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7 Voiders!

Yang Yes face fell.

What was it like to face 7 Voiders There were probably no more than 20 Voiders throughout the continent right now.

Yet now, the Veiled Region had sent 7 for him.

In other words, almost half the number of human Voiders throughout the continent were pursuing him with the intent to kill.

Yang Ye glanced at her and spoke indifferently, “They really think highly of me!”

She replied, “I told them to send news to the Veiled Region that youre the 2nd Jian Wuji.

Obviously, they believed me.

Actually, they would know how severe the situation is, even if I didnt say anything.

Youre just a Quasi Emperor, yet youre able to kill Voiders.

Moreover, you killed 2 Voiders while being besieged by the joint forces of 3 Voiders.

Such strength is something only Jian Wuji can rival.

So, do you think they would dare to let you grow into the 2nd Jian Wuji”

“I shouldnt have made such a show of strength!” Yang Ye shook his head and asked, “Can they locate us”

She pondered deeply for a short while and said, “I dare not guarantee they cant.

Your ability in concealment is extremely formidable, and an ordinary person wouldnt be able to detect your aura.

However, the Veiled Region has many capable people.

At the very least, it shouldnt be very difficult for the members of my Slayer Pavilion to locate you.”

“How do I avoid them Or I should say, how do I avoid the members of your Slayer Pavilion” asked Yang Ye.

He naturally didnt intend to go head on against them.

Not to mention that his profound energy and injuries had only recovered by almost 60%; he wouldnt go head-on against them even if his profound energy and injuries had recovered completely.

7 Voiders! How would he fight them How could he fight them

Running was the best course of action!

She shook her head, “I dont know!”

He frowned, “You dont”

She replied, “Even though were both from the Slayer Pavilion, our ability is different.

Ive comprehended the Laws of Space, so Im able to utilize the traces in space to pursue others.

That other fellow definitely has his own special method.

But besides the pavilion master, Im afraid only he knows what it is.

Just like me, only the pavilion master knows that Im able to utilize the traces in space to pursue others.

Of course, now you know as well.”

Yang Yes brows were knit even more tightly together.

His only advantage was that he was hidden while his enemies were out in the open.

So, he had the initiative.

However, once they could hide from him and locate him, their forces would merely take a few breaths of time to annihilate him! After all, not to mention him, even the Ten Thousand Legged Centipede wouldnt be able to fight back against the joint forces of 7 Voiders.

Meanwhile, the woman spoke again, “If it isnt the pavilion master, then you have a chance.

Because Ill be able to sense anyone that gets too close.

So, well always be a step ahead.

Just like this very moment, I can sense them while they are over 300,000km away.

However, if its the pavilion master….”

Yang Ye asked, “Is he very strong”

She spoke solemnly, “Very strong.

Moreover, he seems to possess the Laws of Space as well.

So, it would probably be difficult to kill him even if we joined forces.”

Yang Ye suddenly said, “You dont seem to have a good relationship with the Slayer Pavilion!”

Her eyelids twitched, “What are you trying to say”

Yang Ye replied, “Nothing, its just a feeling!”

She remained silent.

Yang Ye took a deep and long glance at her.

Earlier, hed felt that shed surrendered because she was afraid of death, but now he felt that it wasnt the reason at all.

However, he couldnt be bothered about that.

In any case, her soul was in his hands.

She suddenly said, “We have to go.

They are heading in our direction!”

Yang Ye nodded, flipped his palm, and then a ray of light flashed before he vanished on the spot.

Once he vanished, the woman immediately followed after him.

Not long after they left, a grey robed old man suddenly appeared out of thin air at the spot they had been standing at.

The old mans hair and beard were white while wrinkles covered his face.

He seemed extremely old and gave others the feeling that hed experienced the many vicissitudes of life.

Once the old man arrived, around 5 breaths of time passed before the space beside him trembled slightly.

It didnt take long for 5 old men and a middle aged man to appear behind him.

7 Voiders!

The grey robed old man glanced at the surroundings, and then closed his eyes slowly.

Around 10 breaths of time passed before he opened his eyes again, and he said, “There were 2 people here.

It should be Yang Ye and that woman from the Slayer Pavilion that he captured.”

The old man in luxurious robes who stood by the grey robed mans side said, “Senior Yuan, are you unable to pinpoint their exact location”

The grey robed old man shook his head slightly, “His ability at concealing his aura is extremely formidable.

Even I cant sense his aura.

I can only determine that he has passed through here based on the changes in space.”

He glanced at the old man in a luxurious robe and the middle aged man with a bow on his back, and he said, “Ye Ming, Lin Xiao.

Both of you have fought him.

Tell us the truth.

How strong is he”

The others gazed at them.

Even though they knew that Yang Ye had killed 2 Voiders, those 2 Voiders might have been careless and underestimated Yang Ye.

Or perhaps there was some other reason that caused them to suffer death at Yang Yes hands.

In short, they wanted to know what Yang Yes true strength was like.

The old man in luxurious robes, Ye Ming, pondered deeply for a moment and said, “Beside Senior Yuan, Im afraid none of us are able to defeat him in single combat!”

Besides the grey robed old man, the others revealed solemn expressions on their faces.

After all, the main point wasnt that he could defeat them, the main point was that he was just a Quasi Emperor right now!

A thought appeared in their minds, and it was a thought about what would happen if Yang Ye attained the Emperor Realm or Voider Realm….

One of the old men suddenly spoke in a low voice, “That kid must die!”

The others nodded to display their agreement.

Presently, they were irreconcilable enemies with Yang Ye.

So, once Yang Ye was allowed to grow, he would definitely be a nightmare for them!

Meanwhile, one of the old men suddenly suggested, “Since he has gone into hiding, we can just crush Doomsday City.

Im sure that hell show himself then!”

“Thats not advisable!” Ye Ming shook his head, “Hell have nothing to worry about if Doomsday City is destroyed.

If that happens, hell definitely go into hiding.

At that time, itll definitely be almost impossible for us to find him.

Moreover, if he goes into hiding and concentrates on cultivating, and then attains the Emperor Realm or Voider Realm.

Once that happens, he will be in the shadows while we will be out in the open, and Im afraid that….”

Their faces fell.

Even though Ye Ming hadnt finished speaking, how could they not understand what he meant Once Yang Ye had nothing to worry about and attained the Voider Realm, then countless would die throughout the Veiled Region, and even they might die.

Meanwhile, one of the old men suggested, “We can use Doomsday City to threaten him!”

Ye Ming glanced at that old man and said, “Would you go back when you know 7 Voiders are waiting for you”

The middle aged man called Lin Xiao spoke as well, “The biggest threat to us isnt the Sword Alliance but Yang Ye.

The Sword Alliance is nothing to worry about once Yang Ye is killed, but if we destroy the Sword Alliance and let Yang Ye live, then itll lead to endless future troubles.”

Ye Ming said, “Lin Xiao is right.

His slaughter intent is at the Void Rank, so hes clearly a ruthless person.

So, using the Sword Alliance to threaten him will probably not work.”

Meanwhile, Senior Yuan spoke abruptly, “Have the forces of the Slayer Pavilion arrived”

Ye Ming replied, “Not yet.

But it shouldnt take too long!”

Senior Yuan nodded, “Lets split up now and search with our divine sense.

Unless he conceals himself without moving at all, hell definitely slip up.

Remember not to attack if you locate him.

Notify everyone else first.”

Ye Ming asked, “We arent waiting for the forces from the Slayer Pavilion”

Senior Yuan shook his head, “Of course we are.

However, we cant give him any time to rest.”

Ye Ming and the others nodded, and then they vanished successively.

Around a million kilometers away, Yang Ye emerged from an expanse of space.

Hed just emerged when the space on his right rippled slightly.

It was naturally that woman.

Yang Ye asked, “How far are they from us”

She fell silent for a moment before she said, “Over 500,000km away.

But theyve split up.”

Yang Ye fell silent for a long time, and then he took a step forward.

In an instant, the Sword Domain appeared here, and the woman immediately cried out involuntarily, “This… this is a Domain of legend! The Sword Domain! Youve comprehended the Sword Domain! Youve actually comprehended the Sword Domain!”

Her voice was filled with shock.

She was shocked, of course.

A Domain was extremely mysterious even to an expert of her level.

It surpassed intent, the laws, and various other techniques.

In short, she hadnt imagined that Yang Ye had actually comprehended a Domain, the Sword Domain.

After all, Jian Wuji had been over 30 years old when he comprehended the Sword Domain outside of Dark Hell Continent, but Yang Ye was only 20 plus now!

Now, she finally understood how Yang Ye had located her.

A Domain surpassed the Laws, so the Laws of Space would naturally be suppressed by the Sword Domain.

After he activated the Sword Domain, he spoke frankly, “Now, utilize your Laws of Space.

Do it slowly, dont be too fast!”

She hesitated for a moment before starting to do as he said.

Yang Ye concentrated fully on observing her, and he didnt let any minor detail escape him.

Hed wanted to refine Sword Puppets, but he didnt have enough time.

It would take at least 10 days to refine a Sword Servant at the Voider Realm, and that was just a conservative estimate.

Not to mention 10 days, he didnt even have 10 hours right now.

So, he could only choose to study the Laws of Space.

Because he would be able to hide himself even better after he comprehended it.

At that time, with the Laws of Space, Laws of Darkness, and the Sword Domain to conceal him, he refused to believe that someone from the Slayer Pavilion could still locate him then!

Just like that, Yang Ye observed her execution of the Laws of Space while they fled.

A day later, Yang Ye dispersed the Sword Domain, and the woman stopped as well.

There was a trace of excitement in his eyes, and he was about to speak.

However, the womans beautiful brows were pressed together slightly as she said, “Someone is approaching at extreme speeds.

500,000km… 300,000km… 150,000km… almost here.”


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