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They\'d lost!

Indeed, Skyriver Stellar Region had lost!

Yang Ye had practically crippled it on his own.

Even if they could kill Yang Ye now, it wouldnt change the situation their stellar region was in.

Moreover, they might not even be able to kill Yang Ye.

Perhaps Yang Ye might even kill them instead.

After all, they hadnt forgotten that Yang Ye had the strength to kill Deities!

Meanwhile, Elder Cang said, “We have 2 choices right now.

The first is to stop at nothing to kill him.

However, itll definitely end with both of our sides suffering heavy losses.

Besides that, we must succeed at killing him.

If we fail and allow him to escape, our Skyriver Stellar Region will definitely vanish from this universe once hes given time to grow.”

The old man in a luxurious robe and the black robed old man fell silent.

Because they knew that Elder Cang wasnt exaggerating.

Actually, they were more shocked than furious when they found out that Yang Ye had killed a Deity.

It was too terrifying!

An Emperor had killed a Deity in an instant!

It wasnt normal at all!

So, they felt both fear and hate towards Yang Ye!

Meanwhile, Elder Cang added, “The other choice is to let him leave.

Stop interfering in Clouds of Heaven Stellar Regions business and let him deal with Celestial Demon Stellar Region.”

The black robed old man said, “Thats equivalent to giving up on our interests in the conquest of Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region.

It would be a huge loss to us.”

“If we choose the 1st option, we might not just suffer losses, we might suffer annihilation.” Elder Cang took a deep breath and continued, “Hes an extraordinary genius, and weve missed the best time to kill him.

Even if we can kill him now, at least one of us will have to die.

Moreover, once we fail to kill him, then once he attains the Voider Realm or improves his strength further, then there would probably be no one outside the large world that can fight him.”

“Im truly quite unwilling to give up just like that!” The old man in a luxurious robe spoke bitterly, “However, youre right.

His strength isnt the only thing thats terrifying, his potential and natural talent are shocking too.

If we continue fighting him, then even if we can kill him, our continent would be crippled or even destroyed!”

The Alliance of Guardians isnt a single power, its made up of numerous powers.

If we continue fighting him, some would definitely choose to leave our alliance if they cant endure such huge losses.

At that time, our alliance would really be finished.

A long moment of silence ensued before the old man said, “You make the decision!”

Elder Cang nodded, and then he waved his hand.

The barrier which covered the sky was instantly dispersed before his voice resounded throughout the continent, “Yang Ye, from this moment onward, my Skyriver Stellar Region wont interfere in Clouds of Heaven Stellar Regions business.

If we break this promise, then Im willing to suffer death!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Elder Cang paused for a moment before he added, “Yang Ye, I know that you want to save Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region, so I advise you to hurry over there.

Even though weve left and alleviated the situation theyre in, Celestial Demon Stellar Region isnt the only stellar region thats attacking Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region.

There are others acting from the shadows.”

As soon as Elder Cang finished speaking, a point in space not too far away from them suddenly trembled, and then a green clothed young man who held a sheathed sword appeared before them.

It was Yang Ye, of course!

Yang Ye! Their expressions changed slightly when they saw him.

They hadnt expected him to have been so close to them.

Why was he hiding there

Obviously, it was to assassinate them.

Yang Ye asked, “Which other stellar regions are there besides Celestial Demon Stellar Region”

Elder Cang glanced at Yang Ye and nodded, “Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region is a chunk of juicy meat, so everyone wants a bite.

However, Celestial Demon Stellar Region is formidable, so its impossible for them to get much.

But at the same time, Celestial Demon Stellar Region doesnt dare to offend so many powers, so it has agreed to share a little of the benefits from conquering Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region.

As compensation, those powers that gained from it would have to secretly send experts to assist Celestial Demon Stellar Region.”

He paused for a moment and continued, “Thats why no one is helping them.

Its because the situation is too complicated.

Presently, Celestial Demon Stellar Region represents a group with vested interests in the situation, so no one dares to offend that group.

After all, helping Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region represented that they would offend that huge group, so a single stellar region couldnt afford to offend them.”

Yang Yes eyes narrowed slightly.

Now, he realized that Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region was in a worse situation than hed imagined!

Yang Ye seemed to have thought of something.

He gazed at Elder Cangs group and said, “Im right in front of you now.

Do you want to attack”

They glanced at Yang Ye.

In the end, the other two old mens gazes descended onto Elder Cang.

Elder Cang spoke indifferently, “Yang Ye, I told you before this that we wont interfere in Clouds of Heaven Stellar Regions business, and you can leave at any time.”

Yang Ye glanced at Elder Cang, fell silent for a short while, and then he said, “Ill give you a promise too.

So long as your forces dont appear at Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region or act against me, then I wont come to Skyriver Stellar Region again!”

As soon as Yang Ye finished speaking, he transformed into a ray of light that shot into the sky and vanished.

Once Yang Ye left, the black robed old man suddenly spoke in a low voice, “Why didnt you choose to kill him”

“Do you think he was afraid of us” Elder Cang looked up into the sky and said, “Didnt you realize His goal was to assassinate us.

Since he dared to do that, it proves that hes confident in his ability.

Moreover, someone like him definitely possesses other powerful trump cards.

If we force him into a hopeless situation, it will definitely end with our mutual destruction!”

He shook his head and continued, “We missed the best time to kill him.”

The other two old men fell silent when they heard this.

When was the best time It was naturally all those years ago while Yang Ye was in the Radiant Dimension.

If all of them attacked in unison, then they would have definitely been able to kill Yang Ye.

Even if Lady helped Yang Ye, Yang Ye would still die.

However, how could a Half-Saint be of any concern to them

At that time, they hadnt no knowledge of what had happened in the Radiant Dimension, and it had been managed by their subordinates.

When they found out about it, it was when Yang Ye had returned from Dark Hell Continent.

At that time, Yang Yes strength was formidable to the point that they were helpless against him.

Elder Cang remained silent for a long time, and then he shook his head, “Retreating now isnt a bad decision for us.

Hes too terrifying.

Perhaps even Celestial Demon Stellar Region would be helpless against him in two years from now.”

The others fell silent.

The speed Yang Ye grew at was too heaven defying, and Celestial Demon Stellar Region might really be helpless against him in a few years.

However, all of that wasnt related to them anymore.

Now, they had to think about how to help the Alliance of Guardians recover!

After he left Skyriver Continent, Yang Ye sped up and arrived at the teleportation formation outside it and teleported to Stellar City.

Lead and Cloud Store.

Yang Ye didnt engage in any small talk upon meeting Ye Liuyun, and he immediately asked, “Hows the situation at Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region” He hadnt chosen to head straight for Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region.

His mission wasnt to go meet Lady; it was to think of a way to help Clouds of Heavens Stellar Region as best he could.

Lady didnt lack an expert comparable to a Deity like him.

After all, he would just be equivalent to a Deity if he went there.

That wasnt of much help to her.

But he could do a lot of things while he remained in the shadows!

He naturally had to go see her, but it wasnt time yet!

Ye Liuyun shook her head and said, “Ive only just established our intelligence branch, so its impossible for us to obtain accurate details about the situation there.

However, Ive asked the Eldest Young Miss of Azure Cloud Merchant Group to help.


Yang Ye asked, “She has a request”

Ye Liuyun nodded, “She wants to see you!”

Yang Ye remained silent for a moment and said, “Come, lets go see her!”

Ye Liuyun nodded, and then she led Yang Ye out of the store.

It didnt take long for them to arrive at Clouds of Heaven Merchant Group.

The Eldest Young Miss, Nangong Qin, immediately revealed a brilliant smile when she saw Yang Ye, “I know why youre here, so Ill get straight to the point.”

She spoke seriously, “Not too long ago, Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region lost 4 more worlds.

Now, it only has 3 worlds left.

Besides that, Celestial Demon Stellar Regions army has surrounded those 3 worlds.

However, the sudden retreat of the experts from Skyriver Stellar Region interrupted their plans, so Celestial Demon Stellar Region has only surrounded those 3 worlds and hasnt launched an attack!”

She couldnt help but glance at Yang Ye once she finished speaking.

Because she was very well aware why theyd suddenly retreated, and it was all because of Yang Ye!

She knew everything hed done on Skyriver Continent.

It wasnt just that, she knew everything hed done in the Radiant Dimension and Dark Hell Continent!


After she found out about all of that, her evaluation of Yang Ye could be summarized with a single word — terrifying! At the same time, shed decided to pull him over to her side at any cost!

Yang Ye asked, “Anything else”

She fell silent for a short while before she said, “Young Master Yang, according to the information I received, Celestial Demon Stellar Region isnt the only stellar region thats attacking Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region.

There are around 7 more two star stellar regions.

But they havent sent their full forces and are only helping in secret.

I presume Celestial Demon Stellar Region promised them some benefits.

However, it probably isnt much.

So, theyve only sent some assistance as a symbol of their alliance.

Even then, their forces cant be underestimated.

It represents that all of them are bound together!”

She paused for a moment and continued, “Actually, Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region is in a hopeless situation! Unless a miracle occurs….”

Yang Ye slowly clenched his fists.

Meanwhile, the space in front of Nangong Qing trembled abruptly, and a short while passed before she looked up at Yang Ye, “I just received news that the experts of Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region are requesting Zhuang Weiran to marry into Wildlands Stellar Region! Moreover, those experts include the previous Wargod, Zhuang Weitian, and Zhuang Weirans mother, Qian Yaochan!”


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