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How could Yang Ye dare to act carelessly when facing Quasi Returnal Rank sword intent

Hed immediately executed the true form of Heavenrend!


A sword howl suddenly resounded through the air, and then a dazzling beam of sword energy shot out from the ancient sheath.

Space was instantly torn open like paper, and the space in an area of thousands of kilometers around the sword energy started to crack apart at this moment!

Jian Xu had a solemn expression on his face when Yang Ye drew the Sword Precursor from the ancient sheath.

Actually, Yang Ye wasnt qualified to fight him.

Even if he didnt possess Quasi Returnal Rank sword intent, Yang Ye was still no match for him.

However, he didnt underestimate Yang Ye.


Because of the sword in Yang Yes grasp.

The combination of sword and sheath had transcended all ranks of quality.

It was an existence on the level of the Stellar Sword Diagram.

Coupled with the fact that Yang Ye was a sword cultivator and possessed the Sword Gods Seal, how could Jian Xu dare to underestimate Yang Ye

Simply speaking, while Yang Yes cultivation and strength were inferior to him, Yang Yes equipment were great!

Yang Yes equipment was almost heaven defying!

Jian Xu didnt dare act carelessly.

In an instant, a strand of terrifying sword intent appeared out of thin air before him, and then the space around him suddenly started to tremble violently.

A moment later, countless golden swords of light shot out from the space around him, and they formed a dense rain of swords that rained down at Yang Yes attack!

Even though all of these golden swords of light were formed from energy, they were practically solid as they were enhanced by Quasi Returnal Rank sword intent.

Every single one of them contained extremely terrifying destructive energy.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

It didnt take long for numerous deafening explosions to resound, and then the space around Yang Ye and Jian Xu cracked apart.

In an instant, the space in an area of 5,000km around them had shattered into bits.

An expanse of pitch black surrounded them!

That wasnt the end of it.

Countless rays of sword energy were shooting incessantly through the pitch black expanse of space, causing even the black hole to tremble.

Just like that, around 20 plus breaths of time passed, and then everything slowly returned to normal.

Even space returned to normal.

Yang Ye and Jian Xu were standing facing each other, and there was around 3km between them.

After a few moments of silence, Jian Xus chest suddenly cracked open, and countless strands of blood sprayed out from there.

But it didnt take long for the injury on his chest to be covered by a strand of mysterious energy, and then it started to heal slowly.

Jian Xu looked up at Yang Ye and said, “A very strong sword technique.

Its much stronger than any sword technique of the Sword Gods Palace.

Of course, the Stellar Sword Diagram isnt included in that.”


Yang Ye coughed lightly, and then a trace of blood instantly seeped out slowly from the corner of his mouth.

At the same time, his body turned red in an instant.

If one looked carefully, one would notice that his entire body was covered in holes.

His body was at the Epoch Realm, so it was extremely strong.

However, Jian Xu was stronger!

Could the man capable of destroying the Sword Gods Palace be weak

It could be said that if Yang Ye didnt possess the Sword Precursor, he wouldnt even have the right to fight Jian Xu!

Even though it was quite embarrassing, it was the truth!

“Based on my estimations, you should only be able to execute that technique once more!” Jian Xu started walking towards Yang Ye and said, “Come, execute your final attack!”

As soon as he finished speaking, a strand of sword intent appeared out of thin air before him.

At the same time, countless golden energy swords appeared in front of him.

They formed a golden shield of energy swords.

After that, rays of golden light flashed out from the shield and formed layers of barriers on top of the shield.

At the same time, a strand of fierce sword intent pressed down upon Yang Ye.

Yang Ye slowly clenched his right fist and glanced up into the sky.

At this moment, Blind Maiden was still in fierce combat with the black dragon.

The black dragon was still in a disadvantaged position, and it was practically being beaten up.

However, it was obviously impossible for Blind Maiden to kill it in a short period!

Yang Ye took a deep breath.

He was very well aware that he couldnt place his hopes on her killing the black dragon and coming to his aid.

So, Yang Ye stopped hesitating, and the Sword Gods Seal on his forehead lit up.

It didnt take long for it to grow brighter and brighter.

At the same time, his sword intent grew stronger and stronger.


A few moments later, a strand of terrifying aura and sword intent erupted from within Yang Ye, and then the sword intent Jian Xu had used to surround Yang Ye was instantly blasted away by Yang Yes sword intent.

Quasi Returnal Rank sword intent!

After he realized that Blind Maiden wouldnt be able to deal with the black dragon quickly, Yang Ye had decisively chosen to improve his sword intent to the Quasi Returnal Rank.

Because only by attaining Quasi Returnal Rank sword intent would he be able to fight Jian Xu!

“The Quasi Returnal Rank!” Jian Xus eyes narrowed slightly, and then he tapped a finger forward.

A golden energy sword instantly shot forward, and it was so swift that Yang Ye wasnt even able to see it clearly.

Yang Ye was shocked and hurriedly issued a command for the Phantom Shield to emerge before him.


An explosion resounded, and then Yang Ye was pushed around 1km away.

Yang Ye gazed at the Phantom Shield before him.

At this moment, it actually had cracks on it.

So swift and strong! Yang Ye looked up at Jian Xu.

He didnt hesitate to stomp his right foot down, and his figure transformed into a flash of light that shot at Jian Xu.

Yang Ye clenched his swords hilt tightly in midair while the profound energy within him surged madly.

His profound energy surged into the ancient sheath while his physical strength converged completely.

Yang Ye hadnt even drawn his sword, but just his speed and physical strength caused the space before him to be torn apart.

Jian Xus expression grew gradually colder, and he raised his right hand slowly.

In an instant, the shield before him that was formed from golden energy swords started to spin swiftly.

As soon as it started revolving rapidly, strands of golden sword energy shot out from it, and it only took an instant for countless strands of golden sword energy to envelope Yang Ye.


Suddenly, a sword howl resounded from within the dense ocean of golden sword energy, and then the strands of golden sword energy were instantly dispersed.

After that, a ray of light slammed against the golden shield.


An explosion resounded as the golden shield instantly shattered.

At the same time, Jian Xu suddenly transformed into a ray of light that shot forward like a bolt of lightning.


Another loud explosion resounded, and then the space here collapsed once more.

An expanse of pitch black covered the area!

It didnt take long for space to return to normal, but it only took an instant for the space there to collapse once more.

This occurred over and over again in a cycle for over 10 times before the space here finally stabilized.

Yang Ye and Jian Xu stood 3km away from each other, and both of them stood there without moving.

Yang Yes body was densely covered in holes, and it simply seemed like a myriad of arrows had pierced through him.

It was extremely shocking.

As for Jian Xu, his left arm was gone.

“Amazing indeed!” Meanwhile, Jian Xu suddenly gazed at Yang Ye and said, “Amongst the sword techniques Ive seen in my life, besides the sword formation created by the Stellar Sword Diagram, there is no other sword technique that can compare to that sword technique of yours.” He was naturally shocked.

After all, he was around 3 realms above Yang Ye in cultivation!

Even though Yang Ye had relied on external sources of strength to injure him, it was impossible to deny how terrifying Yang Ye was.

“Unfortunately, I still wasnt able to kill you!” Yang Ye looked up at Jian Xu.

Hed thought that once his sword intent rose to the Quasi Returnal Rank, he could rely on the true form of Heavenrend to kill Jian Xu with a single attack.

But he was disappointed.

Jian Xus strength was absolutely not inferior to Lady, and it might even be stronger!

But it made sense.

After all, Jian Xu had lived for countless years!

“Kill me” Jian Xu chuckled, “Yang Ye, if you can execute that sword technique without limits.

No, theres no need for it to be executed without limit.

Even if you can execute it 5 times in a row, I would immediately turn around and leave.

Unfortunately, your current strength is sufficient to execute it twice at most, right”

As soon as he finished speaking, Jian Xu suddenly glanced at the sky.

At this moment, the demonic dragon was completely suppressed and was practically being beaten up.

Needless to say, it was really amusing to watch the enormous demonic dragon being beaten up by Blind Maiden who was countless times smaller than it.

“She really is good at restraining herself!” Jian Xu laughed coldly, and then he gazed at Yang Ye, “Do you have other trump cards”

“Youre buying time!” Yang Yes eyes narrowed slightly.

Jian Xu could have attacked right away.

Even after he executed Heavenrend for the very first time, Jian Xu could have seized the opportunity to attack.

Based on Jian Xus strength and speed, it was entirely possible for Jian Xu to kill him before he even had the chance to execute Heavenrend again.

However, Jian Xu hadnt done that! So, there was only one explanation, and it was that Jian Xu was buying time!

Why was Jian Xu buying time

Yang Ye glanced up at the black dragon. Does he want to rely on Blind Maiden to kill that black dragon That doesnt make sense! If that black dragon is killed, his strength alone would be utterly insufficient to fight Blind Maiden.


Right when Yang Ye was feeling puzzled, the black dragon in the sky suddenly roared with fury.

Both Yang Ye and Jian Xu looked up simultaneously, and they saw a layer of thin black light appear around the black dragon.

Once the black light appeared, not only were Blind Maidens attacks unable to cause any harm to the black dragon, her attacks were even dispersed instead!

Yang Yes expression changed at the sight of this because the black dragon had grown stronger.

“The Demonic Dragon Clans Shield of Darkness.

Practically all the clans of dragons have such a shield.” Meanwhile, Jian Xu suddenly smiled, “Every time its activated, their defenses and strength would be improved tremendously.

However, it has a time limit.

For example, he can only execute it once every 10 years.

Now, I dont have to worry about anything, and the battle should come to an end.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Jian Xu stretched his hand forward.

In an instant, countless golden swords of light flashed out from the space around him, and then they formed a dense wave of golden swords that shot towards Yang Ye.

Yang Yes eyes narrowed slightly as he gazed at the dense expanse of golden swords of light.

Hed thought of utilizing the Sword Domain to suppress Jian Xu, but the problem was Jian Xus attainments in the Sword Dao werent the only thing that surpassed him, even Jian Xus overall strength was much superior.

The gap between him and Jian Xu wasnt merely reflected in their attainments in the Sword Dao, it was reflected in their cultivations as well.

The Sword Domain could suppress Jian Xus sword intent, but it couldnt suppress his cultivation and strength! Jian Xus cultivation was way beyond him, so the consequences of utilizing the Sword Domain was having his lifespan exhausted.

“As expected of Jian Wujis junior brother.

As expected of the man who destroyed Sword Gods Palace!” Yang Ye took a deep breath as he stretched his right hand forward, and he was about to bring his sword intent to the brink.


“Hahaha!” Roaring laughter suddenly resounded through the entire sky.

As soon as the laughter resounded, the expressions of the black dragon, Blind Maiden, and Jian Xu had changed.

Yang Yes expression had changed as well.


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