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Yang Ye!

That was the first thought that came to their minds.

Yang Ye had come back!

At the moment he saw the ray of light, Nie Huns hairs had stood on end because it was aimed at him.

Yang Ye had come back to kill him!

What a madman!

Nie Hun wasnt the only one who hadnt expected Yang Ye to come back, everyone here hadnt expected Yang Ye to actually attack Heaven Pillar Peak again.

After all, it was the Nie Clans base!

Nie Hun didnt have the time to think.

At the moment the ray of light appeared, a terrifying aura erupted from within him and formed a shield before him.

At the same time, numerous strands of seemingly solid golden profound energy formed barriers that layered around him.

They formed at least 10,000 layers.

However, Nie Hun still didnt feel at ease, and he withdrew a shield and raised it in front of himself.


As soon as Nie Huns aura came into contact with the ray of light, it dispersed in an instant.

The blood red sword stabbed straight through onto the profound energy barriers.

The barriers shook slightly before collapsing in an instant.

After that, the sword struck against the shield before Nie Hun.

The shield wasnt at the Void Rank, so the sword wasnt obstructed at all and pierced straight through it.

However, Nie Hun had already vanished on the spot.

At the moment Nie Huns figure vanished, the ray of light vanished as well.

After that, the space in the surroundings trembled slightly before a ray of light suddenly flashed out from space, and Nie Hun was like 3m away from it!

Nie Huns expression changed when he noticed the ray of light.

However, he was on guard now, so he was about to react.

Suddenly, he frowned because the ray of light was just a strand of sword energy.

In other words, Yang Ye wasnt in front of him.

Nie Hun seemed to have thought of something, and his pupils suddenly constricted before he swiftly turned to look at Nie Tian, “Watch out!”

Nie Tian was slightly stunned.

Suddenly, he seemed to have thought of something, and his expression changed drastically.

He was just about to move away when the space around him suddenly contracted.

At the same time, a strand of terrifying sword intent pressed down upon him.

The contraction of space coupled with the suppression of the sword intent caused his movement to slow down momentarily, and it was exactly that instant which allowed a ray of light to pierce through his forehead.

Nie Tians eyes opened wide!


A string of blood sprayed from his forehead, and then Nie Tians corpse vanished on the spot along with Yang Ye.

“Where do you think youre going!” Nie Hun was furious.

He stretched his hand forward and made a clawing motion.

The space in the distance warped in an instant, but it only took a moment for the space there to return to normal.

Nie Hun was stunned, and then his face became extremely unsightly.

Because Yang Ye was gone!

A humiliation!

Nie Hun clenched his fists while seemingly material killing intent could be seen in his eyes.

Yang Ye had already killed so many Voiders of the Nie Clan, and it had caused the Nie Clan to be completely disgraced.

Yet now, Yang Ye had just come straight to the Nie Clan and killed a Voider before swaggering off….

It was an absolute humiliation!

It was definitely an absolute humiliation to the Nie Clan!

The experts of the 3 sects and 3 cities remained silent.

Theyd witnessed Yang Yes strength.

It wouldnt be that bad if it was a head-on battle, but if Yang Ye were to hide and launch surprise attacks, then could anyone stop him Besides Nie Hun, no one else here could resist Yang Yes attacks.

Moreover, even Nie Hun couldnt keep up with Yang Yes speed!

They were sandwiched between the demon race and Yang Ye!

All of them had extremely solemn expressions on their faces, especially the members of the Nie Clan.

Yang Ye was clearly targeting them.

In other words, they never knew when Yang Ye might suddenly launch an attack on them.

Just thinking about it caused the countenances of countless members of the Nie Clan, including Nie Qing, to turn pale.

Suddenly, a profounder of the Nie Clan charged into the hall.

His face was quite pale while terror could be seen in his eyes.

He seemed like hed encountered something terrifying.

Nie Hun spoke in a low voice, “Whats going on!”

That profounder gulped and replied, “Theyre dead! So many are dead! So many just suddenly had their heads chopped off!”

Nie Huns expression changed, and he shot out of the hall with the others.

There were corpses everywhere! All of them belonged to the Emperors of the Nie Clan.

All of them had no heads, and the cut on their necks were smooth like a mirror! It had been done by a sword!

“Yang Ye!” Nie Hun clenched his fists tightly while a ferocious expression covered his face.

He didnt have to think to know that it was Yang Ye whod done it.

However, that wasnt the end.

Corpses were appearing successively throughout Heaven Pillar Peak.

All of them lost their lives from a single attack and didnt even have the chance to let out a shrill cry.

In just 15 minutes, around 300 headless corpses had appeared in the Nie Clan, and all of them belonged to Emperors.

At this moment, Yang Ye was like a god of death, and he was ceaselessly reaping the lives of the Nie Clans experts.

Nie Hun leaped up into the air, and then he glanced at the surroundings and spoke fiercely, “Yang Ye! You like to kill, huh Alright, Ill let you do that.

Im heading to Dark Hell Continent right now, and Ill annihilate everyone in your Sword Alliance.” As soon as he finished speaking, his figure shot towards the distance.

He was very well aware that there was only one way to make Yang Ye show himself, and it was to attack the Sword Alliance.

Because if Yang Ye cared about it, he would definitely stop and fight him.

Suddenly, a ray of light flashed through the air and instantly arrived before Nie Hun.

A wisp of ferocity arose on the corners of Nie Huns mouth.

Hed guessed that this would happen, so he tapped his finger forward at the same time the ray of light appeared.

A circle of white light immediately erupted from his finger.


As soon as the ray of light and the circle of white light came into contact, a terrifying wave of energy immediately erupted and shot swiftly towards the surroundings.

In an instant, the sky was covered in the wave of energy.

The space throughout the sky started to tremble violently before it, and it was an absolutely shocking sight.


Suddenly, a sword howl resounded in the sky, and then everyone watched as a ray of sword energy appeared in the sky and shot towards Nie Hun.

Not only was the wave of energy torn apart in its wake, even space was torn apart with ease.

Nie Huns face was gloomy, and white light flickered on his right hand.

If Yang Ye raised his sword intent to a higher level or increased his cultivation to the Emperor Realm, then Nie Hun might fear Yang Ye a little.

Yet now, Yang Yes combat strength was just stronger than an ordinary Voider, and it was far from sufficient to pose a threat to him!

When the sword energy arrived around 50m away from him, Nie Hun flipped his palm and slapped it forward.

A ray of white light formed a crescent that shot out from his palm.

The sword energy and crescent of white light slammed against each other in midair.


They exploded on contact.

Meanwhile, another ray of sword energy tore through the sky and shot towards Nie Hun.

This time, it was extremely swift and a few times swifter than the last strand of sword energy.

Nie Huns pupils had constricted slightly at the sight of it, and he instinctively raised his right hand and slammed it forward!

A ray of white light instantly surged forward.


Rumbling resounded as the sword energy was dispersed.

But a sword had appeared in Nie Huns field of vision, and when the sword collided with the white light, the white light was instantly sliced apart before the sword continued forward and arrived in front of Nie Hun.

Yang Ye was behind the sword.

The sword had just arrived before him when the powerful force it carried slammed Nie Hun around 10 steps back.

Meanwhile, the sword had arrived just a few dozen centimeters away from Nie Huns forehead.

Nie Huns eyes narrowed slightly while he pressed his palms together and clamped down on Yang Yes sword.

Once he did that, he turned to look at the others from the 3 sects and 3 cities before speaking angrily, “What are all of you still watching for Quickly kill him!” Hed realized that just his strength was utterly insufficient to kill Yang Ye.

Because the Laws of Time were useless against Yang Ye.

The experts of the 3 cities and 3 sects looked at each other.

Kill Yang Ye Yang Ye was clearly just attacking the Nie Clan now.

If they acted against him, it would be equivalent to declaring war against Yang Ye.

Based on Yang Yes character, he would definitely take revenge on them.

But if they didnt attack and allowed Yang Ye to continue killing, then the human races experts would have been almost annihilated before the demon race even attacks.

All of them were quite hesitant.

They were hesitant, but the experts of the Nie Clan didnt dare to hesitate.

The only remaining Voider here, Nie Qing, immediately shot towards Yang Ye.

Yang Ye turned to glance at Nie Qing.

A moment later, the wings behind him flapped, and then he instantly vanished on the spot.

Nie Hun cried out involuntarily, “Watch out!”

As soon as his voice resounded, Nie Qings expression changed drastically.

She was just about to retreat when a strand of sword intent suddenly pressed down upon her.

At the same time, the space around her suddenly froze and weighed down upon her.

The weight of space and the pressure from the sword intent instantly immobilized her.

Meanwhile, a ray of light pierced through her forehead.

Nie Qings eyes opened wide.

A moment of silence ensued before a wisp of misery appeared on the corners of her mouth, “I… I shouldnt have… brought you… here….”


As soon as she finished speaking, a strand of blood sprayed from her forehead, and then the color in Nie Qings eyes dimmed down.

Yang Ye waved his right hand behind Nie Qing and stored her corpse in his spatial ring.

“Yang Ye!” Nie Huns eyes almost split apart with rage.

He was about to attack when the furious howls of demon beasts suddenly resounded from outside Heaven Pillar Peak.

After that, the ground seemed to tremble while a huge black cloud appeared in the sky.

The black cloud was approaching rapidly.

The demon race was attacking!

The expressions of everyone here changed drastically at the sight of this.

Meanwhile, Lin Qian stepped forward and cupped his fist to Yang Ye, “Brother Yang Ye, its a moment of life and death for the human race right now.

Please put aside your enmity and face the demon race with us.”

The Nie Clan had suffered heavy losses while 3 of the 6 cities had been annihilated by Yang Ye, so if Yang Ye was still unwilling to help them resist the demon race, then the human race would truly be finished.

Yang Ye looked up at the sky, and then a cold smile arose on the corners of his mouth, “Fight the demon race Do I have nothing better to do”

The expressions of everyone here instantly became unsightly when they heard Yang Ye.


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