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A strand of terrifying aura shot into the sky from within the lounge, and the roof there instantly had a hole blasted open on it.

Moreover, the terrifying aura didnt vanish, and it shot high up into the sky instead.

Yang Ye opened his eyes, and there was a trace of excitement in them.

The Quasi Emperor Realm!

He hadnt expected that he would actually be able to attain the Quasi Emperor Realm during this period of cultivation!

Hed started cultivating solely to temper his body, and he hadnt thought about advancing his cultivation.

But the spirit energy was truly too pure and coupled with the spirit energy that Snowy ceaselessly provided him, his body hadnt been able to endure it any longer.

So, it was like a cup filled with water and slowly started to spill!

Moreover, hed actually advanced directly into the Quasi Emperor Realm!

Yang Ye took a deep breath before he stood up and inspected his body.

At this moment, his body was emanating a layer of mysterious light.

It was like the glow of moonlight, and it seemed rather mysterious.

That wasnt the main point.

The main point was that his body had attained the Epoch Realm!

The Quasi Emperor Realm!

The Epoch Realm of physical cultivation!

Meanwhile, Snowy suddenly covered her eyes with her claws.

Yang Ye returned to his senses, and he couldnt help but chuckle as he gazed at Snowy.

Meanwhile, Yun Banqings voice suddenly resounded, “Youre awake”

As soon as she finished speaking, the door was pushed open, and then Yang Ye was stunned.

Yun Banqing was stunned as well.

Because Yang Yes body was completely bare.

They gazed at each other, and time seemed to have frozen still.

But it didnt take long for Yang Ye to recover from his shock, and he immediately waved his right hand.

A wave of light flashed, and it didnt take long for it to disperse before Yang Yes figure appeared once more before Yun Banqings vision.

However, he was completely clothed now.

Snowy still had embarrassment all over her face when Yang Ye took her in his arms and walked over to Yun Banqing, “Lets head out and have a look”

As he spoke, he walked past her and left the lounge.

Yun Banqing glanced at Yang Ye whod left hastily, and a slight arc couldnt help but curl up beneath her veil.

Yang Ye looked up towards the distance from the control room.

At this moment, the black ape was still in battle with the centipede, and he was in a rather miserable state.

There were deep imprints all over his body, and one of his arms had even been broken.

The black ape was even about to lose his ability to defend himself.

Yun Banqing spoke softly, “Hes very strong, extremely strong.

According to my estimations, he can fight at least 2 Voider Realm demon beasts like the black ape!”

Yang Ye nodded and patted Snowy lightly.

She glanced at him before waving her claws about, and then she transformed into a ray of white light that entered the pocket of space in front of Yang Yes chest.

After Snowy hid herself, Yang Ye tapped his right foot lightly against the ground before transforming into a ray of light that vanished from the Void Cloud Shuttle.

Meanwhile, the centipede had blasted the black ape away and was about to follow up with another attack.

Suddenly, his expression changed slightly, and his figure spun around before slamming his fist forward.


An explosion resounded.

The centipede moved backwards repeatedly while Yang Ye whod just exchanged a blow with him was pushed backwards repeatedly as well.

The centipede had been pushed around 100m back before he stopped himself, and Yang Ye was pushed around 150m back.

The centipede glanced at his fist, and then gazed at Yang Ye while his eyes were filled with shock, “How could this be possible Human, your body is actually at the Epoch Realm….”

Yang Ye glanced at his fist while excitement filled his eyes.

When a body at the Epoch Realm was combined with his newly advanced cultivation at the Quasi Emperor Realm and coupled with the fact that his body was strengthened along with the rise of his cultivation, his current physical strength wasnt inferior to a demon beast at the Voider Realm.

However, it was still slightly inferior to the centipede.

It couldnt be helped because that fellow was quite abnormal.

The black ape was stunned for a moment, and then he was delighted.

Because he knew that Yang Ye had attained the Epoch Realm.

When he thought up to this point, the black ape clenched his left hand that was still fine, and he was about to attack.

However, Yang Ye suddenly gazed at him, “Brother Black, heal for now.

Let me play with him!”

“You can” The black ape was astounded.

Even though Yang Yes physical strength had improved, there was definitely a gap between Yang Ye and the centipede.

“Its fine, let me give it a try!” As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye didnt waste his breath anymore and charged at the centipede.

His body and cultivation had just undergone a breakthrough, and he needed someone to train with.

The centipede just happened to be a suitable partner for that.

The centipedes face turned gloomy when he saw Yang Ye instantly attack.

He didnt waste his breath as well, and he just charged at Yang Ye.

Both of them simultaneously swing their fists forward in midair.


Space rippled at the point of collision, and then they were blasted flying by the force within each others punch.

However, just a moment passed before they charged at each other again.


Their fists collided once more.

The collision of 2 formidable forces caused the space around them to crack open while they were blasted away just like before.

Yang Ye glanced at his hand.

At this moment, his hand was shivering, and this was naturally caused by the centipedes strength.

“How strong!” Yang Ye swung his arm about as he looked up at the centipede.

At this moment, the centipede was looking at him as well.

As soon as their eyes met, both of them vanished on the spot.

This time, Yang Ye didnt choose to go head-on against the centipede.

The reason hed exchanged such head-on blows with the centipede just now was because he wanted to determine exactly how strong his body was.

Now, he knew the answer.

His body was definitely not weaker to an ordinary Voider Realm demon beast, but it was slightly inferior when compared to an expert like the Ten Thousand Legged Centipede.

Since he knew that his strength was weaker, he would naturally not do something foolish like going head-on against the centipede.

Once he arrived in front of the centipede, Yang Yes figure suddenly flashed and appeared behind the centipede.

After that, he slammed his fist towards the center of the centipedes back.

However, the centipedes reaction wasnt slow, and he immediately turned around and slammed his fist towards Yang Yes fist.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye pulled his fist back, and then he slammed it forward once more.

A terrifying wave of energy surged out from his fist as it shot forward!

The Brink Laws!

The centipedes face changed slightly when he sensed that the strength within Yang Yes fist had suddenly increased, but he couldnt withdraw his attack now.

If he did, then he would definitely suffer the brunt of Yang Yes punch.

He had no choice but to go head-on against it.


An explosion resounded from the collision of their fists, and the centipedes entire arm shook violently while his body was blasted away.

His figure flew for over 1km before he finally stopped himself.

As soon as he did, Yang Ye had appeared in front of him again, and Yang Yes fist slammed down at him again!

The Brink Laws!

This punch was executed using the Brink Laws again!

The centipedes pupils constricted slightly.

He wanted to dodge, but he couldnt accomplish it at all.

Because the aura in Yang Yes fist had enveloped him and coupled with the fact that hed lost the initiative, he had no choice but to go head-on against Yang Yes attack!

The centipede slammed his fist forward against Yang Yes fist.



The centipedes entire arm was twisted into aV shape, and his figure was blasted almost 2km away.

This time, Yang Ye didnt follow up with another attack, because even he couldnt really endure utilizing his physical strength at its brink, twice in succession.

Especially his body, his entire body felt sore and numb.

After he swallowed a few violet crystals, Yang Ye started to circulate his violet profound energy into his limbs and bones, and his body was gradually restored.

Meanwhile, the centipede glanced at his hand which was practically broken, and his face was unsightly to the extreme.

Hed never imagined that he would be injured by a human one day! Moreover, that human was just a Quasi Emperor! The most humiliating part to him was that the human had actually accomplished that with physical strength!

A peak Voider Realm expert like him had actually been injured by the physical strength of a human at the Quasi Emperor Realm!

The centipede took a deep breath, and then he twisted his right hand.

His entire arm instantly returned to normal.

After that, he started walking slowly in Yang Yes direction.

As he moved, an imposing aura swept out in waves towards Yang Ye.

Yang Yes eyes narrowed slightly, and he slowly clenched his fists.


The centipede suddenly transformed back into his true form.

Yang Yes eyelids twitched because he noticed that all the legs which hed cut off the other day had been completely restored!

Self restorative abilities!

The centipede had the ability to heal himself as well!

Meanwhile, the centipede suddenly spun his body, and his legs curled up in layers.

In the end, only his head remained outside.

He seemed like a python.

“Human! Die!” As soon as he spoke, his huge tail swept horizontally at Yang Ye, and even space cracked apart in its wake!

Yang Yes eyelids twitched.

When all these legs attacked at once, it was like 10,000 ropes being tied together, and their strength didnt just simply multiply! Yang Ye didnt dare act carelessly, and he immediately made the Phantom Shield appear before him.


When the huge tail struck the Phantom Shield, Yang Yes figure was blasted flying along with the shield, and he flew for over 3km before finally crashing against the ground.


Yang Ye had just stood up when a mouthful of blood sprayed out from between his lips.

Meanwhile, his expression changed once more.

Because he saw the tail sweeping towards him again.

Yang Yes eyes narrowed slightly.

He clenched his right fist tightly and slammed it forward!

The Brink Laws!

Yang Yes fist which carried powerful energy within it smashed against the tail!



The centipedes tail was blasted away while Yang Ye was blasted away again, and he spat out a few mouthfuls of blood in midair.

Meanwhile, the centipede moved his body again, and his tail swept back towards Yang Ye.

A wisp of ferocity flashed through Yang Yes eyes as he flipped his palm, and the ancient sheath with sword in it appeared in his grasp.

A moment later, he drew it!

300 overlapped Heavenrends!

After he attained the Quasi Emperor Realm and Epoch Realm, his strength had improved immensely, so he could execute 300 overlapped Heavenrends with ease!

A ray of sword energy flashed.


The tail that was sweeping towards Yang Ye was instantly sliced into two!

“AHHH!” A shrill cry resounded from the centipede, and he gazed at Yang Ye with horror, “You… you actually dared to use your sword!” This place was a restricted area to sword cultivators, and all sword cultivators who used the sword here would suffer the attacks of that mysterious expert.

He hadnt expected that Yang Ye actually dared to utilize his sword here!

The black ape and Yun Banqing who were on the Void Cloud Shuttle in the distance had extremely unsightly expressions on their faces as well.

They hadnt imagined that Yang Ye would have actually used the sword.

Especially the black ape because he still felt horrified when he thought about that mysterious finger from the other day.

Suddenly, the sky shook violently, and it didnt take long for it to seem like something had cut open the sky.

A huge spatial rift was instantly torn open before a finger emerged from within it.

As soon as the finger emerged, a terrifying aura of destruction rained down from the sky, and it was quite suffocating.

The centipedes expression changed drastically at the sight of this, and he moved backwards repeatedly.

While he hadnt fought that mysterious expert, was it even necessary Could he defeat an expert that could destroy the entire Sword Gods Palace The answer was definitely no! Even though he was confident, he was not conceited.

He was definitely incapable of resisting such an expert.

So, hed moved backward decisively.

Suddenly, Yang Ye transformed into a ray of light that chased after him.

Yang Ye didnt attack and just followed the centipede.

The centipede was horrified and roared with fury, “Human! Fuck off!” He didnt want to go against that mysterious expert!

But Yang Ye was like a ghost that just refused to leave and followed the centipede closely, causing the centipede to be both terrified and furious.

He ceaselessly attacked Yang Ye with his legs, but Yang Ye was like a slippery eel that kept dodging him, causing his attacks to fail.

The corners of the black apes mouth twitched.

Obviously, Yang Ye was playing the same trick.

Yang Ye had done the same to him that day, and it had almost caused his death.

But at this moment, the finger in the sky suddenly vanished as if it vanished into thin air.

Everyone here was stunned.

Yang Ye was stunned as well.

Meanwhile, the centipede in front of him started to tremble, and there was terror in the centipedes eyes.

Yang Ye gazed at the black ape and Yun Banqing.

At this moment, their eyes were filled with terror as well.

Yang Ye frowned.

Meanwhile, Yun Banqing suddenly stretched out her hand and pointed behind him.

Her hand was shivering.

Yang Ye was puzzled.

Suddenly, a hand fell on his shoulder.


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