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The slaughter intent was growing thicker and thicker.


Around half an hour later, a pillar of blood that was almost 3km wide pierced the sky and shot high above it before dying the entire expanse of space blood red.

Meanwhile, at the instant that pillar of blood shot up into the sky, a wave of seemingly material blood red energy enveloped the entire city.

In an instant, the entire city seemed like it was within an ocean of blood.

Besides Elder Yuans group of three and some comparatively strong willed Semi-Deities, every surviving person in the city was corrupted by the slaughter intent, and they were transformed into utter machines of slaughter.

Elder Yuan and the others were absolutely shocked.

Even though they hadnt been corrupted and became puppets of the slaughter intent, it was capable of affecting them.

Just like this very moment, they actually felt like killing, and it was a very strong feeling!

They hurriedly circulated their profound energy to keep their minds clear.

A few breaths of time passed before their desire to kill was finally alleviated tremendously, and then they looked towards Yang Ye who was at the center of the city.

At this moment, he seemed like a vortex of blood, and countless streams of blood were converging swiftly towards him from all over the city.

Quasi Returnal Rank slaughter intent!

The 3 old men exchanged glances, and they saw shock in each others eyes.

Quasi Returnal Rank slaughter intent!

Actually, to a certain extent, Quasi Returnal Rank slaughter intent was much more terrifying than Quasi Returnal Rank sword intent.

This wasnt in terms of strength.

Regardless of whether it was Quasi Returnal Rank slaughter intent or Quasi Returnal Rank sword intent, there wasnt a huge difference between them when it came to strength.

If one really wanted to determine which was strong, it actually depended on their owners.

The reason Quasi Returnal Rank slaughter intent was more terrifying than sword intent was because someone whod comprehended Quasi Returnal Rank slaughter intent was definitely someone ferocious and ruthless!

It was absolutely impossible for someone who wasnt matchlessly ruthless to comprehend Quasi Returnal Rank slaughter intent!

The most terrifying part was that Yang Yes sword intent was at the Rebirth Realm.

Based on the natural talent he possessed, it wouldnt be difficult for him to attain Quasi Returnal Rank sword intent in the future.

Two Quasi Returnal Rank intents!

Just thinking about that caused a chill to run down their spines.

Quasi Returnal Rank slaughter intent was actually capable of posing a threat to Deities like them.

If Quasi Returnal Rank sword intent was included as well, then just those 2 intents were sufficient to suppress a Deitys strength by 50%!

Actually, just Quasi Returnal Rank slaughter intent was extremely terrifying.

Especially when dealing with those who possessed comparatively weaker strength or willpower.

Quasi Returnal Rank slaughter intent could instantly transform them into puppets of slaughter.

Just like this very moment.

All living people in the city had practically been transformed into puppets of slaughter, and they were fighting each other right now!

Meanwhile, one of the old men by Elder Yuans side said, “Hes still absorbing blood!”

Elder Yuan and the other old man looked up.

Sure enough, Yang Ye was still absorbing blood like a madman!

Elder Yuan watched for a while, and then he spoke solemnly, “No, he isnt absorbing it, its the sword in his grasp!”

Sure enough, Yang Ye wasnt the only one in the blood red vortex, there was a blood red sword floating above him.

At this moment, the blood in the surroundings were surging madly towards it, and it was trembling violently while growing more and more solid.

Moreover, blood was surging like waves within it.

Elder Yuan spoke solemnly, “Its about to advance!”

The other old men were visibly moved when they heard this.

Yang Yes sword was at the peak of the Void Rank, so if it advanced further, it would attain the Origin Rank!

The Origin Rank!

Even they didnt have such a precious treasure!

But even if Yang Ye gave it to them, they would dare not accept it.

Why Because it was an unparalleled sword of slaughter.

Only a matchlessly ruthless person like Yang Ye could make it acknowledge him.

If they tried to subdue it by force, it would only yield opposite results.

While the sword could never be a match for them, if they couldnt make it fully submit to them, then they would be in trouble if it suddenly turned on them at the critical moment in a battle!

Just like the Sword Spirit.

If she wasnt willing to stay by Yang Yes side, then would Yang Ye dare to subdue her by force If she were to turn on him at the critical moment in a battle, then Yang Ye would die before he even knew it.

Of course, it would be a different story if he possessed absolute strength.

Around 15 minutes later.


A ray of blood red light erupted from Yang Yed location, and then it swept towards the surroundings like a wave.

All the buildings in its path were obliterated, and it took less than 10 breaths of time for around two thirds of the buildings throughout the city to be destroyed.

As for the people here….

Actually, besides Elder Yuans group of 3 and Yang Ye, there werent any others in Celestial Demon City.

It didnt take long for Yang Ye to walk out from the vortex of blood, and there was a sword by his side.

A blood red sword!

But unlike before, Heavens Gravestone was completely blood red.

It wasnt scarlet red but dark red now.

Besides that, there were two black thumb-sized vortices on its blade, and there were countless resentful spirits within the vortices.

They were the souls of those that had been killed earlier, and there were over 10 million of them!

Of course, Yang Yes group had killed far more than that.

After all, many had been instantly wiped out of existence.

10 million resentful souls!

These souls were naturally not there just to be decorations on Heavens Gravestone.

They could be released at a suitable moment, and even Deities would have to keep their distance if 10 million resentful souls swarmed them!

However, Yang Ye didnt dare rashly release them.

There were too many of them, and their resentment was too strong.

Even he who possessed Quasi Returnal Rank slaughter intent and Rebirth Rank sword intent didnt dare underestimate them! However, he didnt fear them as well.

Because theyd been shackled by Heavens Gravestone, and Heavens Gravestone possessed full control over them.

So long as Heavens Gravestone didnt betray him, those resentful souls would dare not turn on him.

Since he had the Sword Spirit and Primordial Pagoda, Heavens Gravestone would absolutely not dare to betray him, nor did it have a reason to.

The facts proved that it had a future if it stayed by Yang Yes side!

Actually, both Heavens Gravestone and the Sword Spirit were extremely strong on their own.

However, their true strength could only be revealed in the hands of a cultivator.

They couldnt fight Deities if they were separated from Yang Ye, but Deities wouldnt be able to resist them while they were in Yang Yes hands!

If they wanted to grow, the only way to accomplish that swiftly was to stay with Yang Ye.

The Sword Spirit relied on Yang Yes sword intent to improve herself.

But because her level was too high, Yang Yes current sword intent wasnt of much help to her.

Of course, shed gone through thick and thin with Yang Ye throughout this time, so they werent using each other.

Heavens Gravestone relied on killing to grow, and Yang Ye just happened to kill frequently.

It could be said that it was a perfect match with Yang Ye!

When Yang Ye arrived before Elder Yuans group, the smell of blood instantly assaulted them, and it made them frown.

At the same time, the fierce slaughter intent which Yang Ye and Heavens Gravestone emanated caused them to be slightly dazed.

They were quite shocked and hurriedly circulated their profound energy while emanating their auras to resist it.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye who seemed like a figure made out of blood had gradually started to return to normal.

However, Heavens Gravestone was still emanating a bloody aura.

Moreover, the slaughter intent it emanated was growing stronger and stronger.

It seemed to want to slaughter another city.

Obviously, it was addicted to slaughter.


Suddenly, an ear piercing howl resounded from Heavens Gravestone, and then a blood red ray of light shot up into the sky.

After that, Heavens Gravestone transformed into a beam of blood ray light that shot towards the sky.

Obviously, it wanted to go kill even more!

“Get back here!” Meanwhile, Yang Yes voice resounded.

Elder Yuan and the others watched as the blood red beam of light in the sky suddenly turned back and appeared before Yang Ye.

All three of them were speechless.

Heavens Gravestone had transformed Yang Yes heart into the Heart of Slaughter, and that meant that it was one with Yang Ye.

It had done that because it wantedYang Ye to be hesitant to act against it.

However, it hadnt expected that Yang Ye had the Primordial Pagoda, so Yang Ye didnt fear it at all.

So, while Heavens Gravestone had advanced, it didnt dare to be disrespectful or disobey Yang Ye!

Yang Ye stretched out his hand and grabbed Heavens Gravestone, and then he gazed at Elder Yuan and the others, “Seniors, lets go.”

They glanced at him, nodded, and then vanished into the sky.

Yang Ye turned around and glanced at Celestial Demon City.

After that, he swung Heavens Gravestone horizontally before transforming into a ray of blood red light that shot up into the sky.

Once Yang Ye vanished, a wave of blood red sword energy swept forward in all directions from where Yang Ye had stood.

In an instant, a deafening explosion resounded from the city.

Celestial Demon City was gone.

Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region.

Clouds of Heaven Continent.

At this moment, the battle was at its peak.

Zhuang Weiran was fighting a Celestial Demon Wolf while Zhuang Weitian and Qian Yaochan were fighting the Celestial Demon Lord.

However, they were at an absolute disadvantage right now.

Zhuang Weiran was barely able to resist the Celestial Demon Wolf, but her parents were suppressed in battle with the Demon Lord.

As for the last Celestial Demon Wolf, it was assisting the forces of Celestial Demon Stellar Region against the Deities and Semi-Deities created by the Wargod Formation.

More than half of the golden figures had been destroyed under the Celestial Demon Wolfs lead!

It was a one-sided battle!

Since the beginning, Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region was completely suppressed!


Suddenly, Zhuang Weitian and Tian Yaochan were blasted around 10km away.

The Demon Lord paid no further attention to them.

He appeared behind Zhuang Weiran, and then slammed his fist towards her back.

So long as he dealt with her, it would be equivalent to defeating Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region!

Zhuang Weiran hadnt expected a surprise attack from the Demon Lord, but her reaction wasnt slow.

She instinctively turned around and raised Peacekeeper before herself.


The powerful force of the collision blasted her far away.

Shed just stopped when a mouthful of blood sprayed from her mouth.

Suddenly, the Celestial Demon Wolf appeared in front of her and slammed its body against her!

She couldnt dodge it!

Her pupils constricted, and she instinctively raised Peacekeeper before herself again.


Numerous mouthfuls of blood sprayed from her mouth as her figure flew backwards.

“Its over.” A cruel smile arose on the corners of the Demon Lords mouth, and then he shot towards her, “Zhuang Weiran, Ill hang your corpse outside the walls of Clouds of Heaven City for a year so that others know the consequences of going against my Celestial Demon Stellar Region!”

The Celestial Demon Wolf didnt stand by idly and had transformed into a ray of dark light that shot in Zhuang Weirans direction as well.

Zhuang Weirans figure was still flying backwards.

She glanced at the Demon Lord and Celestial Demon Wolf that were getting closer and closer, and then she slowly closed her eyes, “Im sorry, Ill have to break my promise….”

That promise she spoke of was naturally the agreement she had with Yang Ye to meet him in 3 years.

Suddenly, the sky above Clouds of Heaven City turned dark red.


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