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The dagger swept horizontally and was about to slice Yang Ye in half.

At this critical moment, Yang Yes left hand grabbed the dagger, and then his figure flashed and appeared over 1km away.

Once he stopped, he pulled the dagger out, and then blood sprayed from the wound in his stomach.

Yang Ye looked down at his stomach.

There was an almost 20cm long injury on his stomach.

At this moment, blood was surging out incessantly from it.

It was like a surging torrent.

In the end, all the blood was absorbed by Heavens Gravestone.

Yang Ye had a gloomy expression on his face as he gazed at his stomach.

He was just a little slower earlier, even a little slower, then his body would have been cut into two.

The masked man didnt give Yang Ye time to rest.

Yang Yes figure had just stopped moving when the space around him shook slightly.

After that, another dagger appeared out of thin air before him, and it shot straight at his throat.

It was extremely swift to the point that even Yang Ye could only see some afterimages.

Yang Ye relied on his instinct to swing his sword swiftly and stabbed it against the dagger.


The dagger was blasted away, but Yang Yes expression changed slightly.

Because one more dagger had appeared before his nape at the instant that he swung his sword.

Moreover, another dagger had arrived before the center of his forehead.

It was fast!

Extremely fast!

The most terrifying part wasnt the speed, it was that practically every single attack was launched at the moment he was practically incapable of blocking them.

Just like this very moment, his sword had stopped the 1st dagger, but that dagger wasnt there to kill him, and it was just to keep his sword busy.

The true lethal attack was these 2 daggers that had just appeared, and it was even to the extent that these 2 daggers may not be the true lethal attack!

When he thought up to this point, Yang Ye didnt try to stop the daggers.

A strand of sword intent suddenly appeared around him, and those daggers were instantly slowed down for a moment.

Yang Ye used that moment to flash 300m back, and then his sword intent condensed into a barrier around him.

Even though it was quite a waste of profound energy, he had no choice but to do that.

Because it was the only way to be able to react in time when those daggers appeared.

Otherwise, they were too fast, and it would cause him to be suppressed and forced into a passive situation.

After the barrier of sword intent appeared, Yang Ye drew his sword and swung it.


A sword howl resounded before a ray of blood red sword energy flashed forward towards the masked man.

The masked man still didnt dodge, and he didnt even defend himself.

He just allowed Yang Yes attack to approach him.

The sword energy passed through him, and then the masked mans figure started to turn illusory.

An afterimage!

Yang Yes eyes narrowed slightly.

Suddenly, a figure flashed in front of him.

Yang Yes pupils constricted while he swung his sword swiftly.


Along with an explosion, Yang Yes figure was blasted almost 1km back.

Meanwhile, a figure suddenly flew over to him, and it was so swift that Yang Yes expression couldnt help but change.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

In less than a breath of time, Yang Ye had been pushed over 2km back, yet he hadnt even been able to catch sight of his opponents body.

Presently, he could only see a blurry black shadow.

The Laws of Speed!

The masked man had comprehended the Laws of Speed!

Yang Ye had comprehended the Laws of Speed as well, but his attainments were far inferior to the masked man.

Besides his attainments in the Laws of Speed being inferior to the masked man, the other reason was naturally his cultivation.

The masked man was a Voider while he was just a Quasi Emperor!

Meanwhile, Yang Ye saw a blurry shadow again, and it made his heart tremble.

A wisp of resolve flashed through his eyes as he clenched his right hand tightly and slammed his fist forward.

The Brink Laws!

A terrifying wave of energy sprayed out from his fist, and space collapsed in its wake.


The black shadow in front of Yang Ye was blasted 300m away!

After he blasted the masked man away, created space between them, and seized the initiative, Yang Ye would naturally not give up this opportunity hed created.

He stomped his right foot down and transformed into a ray of light that vanished on the spot.

The ultimate version of Death by a Thought!

At this moment, Yang Yes speed was at its limits, and he practically used less than a hundredth of a breath of time to travel over 300m and arrive in front of the masked man.

Meanwhile, the tip of his sword had even arrived less than half an inch from the masked man, and the powerful sword energy contained within it caused the space behind the masked man to collapse!

The masked mans eyes were extremely calm.

Right when the sword was about to stab the center of his forehead, he suddenly moved sideways, causing Yang Yes sword to miss and just stab past his forehead.

Meanwhile, he stabbed the dagger in his right hand towards Yang Ye.

It was an extremely natural movement that made it seem like Yang Ye had moved over to get stabbed!

Yang Ye was astounded when he saw the masked man was actually capable of dodging even his ultimate version of Death by a Thought.

Obviously, hed underestimated the masked mans speed and strength.

At this moment, he couldnt pull his sword back at all, and he couldnt stop as well.

Because he was too fast.

While he could stop himself by force, he would definitely have to pay a price.

Yang Ye steadied his mind, grabbed his sword with both hands and continued his forward stab.

Meanwhile, he issued a command in his heart, and the Phantom Shield flashed off to block the masked mans dagger.


The Phantom Shield stopped the mans dagger, and Yang Ye appeared over 1km away.

As soon as he stopped moving, the masked man suddenly appeared behind him, and then a cold glow flashed as a dagger appeared behind his head.

This time, Yang Ye didnt dodge it.

He just made a backhand stab with Heavens Gravestone.

Now, he finally came to an understanding.

He realized that he would be suppressed in battle if he just dodged and evaded.

Because the masked mans speed was superior, so the masked man was always a step ahead no matter how he dodged.

As for locating the masked mans weak points, it was utterly impossible right now.

The masked man was too fast, so even if the masked man had weak points, he couldnt catch them! So, hed decided to exchange injuries for inflicting injuries.

Or perhaps, it could be said that he intended to use his life to take the masked mans life! Of course, he wouldnt use the back of his head to resist the masked mans dagger.

At the moment he swung his sword, the Phantom Shield had flashed out and stopped the dagger.


It wasnt the sound of his sword stabbing into a body, and it had just stabbed through the air.

His attack had missed.

The masked man had turned sideways at the critical moment, causing Yang Yes sword to brush past the masked mans stomach.

However, Yang Yes expression changed once more because at the same time that the masked man had dodged his attack, a dagger had been swung towards his back.

A wisp of ruthlessness flashed through Yang Yes eyes.

He didnt use the Phantom Shield to block the attack.

It was too late, he was too close to the masked man, and coupled with the masked mans extreme speed, the Phantom Shield couldnt stop the attack in time!


The dagger sliced through Yang Yes back.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye twisted his right hand, and his sword seemed like it was drawing a semicircle as it swept horizontally towards the masked man.


Blood sprayed.

A moment of silence ensued before Yang Ye turned around, and the masked man was around 300m away from him.

There was an extremely striking injury on the masked mans stomach.

Of course, there was a bloody mark on his back as well.

Moreover, it was very wide, over 30 centimeters wide, and blood was seeping out incessantly from it.

As for Yang Ye, there was an injury on his stomach and one on his back.

If he got 2 more on the sides of his waist, then his body would really be cut into two!

Meanwhile, the masked man spoke abruptly, “It has been so long since Ive been injured!”

Yang Ye withdrew 2 violet crystals and swallowed them, “Is that so I get injured practically every day.”

The masked man said, “Your combat instinct is already at such a level while youre so young.

It truly is rare! Most importantly, youre brave, and you dare to risk your life.

Feng Qiansha didnt die unjustly at your hands!”

Yang Ye withdrew a few more violet crystals and swallowed them, “There is no enmity between me and your Slayer Pavilion, right”

The masked man replied, “There was none in the past, but there is now.


Yang Yes eyes narrowed slightly, “Youre right.

There was no enmity between us, yet now, there is.

Come, lets see who will die in the end.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the Sword Gods Seal appeared on Yang Yes forehead.

The masked man was extremely strong, and he wasnt weaker to the Ten Thousand Legged Centipede at all.

Actually, Yang Ye would rather face the Ten Thousand Legged Centipede because the centipedes attacks were very simple and relied on brute force.

So while they were terrifying, they were easy to deal with.

But he had to maintain extreme concentration when facing the masked man, and he didnt dare relax at all.

After all, the slightest mistake would bring calamity upon him.

The masked man said, “Then lets see!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the masked man vanished on the spot, and he was in front of Yang Ye when his figure appeared once more.

But it wasnt a single person, it was 4 instead.

4 masked men had appeared respectively on his right, left, front, and back.

At the same time, 4 daggers stabbed respectively at his nape, throat, the side of his waist, and temple.

Yang Yes pupils constricted slightly.

He couldnt discern which one was the true body.

Or it should be said that all 4 felt like they were the masked mans real body!

They werent illusions; they were real!

Yang Ye didnt dare act carelessly.

Rebirth Rank sword intent appeared out of thin air, and then it started to condense swiftly!


A terrifying wave of energy erupted with Yang Ye at its center!

Rebirth Rank sword intent at the brink!

Moreover, it had even been enhanced by the Sword Gods Seal!


It was like thunderclaps were reverberating incessantly through the surroundings.

Space started to crack before collapsing.

It collapsed extremely swiftly, and it took just a few breaths of time for the space in an area of around 3km to collapse.

The space here had collapsed, but it didnt take long for it to return to normal.

As soon as it returned to normal, Yang Yes furious howl resounded through the air, “Heavenrend!”

As soon as Yang Yes voice resounded, a ray of blood red sword energy flashed, and then space was torn open in its wake.

300 overlapped Heavenrends!

The sword energy tore through the sky and instantly arrived before the masked man who was over 1km away from Yang Ye.

The masked mans eyes narrowed slightly, and there was a solemn expression in them.

He grabbed his dagger with both hands, raised it up, and swung it down.

The dagger collided with the sword energy, and they instantly shook violently.

It didnt take long for the masked man to exert force, and then the sword energy was split open in an instant.

However, Yang Ye had appeared in front of the masked man.

“Slash!” As soon as Yang Ye spoke, hed drawn his sword and swung it.

The masked mans pupils constricted, and he flicked his dagger up at an angle.


The space around them collapsed again.

Suddenly, a dagger appeared before Yang Yes throat.

But the Phantom Shield immediately stopped the dagger.

However, as soon as the Phantom Shield stopped that dagger, another dagger appeared before Yang Yes chest.

But Yang Ye paid no attention to that dagger, and he just raised his left hand in the masked mans direction, “Head Snatch!”



A dagger stabbed into Yang Yes chest and blood sprayed out like a fountain, causing Yang Yes countenance to instantly turn ghastly pale.

As for the masked man, his eyes instantly opened wide.


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