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Suddenly, a terrifying wave of pressure swept down towards them from deep within outer space.

It was extremely strong, and it felt like the universe was collapsing down on them.

A wisp of ferocity curled up on the corners of Yang Yes mouth while he stood above them, and then the sword intent within him shot up into the sky and swept towards the wave of pressure.


As soon as the sword intent came into contact with that terrifying pressure, they exploded apart in midair.

At the same time, the space there rippled violently.

“Lets go!” As soon as Yang Ye finished speaking, he continued his charge towards outer space.

“Everyone, keep up!” Xiao Bieli immediately led the others behind Yang Ye.

“Youre courting death!”

Yang Ye and the others hadnt traveled upward for long when a furious shout came from within the boundless depths of outer space.

After that, a huge, emaciated hand suddenly emerged from deep within outer space, and then it carried a monstrous wave of pressure as it clawed down forcefully at Yang Yes group with the intention of clawing them into bits.

Xiao Bieli and the others turned pale at the sight of it.

Not to mention resisting it, just the pressure it emanated wasnt something they could resist.

If Yang Ye wasnt in front of them and blocking it off completely, just the pressure would have been sufficient to blast them into pieces.

All of them were looking at Yang Ye.

Yang Yes eyes narrowed slightly while a cold glow flickered within them.

He didnt draw his sword because it wasnt worthy of him drawing his sword.

He just stretched his right hand forward, and then Rebirth Rank sword intent instantly swept forward.

However, it didnt take long for the sword intent to shrink back rapidly.

In next to no time, it had condensed to an extreme, and then….


A wave of terrifying force suddenly erupted forth, and it surged like a torrent towards the huge hand.


A loud explosion resounded as it shattered into pieces, and then a wave of energy swept swiftly towards the surroundings.

But it only took a moment for a ray of light to flash, and then the wave of energy was instantly sliced into hundreds of streams before vanishing on the spot.

Yang Ye looked up, and a trace of disdain arose on the corners of his mouth, “What You dare not show yourself”

It wasnt a Deity but a Semi-Deity.

However, that Semi-Deity was extremely strong and much stronger than the previous Semi-Deities.

However, he was still confident in his ability to instantly annihilate that Semi-Deity if that fellow dared to show himself.

Obviously, that Semi-Deity was afraid of him, so he was just hiding far away in outer space and didnt show himself.

As for Yang Ye, he didnt dare to go looking for that Semi-Deity.

He didnt fear that fellow, he was worried about the people behind him.

If he left and another expert attacked them, then would they be annihilated.

There was no reply from that Semi-Deity.

Yang Ye laughed coldly and said, “Lets continue!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye continued leading them forward.

That expert didnt attack again, but Yang Ye didnt let his guard down.

Because he could sense that expert hadnt left.

Around an hour later, Yang Ye led the group to converge with Lin Qian and the others.

On the Void Cloud Shuttle, Fen Cangyan asked, “You were pursued”

Yang Ye nodded, and then waved his right hand to order the others to get into the Void Cloud Shuttle.

Right when Yang Ye had given the order, he suddenly looked up.

The space deep within outer space had suddenly started trembling violently, and then a pitch black finger that was around 3km long suddenly emerged from there.

It was extremely swift and instantly arrived in the sky above them.

Yang Yes expression didnt change at all.

He just took a step forward while Heavens Gravestone appeared in his grasp.

Yang Ye stomped his right foot down, and then he transformed into a ray of blood red light that slammed against the pitch black finger.


The pitch black finger was instantly slashed into two.

Suddenly, a golden beam of light emerged from there, and it instantly arrived before Yang Ye.

It was extremely swift.

No, it had traveled through space.

The enemy had grabbed the most opportune moment to attack.

Because the golden beam of light had arrived before Yang Ye at the exact same moment that hed slashed the pitch black finger apart.

So, Yang Ye didnt have the time to dodge at all.

Moreover, his sword was moving forward and seemed like it was intentionally colliding with the beam of golden light.


The beam of light slammed against Yang Ye, and the expressions of everyone on the Void Cloud Shuttle changed drastically.

Suddenly, the beam of light shattered into pieces, and then Yang Ye appeared before them.

There was a shield before Yang Ye, and Yang Ye was completely fine.

All of them heaved sighs of relief at the sight of this.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye glanced at the Phantom Shield.

At this moment, numerous cracks had appeared on it, and it would definitely be destroyed if he used it to withstand another attack like that.

Even though it was a Void Rank treasure, he was facing a Semi-Deity.

It could be said that the Phantom Shield was completely capable of resisting the attacks of Voiders, but it was clearly insufficient against Semi-Deities.

Yang Ye stored the Phantom Shield, and then he gazed at Fen Cangyan and the others, “Leave.

Head to Skyriver Stellar Regions teleportation formation and travel to Stellar City.”

Fen Cangyan glanced at Yang Ye.

At this moment, tempestuous waves were surging in his heart.

It was a Semi-Deity whod attacked earlier, a true Semi-Deity! However, Yang Ye had dealt with a Semi-Deitys attack with such ease.

Moreover, that Semi-Deity didnt even dare to show himself and fight Yang Ye.

Yang Yes strength was formidable to such an extent!

Young Miss….

You were right! Fen Cangyan took a deep breath, and then he turned around and looked at the others, “Lets go.”

At this moment, he was the strongest on the Void Cloud Shuttle.

So, he was commanding all the experts from the Sword Alliance and the Void Cloud Shuttle itself.

The Void Cloud Shuttle carried all of them towards the distance while Yang Ye escorted them.

This time, the Semi-Deity didnt attack, so their journey was extremely peaceful all the way.

However, Yang Ye didnt lower his guard at all! Because that Semi-Deity was still following them!


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