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“Collaboration!” Yun Banqing continued, “We can collaborate with the demon beasts on the island.”

Yang Ye said, “Go on!”

Yun Banqing nodded slightly, “Actually, this collaboration is similar to the method of utilizing Adamantium Fruits.

However, we arent using Adamantium Fruits to gain their loyalty, were using Adamantium Fruits as a form of payment.

For example, one Adamantium Fruit to make an Emperor or 30 Quasi Emperors fight once.

Besides that, we can pay them with other treasures that they need!”

Yang Ye thought for a moment.

Needless to say, it was quite a good method, and it would work.

Because based on what Yun Banqing had proposed, the demon beasts would see their relationship as being something that was equal.

The demon beasts would be working together with him and were not his subordinates.

Moreover, they had their own freedom.

They could help if they wanted, and no one would force them to help if they refused.

However, Yang Ye felt quite regretful that he couldnt form his own army of demon beasts!

“That will work!” Meanwhile, the black ape gazed at Yang Ye, “If you think its alright, then I can help you contact the demon beasts on the island.”

Yang Ye thought for a while and nodded, “Alright!”

The black ape nodded and vanished on the spot.

Meanwhile, Yun Banqing walked over to Yang Yes side and spoke softly, “Are you feeling regretful that youre unable to form an army of demon beasts”

Yang Ye replied, “A little!”

She smiled, “Youre usually quite smart.

Why have you become so stupid now”

Yang Ye gazed at her and asked, “What do you mean”

Yun Banqing had a slight smile on her face, “You should be aware that humans and demon beasts have always been hostile against each other.

Its utterly impossible to make them submit to us.

Unless you use force.

However, if you use force, the results may be the opposite of what you hoped for.

At that time, it wouldnt just be those demon beasts that you are unable to subdue; you might even lose Senior Hei Yuans friendship.”

Yang Ye said, “Go on!”

She continued, “If we cant use force, then we can only work together.

If we use the method I spoke of just now, I believe that Senior Hei Yuan wont be the only one who can accept it, many other demon beasts would probably be able to accept it as well.

If you want to gain something, you have to work for it.

Im sure you understand that principle.

So long as they work together with us, and we hold the resources, then would we even need to worry about them leaving”

Yang Ye thought for a moment, and a smile gradually curled up on his face.

He glanced at her and smiled, “I didnt realize earlier!”

She spoke softly, “What do you plan to do after this”

He replied, “Im going to save your mother and younger brother!”

Yun Banqings delicate figure trembled slightly.

She looked at Yang Ye for a long time before speaking softly, “Thank you!”

Yang Ye said, “Miss Yun, I know that youve been constantly working hard to prove your worth to me.

Of course, thats very good.

But what I want to say is that you can rest at ease.

Since Ive acknowledged you and given you a promise, then Ill fulfil it.

So, dont be worried about me abandoning you or changing my mind.”

She spoke seriously, “Thank you!”

Yang Ye chuckled, “If you really want to thank me, then help me manage the Sword Alliance well once Ive saved your mother and younger brother.

Let me be lazy all day, every day!”

Yun Banqing revealed a slight smile, “Youre the master of the Sword Alliance.

Im afraid you wont have much time to be lazy throughout your lifetime.”

“A life of work!” Yang Ye chuckled.

He was about to speak when he suddenly looked towards the distance, and the black ape was leading a group of demon beasts in their direction.

Yang Ye glanced at them.

There were over 300 demon beasts behind the black ape.

There was a golden Swordtooth Tiger on the black apes left, and Yang Ye just happened to recognize it.

It was that exact same Swordtooth Tiger hed fought on his first day on the island.

As for the black apes right, there was a black winged wolf there.

The black ape led them to Yang Ye.

He pointed at the golden Swordtooth Tiger and said, “The Patriarch of the Swordtooth Tiger Clan, Jin li.” He pointed at the black wolf and continued, “The Patriarch of the Nightdemon Wolf Clan, Ye Xiao.”

Yang Ye nodded to them and said, “I presume Senior Hei Yuan has told both of you about everything”

Jin Li asked, “Human, do you really have Adamantium Fruits”

Yang Ye flipped his palm and an Adamantium Fruit appeared there, “Believe me now”

Jin Li glanced at Yang Ye and nodded, “150 members of my clan have come.

If Im included, we have 3 Emperors, and the rest are Quasi Emperors.”

Yang Ye flicked 8 Adamantium Fruits over to Jin Li.

Jin Li, Ye Xiao, and the others were stunned.

Obviously, all of them hadnt expected Yang Ye to be so direct.

Yang Ye said, “Everyone, since were working together, then we should trust each other.

I know that all of you dont like how humans scheme against each other, and I dont like it as well.

To put it in simpler terms, Ill give you what you need, and you help me fight.

Its just that simple.”

Jin Li said, “Human, since Senior Hei Yuan believed you, then youre worthy of our trust.

My clansmen and I will follow you from now on.”

Yang Ye nodded, and then he gazed at Ye Xiao.

Ye Xiao pondered deeply for a moment before he said, “Human, we cant help you fight Voiders.”

Yang Ye replied, “Dont worry, I wont make all of you fight experts that you cant resist.”

Ye Xiao nodded, “My Nightdemon Wolf Clan has brought a force of 150 as well, and we have 3 Emperors if Im included.”

Yang Ye flicked 8 Adamantium Fruits over to Ye Xiao, and then he gazed at the black ape, “Senior Hei Yuan, were they the only ones who were willing”

The black ape replied, “The reason they came is because I know them, and they trust me.

As for the rest….”

Yang Ye nodded and said, “I understand.” Demon beasts carried instinctive aversion towards humans, and he naturally knew that.

However, it didnt matter.

He was confident that more and more demon beasts would definitely choose to work together with him.

Because once the Swordtooth Tiger Clan and Nightdemon Wolf Clan grew stronger and stronger, the other clans would definitely be unable to sit still.

The black ape asked, “Are we leaving now”

Yang Ye nodded, and then he gazed at Jin Li and the others, “Take human form!”

Jin Li and the others were slightly hesitant.

Not every demon beast liked to take the human form.

It was like how humans would definitely not like transforming into demon beasts….

However, they didnt refuse and transformed into their human forms.

Just like that, Yang Ye led over 300 demon beasts out of Sword God Island.


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