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Yang Ye had thought of that, and hed done so.

But the facts were that the old mans speed far surpassed his own, so he couldnt escape at all.

If he tried to continue fleeing, then he would only be wasting his time and energy.

So, after his plan to buy time had failed, he decisively chose to fight!

Thus, Yang Ye had immediately executed Death by a Thought.

However, he hadnt put all his strength in it and merely enhanced it with the sword wings and Laws of Speed.

Even then, when it was coupled with Death by a Thoughts inherent speed, his speed had arrived at a terrifying level.

Everywhere he passed, even space was instantly torn apart and the spatial tear was spreading swiftly towards the surroundings.

A huge spatial rift that seemed like a river gad appeared in the sky!

As for Yang Yes own body, it had started to be torn apart as well.

But it wasnt that bad, and it was within the scope of his endurance.

It was swift to the extreme.

However, right when the tip of his sword was about to pierce through Ku Rongs skin, it couldnt move an inch further.

Because Ku Rongs fingers had clamped down on Yang Yes intent sword!

A wisp of ferocity flashed through Yang Yes eyes, “Pierce!”

Yang Ye grabbed the intent sword with both hands and spun it.


Ku Rongs figure was blasted backwards, but Yang Yes intent sword wasnt able to move an inch further.

“That attack of yours wasnt bad, and your plan wasnt bad as well.

Youve injured me, but its far from sufficient to kill me!” As soon as he finished speaking, the intent sword in Yang Yes grasp shattered, and then Ku Rong slammed his palm against Yang Yes chest.


Yang Ye spat out a mouthful of blood before flying backwards with Ye Miaozhu on his back, and they flew over 5km away.

As for Ye Miaozhu, the impact made her spit out a mouthful of blood as well.

After he stopped his figure, Yang Ye glanced at his chest which had sunken down, and his expression was extremely serious.

At this moment, he finally realized how terrifying the strength of Quasi Emperors were!

“Your cultivation of the body isnt bad.

Youve really surprised me quite a bit!” As soon as Ku Rong finished speaking, he instantly appeared before Yang Ye.

Yang Yes expression changed, and then he swung his sword with extreme haste.


At the moment his sword swung down, Yang Ye felt mincing pain come from his stomach, and then his figure was blasted flying again.

This time, he hadnt even been able to see how the old man attacked!

Meanwhile, Ye Miaozhu suddenly spoke from behind him, “100 breaths of time.

Well be saved in 100 breaths of time!”

“Even 10 breaths of time are a problem!” Yang Ye laughed bitterly.

Meanwhile, Ku Rong took a step forward and instantly appeared in front of Yang Ye.

Yang Yes expression changed and immediately tossed Ye Miaozhu away.

After that, a pillar of blood shot into the air.

At the same time, a terrifying ray of bloody light surged out from within him and instantly pushed Ku Rong away.

“An Emperor Rank sword And its even a sword of slaughter!” A wisp of surprise flashed through Ku Rongs eyes, “You are actually able to suppress such a sword.

What formidable willpower! That sword is fill with the intent to slaughter and do evil, so I presume you arent a good person as well, kid.

If youre willing to swear on your soul that youll join my Evil Face and pledge your loyalty to my Evil Faction, then Ill spare you today.


“Slash!” Yang Ye didnt waste his breath at all.

His figure immediately flashed and swung a ray of blood red light at Ku Rong.

If it was before this, he would definitely start talking nonsense with Ku Rong, but while his mind was still clear now, it was filled with the intent to kill.

All he wanted to do right now was kill.

When he had Heavens Gravestone in his grasp and enhanced it with Void Rank swords intent and slaughter intent, Yang Yes strength had instantly multiplied numerous times.

Ku Rongs eyes narrowed when he saw Yang Ye attack, and he twisted his right palm lightly, causing a ray of white light to immediately appear on it.

A moment later, he slapped his palm at Yang Ye.


The sword and palm collided, and the entire sky instantly started trembling.

A wave of white energy and blood red energy swept out swiftly towards the surroundings, and it instantly covered the entire sky.

Blood red sword energy shot into the sky from amidst the wave of energy!

It didnt take long for the wave of energy in the sky to be torn apart and transformed into powder.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye and Ku Rong appeared within Ye Miaozhus field of vision.

She instantly frowned when she saw them because Yang Ye was clearly in a disadvantaged state!

At this moment, even though Yang Ye was using Heavens Gravestone, the gap between their cultivations was truly too huge.

Moreover, his skill in combat was extremely inferior to Ku Rong.

If he wasnt relying on Heavens Gravestone and his 2 types of Void Rank intent, he would have lost a long time ago.

It was only because of them that hed been barely able to fight Ku Rong.

Ye Miaozhu pondered deeply for an instant, and then her figure shot towards Ku Rong.

When she arrived around 10m away from Ku Rong, a few hundred rays of green sword energy suddenly surged out from within him and shot towards Ku Rong.

Once the green sword energy arrived before Ku Rong, they suddenly shook before instantly merging into a huge green sword.

After that, the huge green swords speed rose explosively and instantly appeared behind Ku Rong.

Ku Rongs eyes narrowed slightly when he sensed the huge sword assault him while he was still fighting Yang Ye, and he swiftly slapped his palms towards his sides.


2 rays of white light swiftly swept out from his palms and instantly blasted both Yang Ye and Ye Miaozhu away.

Yang Ye was in a comparatively better state.

As soon as hed been blasted away, he transformed into a ray of blood red light that shot towards Ku Rong.

But Ye Miaozhu immediately lost her ability to fight once she was blasted flying.

After all, she was heavily injured, and attacking just now had caused her injuries to worsen.

Now that shes been blasted away by Ku Rong, and it was obvious how terrible her current state was.

Actually, the state Yang Ye was in wasnt much better.

Ku Rongs strength was entirely sufficient to pierce through his defenses, so he was covered in injuries as well.

Yang Ye felt quite aggrieved because this entire incident had nothing to do with him.

But hed offended a Quasi Emperor for merely traveling on the same shuttle as Ye Miaozhu, and that Quasi Emperor even intended to kill him to keep him quiet.

It could be said that hed really been dragged into this battle because of bad luck, but he had no choice but to fight it!

“10 breaths of time!” Suddenly, Ye Miaozhus voice resounded.


Meanwhile, Yang Ye was blasted away again, but just like before, his body had been able to endure it by force.

“If it were any other ordinary Half-Saint, just one attack of mine would have blasted him into pieces.

Yet you are able to persist after suffering so many attacks from me.

Your body has arrived at the Divine Fortitude Realm!” As he spoke, Ku Rong was about to attack.

Suddenly, his expression changed, and he turned around.

A ray of light had suddenly torn its way out of the space behind him, and the scene of this caused Ku Rongs expression to change again and swiftly slap his palm towards it.


An explosion resounded, and then Ku Rong was pushed over 500m back.

Ku Rong glanced at his palm.

At this moment, a hole had appeared at the center of his palm, and it caused his eyes to narrow slightly.

A moment later, his figure shot explosively towards Ye Miaozhu.

When he witnessed this scene, Yang Ye didnt hesitate to stomp his foot against the space beneath him, and his figure transformed into a blood red ray of light that shot forward explosively and instantly arrived in front of Ku Rong.

“Fuck off!” Ku Rong roared furiously as he clenched his right hand into a fist, and then he smashed it forward.


The sword and fist collided, and the space around them instantly collapsed.

However, it merely took an instant for the space there to be restored.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye spat out a mouthful of blood as his figure transformed into a ray of blood red light as he flew backwards.

But it only took a moment for him to grab Heavens Gravestone with both hands and swing it forcefully at Ku Rong.

This caused Ku Rongs expression to become ferocious!

“Die!” As soon as he spoke, Ku Rong was about to attack.

However, his pupils suddenly constricted, and he didnt hesitate to flash away and appear 3km away.

Yang Ye had stopped as well.

The space throughout the area in front of him had started to tremble, and it seemed like something was about to emerge from within it.

“As expected of the 10th on the Martial Rankings!” Suddenly, Ku Rongs voice resounded.

Yang Ye turned around to gaze at Ku Rong, and Ku Rongs gaze was on him as well, “Ill remember you!”

Ku Rongs figure shook and vanished on the spot.

At the exact moment that Ku Rong vanished, a ray of light suddenly tore through space and appeared where hed been standing.

Even though it was a little late, Yang Ye was astounded to watch it actually slice through the space there and enter the spatial rift.


An explosion resounded over 10,000km away.

Yang Yes eyes narrowed slightly.

Suddenly, he turned around, and there was a man not too far away from him.

The man wore an ink black robe, and he wore a black felt hat.

His icy cold and proud eyes seemed like they saw nothing before them, and his deep eyes were filled with a calm expression.

.There was a black sword hanging on his waist.

The sword was around 1m long, and there was a short piece of black string tied to the hilt.

There was a tiny pocket-sized sword at the end of the string.

The mans gaze descended onto Yang Ye, and a short while passed before he frowned, “A sword of slaughter”

Yang Ye flipped his palm, and the blood red sword started to become faint.

At the same time, boundless slaughter intent started to surge back into him while his body started to slowly return to normal.

In next to no time, Yang Ye had returned to normal.

Meanwhile, Ye Miaozhu walked over towards them.

The man glanced at her, and there was a wisp of gentleness in his eyes, “Are you alright”

Ye Miaozhu nodded slightly, and then she gazed at Yang Ye, “It was all thanks to him!”

She flicked over a jade scroll while she spoke, “The Void Flash Sword Technique.

Its at the mid-grade of the Emperor Rank.

Once cultivated to its limits, youll be able to travel 250,000km in an instant.

If your profound energy is sufficient, then even Emperors wouldnt be able to catch up to you.

Of course, it contains endless secrets.

You can study it yourself in the future.”

The man frowned slightly when he witnessed this scene, but he didnt speak a word.


Yang Yes eyelids twitched.

What did that represent It represented that so long as he possessed sufficient profound energy, Quasi Emperors wouldnt even be able to see his shadow.

Yang Ye didnt refuse it and took it immediately,Thank you!”

“Its I who should be thanking you!” Ye Miaozhu nodded lightly, and then she gazed at the man, “Is my life only worth a single Emperor Rank technique”

The man pondered deeply for a moment, and then he flicked a black talisman to Yang Ye, “Activate it if you encounter trouble.

Ill definitely be there within 15 minutes, and I wont refuse if its within the scope of my ability.”

Yang Ye glanced at the black talisman in his grasp and didnt refuse it.

Meanwhile, Ye Miaozhu spoke, “If youre free, then youre welcome to come visit Apex City.”

Yang Ye replied, “Of course!”

Ye Miaozhu nodded lightly, and then both of them vanished on the spot.

Once Ye Miaozhu and the man left, Yang Ye pondered deeply for a short while before his expression suddenly changed, “Thousand Crane Dimension!”


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