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Everyone knew that Yang Ye was forcing Senior Yuan to attack.

Indeed, he was doing just that.

So long as Senior Yuan attacked, he would stop at nothing to kill Senior Yuan.

Even if Nie Qing stopped him, he would still kill Senior Yuan.

Because it would be Senior Yuan who attacked first.

Moreover, even if he couldnt kill Senior Yuan, he would still make Senior Yuan pay.

Because once Senior Yuan attacked, he could use it as an excuse to make the Nie Clan punish Senior Yuan.

If the Nie Clan refused or only gave light punishment to Senior Yuan, then he had a reason to not follow the Nie Clans so-called temporary ceasefire.

In short, so long as the old man attacked him, he would definitely make the old man lose his life!

The reason he didnt attack first was because he wasnt confident in his ability to kill Senior Yuan with a single attack.

Once he failed, the Nie Clan would definitely stop him.

Moreover, it would stand on the Yuan Clans side just to protect its honor.

At that time, the situation will go out of control.

If he was just alone, he wouldnt fear such a situation at all.

But he had the Sword Alliance and Slayer Pavilion standing behind him.

It was truly not wise to offend the Nie Clan for no reason and make such a formidable enemy for the Sword Alliance and Slayer Pavilion.

Nie Qings expression changed when she heard Yang Ye taunt Senior Yuan.

How could she not know what Yang Ye planned Once Senior Yuan attacked first, then the Nie Clan would have no further reason to stop Yang Ye.

Moreover, once Yang Ye was giving the reason and excuse to get Senior Yuan killed, he would definitely not rest until Senior Yuan was killed.

As soon as she thought about this, Nie Qing was about to speak.

However, Senior Yuan suddenly restrained his aura and chuckled, “Even though I really want to spar with you, how could I act selfishly and make the human race lose a genius when were facing such a powerful enemy”

Meanwhile, Lin Youxuan puckered her lips and spoke softly, “You clearly dare not attack, yet you make such high-sounding remarks!”

Even though shed spoken softly, everyone here had heard her.

The smile on Senior Yuans face instantly became gloomy, and he gazed at Lin Youxuan.

Meanwhile, Lin Qian who stood by Lin Youxuans side pulled her behind him, and then he cupped his fist at Senior Yuan, “Shes just a child who doesnt know any better.

I hope Senior Yuan will forgive her for her offense.”

Senior Yuan glanced coldly at Lin Qian and didnt say a word.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye shrugged, “In the past, people said that I was shameless, but I think that my level of shamelessness is very much inferior to you!”

Senior Yuan grunted coldly and didnt say anything in response.

Yang Ye wasnt interested in arguing with Senior Yuan, so he immediately moved aside.

Even though he felt quite regretful that he hadnt succeeded, he didnt mind because he had plenty of chances in the future.

Nie Qing heaved a sigh of relief and glanced at Yang Ye.

Earlier, shed felt that this fellow before her was easy to get along with, and she hadnt expected him to start causing trouble now.

Moreover, it seemed to her that Yang Ye would definitely cause more trouble in the future…

Nie Qing restrained her thoughts, shook her head, and said, “Everyone, our human race cant engage in internal strife when facing such a powerful enemy.

Please put aside your personal enmity.

You can do as you please once the demon race has been repulsed, and my Nie Clan will definitely not interfere.

But please give priority to the current situation until then.”

As soon as she finished speaking, she glanced at them and said, “Come, my Nie Clans patriarch wants to meet all of you.”

She immediately turned around and walked away once she finished speaking.

Senior Yuan glanced at Yang Ye and the others, and then he immediately followed Nie Qing.

Hed realized that Yang Ye wanted to kill him.

Once Yang Ye found a chance, Yang Ye would definitely not give up on it.

If it was before this, he would naturally not fear Yang Ye.

Yet now, 3 clans and 3 sects were standing on Yang Yes side, and he only had a few Voiders left on his side.

Moreover, the Yun Clan and Qin Clan might not even help him!

So, he absolutely couldnt give Yang Ye a chance right now.

Otherwise, it was very likely for Heaven Pillar Peak to be where he was buried.

Yang Ye glanced at Senior Yuan who was following closely behind Nie Qing, and then he laughed coldly before leading the others over as well.

After walking for a while, a city appeared before them.

The city wasnt very huge, but it wasnt small as well.

It was around the size that was suitable to accommodate around a few thousand residents.

As soon as they entered the city, no less than 15 divine senses swept through them.

All belonged to Voiders!

15 Voiders!

Everyone here was visibly shocked.

Even though they knew the Nie Clan was very strong, they hadnt expected it to actually possess 15 Voiders.

Moreover, that might only be the experts it revealed on the surface.

The Nie Clans true strength may not be limited to just 15 Voiders.

At this moment, some of the experts of the clans and sects who still felt a sense of pride had instantly restrained that pride.

Because as a power of the Veiled Region, the Nie Clan was much stronger than them.

Yang Ye revealed a solemn expression on his face as well.

He hadnt expected the Nie Clans strength to actually be so terrifying.

15 Voiders.

They werent Emperors but Voiders.

It could be said that unless all 3 sects, 6 cities, and the Slayer Pavilion joined forces, it would be utterly impossible to fight the Nie Clan.

It didnt take long for them to arrive before a grand hall called the Hall of the Righteous.

Theyd just entered the hall when an old man in luxurious robes appeared within their field of vision.

“Thats my Nie Clans patriarch, Nie Tian.” After Nie Qing finished introducing the old man to them, she walked over to the old mans side and fell silent.

The gazes of everyone here descended upon Nie Tian.

Boundless and unfathomable strength!

That was what they felt from him.

Yang Yes eyes narrowed slightly while the solemn expression on his face grew deeper.

The old mans strength was definitely above Senior Yuan and the Ten Thousand Legged Centipede.

Because the old man felt dangerous to him, but Senior Yuan didnt give him such a feeling.

Nie Tian glanced at them and smiled, “Welcome to Heaven Pillar Peak.”

All of them didnt dare to act disrespectfully to such an expect and hurriedly cupped their fists to Nie Tian.

After a short while of small talk, Nie Tian said, “Im sure all of you are clearly aware of the situation that the human race is in, so I wont speak further on that matter.

Once Heaven Pillar Peak is breached by the demon race, the human race will be slaughtered.

So, for the sake of the human race, Heaven Pillar Peak must be protected.

Of course, all of you definitely have some worries.

Youre worried about whether my Nie Clan will treat you like cannon fodder.

I can tell all of you that if a battle occurs, then the experts of my Nie Clan will be standing at the front.

If someone is dying, then the experts of my Nie Clan will be the first to die!”

Deep respect arose in the hearts of many when they heard Nie Tian.

Actually, many people even felt slightly embarrassed.

Because they really had been a little worried about that.

They were worried that the Nie Clan had summoned them here to be cannon fodder.

But now it would seem like the Nie Clan intended to make its own clansmen charge at the frontline, so theyd judged the Nie Clan unfairly!

Yang Ye glanced at Nie Tian.

Needless to say, what Nie Tian said was really able to draw others over to his side.

Because the vigilance that the experts of the other powers had towards the Nie Clan had reduced tremendously in an instant.

It could be said that the old man was either a really good person or a terrible villain!

Meanwhile, Nie Tians gaze suddenly descended onto Yang Ye.

He sized up Yang Ye and smiled, “Not bad, not bad.

I never expected a peerless figure like you to appear in the Veiled Region.

Unfortunately, Young Brother, the demon race wouldnt have dared to attack if you were born just 10 years earlier!”

The expressions of everyone here changed slightly.

Obviously, they hadnt expected Nie Tians judgment of Yang Ye to be so favorable.

Yang Ye chuckled, “Senior, youre too kind.”

“Not at all!” Nie Tian shook his head, “Youre a peerless genius that isnt inferior to Senior Jian Wuji.

If youre given 10 years of time, then no one on the continent would be a match for you.

Even now, there are probably no more than 3 on the continent who can kill you.”

Yang Ye smiled, “Senior, youre one of those 3, right”

Nie Tian gazed at Yang Ye for a short while before he smiled, “Young Brother, your strength is formidable.

Im not confident in my ability to defeat you.”

He changed the topic as he continued, “I heard your concealment technique is unique, and even Voiders cant notice you.

Is that true”

The gazes of everyone here descended upon Yang Ye.

Yang Ye glanced at Nie Tian and nodded, “I do have some skill when it comes to concealment.”

Nie Tian asked, “Young Brother, are you willing to investigate the demon races strength for our human race”

Yang Ye gazed at Nie Tian.

Nie Tians expression was sincere, and there was even a trace of a pleading expression in his eyes.

Yang Ye gazed at Nie Tian for a short while before he smiled, “I can travel there and gather information, but Im sure youve realized that Im only a Quasi Emperor.

So, itll be a very dangerous journey.

I think that you wouldnt just send me to my death, right”

Nie Tian chuckled, “How could I send you to your death But you should be aware that if anyone besides you heads to the demon races territory, theres a chance that theyll be discovered.

If I could do it, I would definitely do it.

However, Ive been targeted by the experts of the demon race, and theyll immediately come looking for me if I leave Heaven Pillar Peak.


“Im afraid of death!” Yang Ye shook his head, “If I go, and if Im discovered, then just this strength of mine isnt sufficient to help me avoid death.

Im afraid of death.

So, please look for someone more qualified than me.”

The smile on Nie Tians face froze.

Obviously, he hadnt expected Yang Ye to say that.

He wasnt the only one.

Even the others here hadnt expected Yang Ye to say that.

Afraid of that….

Needless to say, it was a terrible excuse!

A short moment of silence ensued before Nie Tians smile returned to normal, “Young Brother, the human race needs your help.”

Yang Ye replied, “I need the human races help as well.”

Nie Tian glanced at Yang Ye and said, “May I know what you need.

Tell me.

If we can fulfil your request, well definitely do it.”

Yang Ye shrugged and said, “Senior, Im sure youve noticed that I have no treasures to protect myself.

So if Im discovered in the demon races territory, then….”

Senior Yuan spoke coldly, “Dont you have my Yuan Clans Phantom Shield.

How could you possibly not possess a treasure to protect yourself!”

Yang Ye turned around and gazed at Senior Yuan, “If Ive lived over 10,000 years like you, then not to mention the demon race, I would even be able to obliterate the restrictions in the sky.”

“You….” Senior Yuan was exasperated.

Yang Ye waved his hand and said, “Dont start acting like that.

If you dont dare to head to the demon races territory, then just shut your mouth.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye turned around and gazed at Nie Tian, “Senior Nie, Im really so afraid of death.

unless my safety is guaranteed, I wont do it no matter what.”

Nie Tian gazed at Yang Ye for a long time before he smiled, “Youre right to worry about that.” As he spoke, he waved his right hand, and a treasure appeared in front of Yang Ye, “I wonder if youre satisfied”

Yang Ye was stunned for a while once he laid eyes on it, and then he spoke seriously, “Im willing to do anything for the human race!”


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