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Yang Ye naturally did as he said.

As soon as he finished speaking, the Celestial Demon Wolves transformed into rays of dark light that shot towards the Wilds Lord.

At the same time, Yang Yes figure transformed into a ray of light that shot towards the Wilds Lord as well.

The Wilds Lords expression instantly changed when he saw Yang Ye and the demon wolves attack.

He hadnt expected Yang Ye to disregard Falling Sky Stellar Region.

After all, it was a four star stellar region!

Has he gone mad

The Wilds Lord didnt have the time to think about that because the demon wolves were in front of him.

He naturally didnt dare to act carelessly when facing those demon wolves that were comparable to peak Deities.

He held tightly to his hammer with both hands, and then swung it forward.

Bang! Bang!

Two explosions resounded, and then the Wilds Lord was blasted flying.

Meanwhile, a ray of light suddenly appeared in front of him.

The Wilds Lord was shocked and hurriedly raised his hammer in front of himself.


An explosion resounded while the hammer in his grasp shook violently, and then his figure was pushed backwards repeatedly.

Meanwhile, the demon wolves had transformed into rays of dark light that arrived above the Wilds Lord.

He couldnt fight back at all!

In just around a dozen breaths of time, the joint forces of Yang Ye and the two demon wolves forced the Wilds Lord back repeatedly, and theyd even left over a dozen holes on him.

If this continued, it would take 10 minutes at most for the Wilds Lord to be killed!

The young man remained silent for a while before his figure shot towards Yang Ye.

He naturally couldnt just watch as the Wilds Lord was killed.

Because it was he whod set up the surrender of Wildlands Stellar Region.

If it succeeded, then his status in Falling Sky Stellar Region would rise tremendously!

Even though Wildlands Stellar Regions strength had declined tremendously, that was only in terms of Deities.

As for its Semi-Deities and the worlds it possessed, they were still there.

All of that was difficult for Falling Sky Stellar Region to refuse.

So, if he succeeded, then he would have rendered extremely meritorious service.

The young mans idea was amazing, but hed overlooked something, and it was Yang Yes strength.

A wisp of ruthlessness flashed through Yang Yes eyes when he saw the young man charge at him, and then he shot towards the young man.

A ray of light flashed!

The young mans expression changed drastically at the sight of that ray of light.

At this moment, he realized that Yang Yes strength was much greater than hed expected.

At this moment, he regretted attacking rashly.

But it was too late because the sword energy was already in front of him.

He had no way out and could only go head on against it.

The young mans folding fan was spread open with a flick of his wrist, and then a ray of blue light shot out from it and collided with Yang Yes sword energy.


As soon as the ray of blue light and sword energy collided, an explosion instantly erupted.

Countless threads of energy and sword energy shot madly in all directions.

Meanwhile, the young man was blasted away by the impact, and blood sprayed like a fountain from his mouth.

However, Yang Ye hadnt been pushed back at all, and hed even transformed into a ray of light that shot towards the young man.

There really were very few in the younger generation who could be a match for Yang Ye right now.

So, the young man had really overestimated his own strength.

After all, amongst the people Yang Ye knew in the younger generation, he only feared Nether Maiden.

Why Because she could reduce his lifespan.

If she were to reduce his lifespan now, then he would die in an instant.

The young mans pupils constricted when he saw Yang Ye shoot at him.

He clenched the folding fan in his right hand while his profound energy surged madly into it before swinging it forward.


A dazzling beam of blue light shot out from the folding fan, and it surged rapidly towards Yang Ye.

However, Yang Ye didnt try to dodge it at all, and he just drew his sword when the beam of blue light was about to collide with him.


The young man watched with astonishment as the beam of light was slashed into bits, and Yang Ye didnt slow down at all as he instantly arrived before the young man.

This time, Yang Ye didnt draw his sword and just slammed his fist forward.

As far as he was concerned, the young man wasnt worth his profound energy.

His physical strength was sufficient!

The young man was horrified when he saw Yang Yes fist slamming down towards him, and he hurriedly unfolded his fan and raised it in front of his chest.



The young man was blasted away.

Mouthfuls of blood sprayed out of him in midair and formed a beautiful arc in the air.

Yang Ye didnt pursue the young man, and he just turned around and shot towards the Wilds Lord who was being completely suppressed by the demon wolves.

As far as he was concerned, the most important matter at hand was to kill the Wilds Lord.

Because the Wilds Lord was a much greater threat than the young man.

If the Wilds Lord was allowed to escape, then based on the strength he possessed, he would definitely be a tremendous threat to Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region.

Zhuang Weiran and the others would naturally not fear him if he attacked them openly.

But if the Wilds Lord acted from the shadows, then Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region would definitely suffer a huge loss.

Once Yang Ye charged over to the Wilds Lord, he immediately drew his sword and swung it.


The Wilds Lord was instantly blasted far away.

At the same time, his hand, which hed used to raise his axe against Yang Yes attack, had been blasted into pieces.

Once he pushed the Wilds Lord back, the two demon wolves swiftly shot after the Wilds Lord.

Suddenly, the Wilds Lord said, “Yang Ye, my Wildlands Stellar Region is willing to surrender!”

He was very well aware that if the battle continued, then it would take less than 10 minutes for him to be killed.

Not to mention fighting back against the joint forces of Yang Ye and those two Celestial Demon Wolves, he didnt even have the chance to escape.

The only way to escape was to buy time.

He had to buy time until the experts of Falling Sky Stellar Region arrived.

Only then would he have a chance to live.

The demon wolves immediately stopped when they heard the Wilds Lord, and they turned to look at Yang Ye.

“You want to surrender” A smile curled up on the corners of Yang Yes mouth, “It wouldnt be a problem if you said that earlier.

But dont you think its too late to talk about surrendering now”

As soon as Yang Ye finished speaking, he transformed into a ray of light that shot towards the Wilds Lord.

Yang Ye was no fool, so he would naturally not believe the Wilds Lord.

He knew that the Wilds Lord was definitely not surrendering sincerely.

It was obvious that the Wilds Lord was buying time until reinforcements arrived or surrendering temporarily so he could lie in wait for an opportune moment to take revenge.

Regardless of which it was, Yang Ye didnt want that.

As far as Yang Ye was concerned, it was best if the Wilds Lord died.

So long as the Wilds Lord died, then Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region could occupy Wildlands Stellar Regions territory.

Moreover, it would be rid of all future troubles.

When he realized that Yang Ye wasnt going to fall for his ruse, a trace of panic finally appeared in the Wilds Lords eyes.

But it only took a moment for that panic to be transformed into ferocity.

At this point in the situation, the only way for him to survive was to fight.

He had to fight until the experts of Falling Sky Stellar Region arrived.

Only then would he have a chance to survive!

So, once the Wilds Lord thought up to that point, a wisp of ferocity had flashed through his eyes.

He unfurled his left fist, and then his palm shook slightly before a cut appeared at the center of his left palm.

After that, he swiftly pressed it against his forehead.


A terrifying aura surged out from within him, and it instantly blasted both the demon wolves around 300m back.

Surprise flashed through Yang Yes eyes.

Because the Wilds Lords aura was much stronger than before.

What secret technique is that It seems quite formidable.

Meanwhile, the Wilds Lord looked up at Yang Ye, “Yang Ye, this secret technique is the supreme secret technique of my clan, Blood Sacrifice.

Its a technique that burns the bloodline of my ancestors within me, so that I….”

“Im not interested in your secret technique at all!” Yang Yes voice hadnt even finished resounding when hed transformed into a ray of light that appeared before the Wilds Lord.

He hated it when people wasted their breaths during a battle.

One person would start describing his combat technique and cultivation technique, then the other would describe his technique as well.

Was all of that even important Could it improve their strength in battle

As far as Yang Ye was concerned, they werent important at all, and they couldnt improve anyones strength in battle.

If it could improve his strength in battle, then he was absolutely willing to describe Heavenrend 10 times to his opponent.

But it couldnt.

So, it was best to avoid pointless talking in a battle of life and death!

Even though the Wilds Lord had utilized a secret technique to improve his strength by force, he was still completely suppressed by the joint forces of Yang Ye and the two demon wolves.

He didnt have the ability to fight back at all!

At this moment, the Wilds Lord couldnt even fight back.

He could only resist the attacks that were launched at him.

Fortunately, his body was quite strong, so it was quite capable of withstanding blows.

Around 10 breaths of time passed like this.


One of the demon wolves struck the Wilds Lords back, causing him to be slapped away.

Meanwhile, the other demon wolf transformed into a ray of dark light that slammed against the Wilds Lords flying figure.

The Wilds Lords pupils constricted when he saw the demon wolfs body slamming down upon his heavily injured figure.

His instinct for survival made him slap his left palm forward swiftly.

Unfortunately, how could he resist the demon wolf in his current state


His arm was smashed into pieces from the impact, and a fountain of blood sprayed from his mouth.

At this moment, a trace of despair had appeared in his eyes.

However, it didnt take long for his eyes to open wide, and the despair there had been transformed into excitement and happiness.

Because numerous rays of light were shooting down here from above.

His reinforcements were here!

Yang Ye looked up at the sky while a trace of ruthlessness arose on the corners of his mouth, “Im going to kill him no matter who comes here today!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye stomped his right foot down and transformed into a ray of light that shot towards the Wilds Lord.

Meanwhile, a furious shout came from high above, “Stop!”

“Dream on!” Yang Yes voice resounded.

At the same time, his speed grew faster and faster, and he became so swift that the ray of light hed transformed into was practically impossible to detect.

An instant later!

“NO!!” A shrill cry resounded through the sky, and then a head shot up into the air while accompanied by a fountain of blood!


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