small, it was still an opportunity in the end!

Yang Ye was delighted in his heart when he saw Feng Yis appearance, and then a wisp of a savage expression suffused the corners of his mouth as he drew his sword and slashed it down towards Feng Yi!

Yang Ye hadnt held back this time, not in the slightest.

The strength of his body, his golden profound energy, his Sword Intent, the boost from the Strength Talisman….

Numerous terrifying hissing sounds resounded on the spot.

It was the sound of air being torn apart.

Feng Yi heaved a sigh of relief when she saw the final strand of lightning disperse, and then a wisp of ridicule arose on the corners of her mouth when she saw Yang Ye had arrived before her.

This young man is truly courting death! Even if Ive suffered from internal injuries now, Im still not an existence that a tiny First Heaven Realm Profounder can go against.

He doesnt know how terrifying Spirit Realm experts are at all!

However, the ridicule on the corners of her mouth hadnt spread when her pupils suddenly constricted violently.

Her eyes were filled with shock and disbelief because shed sensed Sword Intent….

Even though she was shocked, her reaction wasnt slow at all, and shed raised her right hand to block when Yang Yes sword had arrived before her! Of course, Feng Yi wouldnt just give up her hand to be chopped by Yang Ye.

There was a black bracelet on her wrist, and it wasnt an ordinary bracelet but a high-grade Profound Rank spatial treasure!


A clear and resounding sound of metal colliding resounded in the surroundings.

After that, a bang resounded.

Under Feng Yis astounded gaze, her high-grade Profound Rank spatial treasure exploded into pieces.

But even though the treasure was blasted into pieces, the strength carried by Yang Yes sword had been obstructed, and it didnt possess the same force it possessed moments ago!

Seeing that his attack had been obstructed, Yang Ye simply abandoned his sword, and he clenched his right hand into a fist.

A layer of golden light appeared on his fist, and then he smashed it down forcefully at Feng Yis chest!

Feng Yi was both shocked and furious upon witnessing the destruction of her treasure.

She was shocked by the fact that this young man before her possessed such formidable strength that could actually blast a high-grade Profound Rank treasure into pieces! She was furious because a dignified Spirit Realm expert like her had actually been bullies by a First Heaven Realm Profounder to such an extent.

If news of this were to spread, then she, Feng Yi, would absolutely lose face!

Even though she was shocked and furious, Feng Yi didnt dare be careless when facing Yang Yes punch.

If it was at an ordinary time, she would naturally be unafraid, but now….

While the lightning strikes from before hadnt caused lethal harm to her, it had harmed her internal organs to the point she didnt dare to utilize her profound energy to execute some high ranked techniques.

It was exactly because of this that shed utilized that spatial treasure to obstruct Yang Yes sword strike, and it was also this reason that she could only fight passively and not take the initiative to attack….

Feng Yi slapped her right palm towards Yang Yes fist.


The formidable force carried by Yang Yes fist caused Feng Yi to be instantly blasted flying.

In midair, a mouthful of fresh blood sprayed from Feng Yis mouth while shock filled her.

She knew that shed underestimated Yang Ye this time.

How could such strength be something a First Heaven Realm Profound possessed Even the strength of a King Rank Darkbeast would only be on par with this! Exactly what sort of freak is this young manFeng Yi had underestimated him, but he wouldnt underestimate Feng Yi.

His body had already become on par with King Rank Darkbeasts from Elder Mus guidance and coupled with the fact that hed utilized a high-grade Strength Talisman while being boosted by the gold profound energy he possessed, Yang Yes strength while under such a state was even superior to a King Rank Darkbeast!

Attack relentlessly when ones enemy was in a weak state, Yang Ye understood this principle well.

Of course, he wouldnt let this opportunity slip by.

Under the boost from the Gale Steps, Gale Shows, and Strider Talisman, Yang Yes body transformed into a black shadow that arrived in front of Feng Yi before she could even descend to the ground, and then he drew his sword and slashed it at her once again!

A snow white gleam of a sword flashed, and it was created when Yang Ye drew his sword.

Everywhere the sword passed, the air was completely sliced apart while strands of terrifying explosions resounded from the air.

At this moment, there wasnt a trace of ridicule on Feng Yis face, and her expression was extremely solemn.

If she was in good condition, then killing Yang Ye would be as easy as flipping her hand.

Because First Heaven Realm Profounders were utterly unable to resist the techniques executed by Spirit Realm experts.

However, she didnt dare to rashly execute a technique at all because once she did so, then it would very likely cause irreparable damage to her body.

In other words, Yang Ye was capable of threatening her life right now!

Even though she was unwilling to admit this, but it was a fact.

This time, Feng Yi didnt dare resist Yang Yes strike head-on.

She tapped the ground lightly with her feet before her figure retreated explosively.

However, right when shed just retreated, Yang Ye had arrived before her once more, and then he drew his sword and slashed just like before.

Feng Yis eyes narrowed while a wisp of ghastly killing intent flashed within them.

Hes really going too far!Under the influence of her fury, Feng Yi stopped worrying about the condition of her body.

Her profound energy surged while her left hand was instantly covered in a thin layer of energy, and then she clenched her fingers together to grab Yang Yes Hidden Sword.

Even though the Hidden Sword couldnt be seen, its traces were extremely clear.

Because a strand of light destruction in the air was created wherever it passed!

After he held onto Yang Yes sword, Feng Yi exerted a slight force, causing the Hidden Sword to escape Yang Yes grip.

At the same time, her brows couldnt help but knit together because her actions of forcefully utilizing her profound energy had affected her internal organs.

Not only did Yang Yes expression remain the same when his sword was seized, but a wisp of a cold smile also arose on the corners of his mouth instead.

He didnt waste his breath or hesitate as he clenched his right hand into a fist once more, and then smashed it directly at Feng Yis chest.

When she saw Yang Yes fist blasting over, Feng Yi suppressed the discomfort in her body, and then she held the Hidden Sword and swung it towards Yang Yes fist.

However, right when the sword was about to touch Yang Yes fist, it suddenly started trembling in Feng Yis hand.

This sudden and unexpected event caused Feng Yi to be astounded because she noticed that the sword in her hand was actually on the verge of escaping her grasp!


Right when Feng Yi intended to circulate her profound energy again and control this sword, a clear and resounding sword howl resounded.

The Hidden Sword struggled free from Feng Yis grasp, and then it slashed at Feng Yis neck.

At the same time, Yang Yes fist had arrived before Feng Yis chest….


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