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Xiao Yuxi stared fixedly at Yang Ye, and there was a sheathed saber in her grasp.

Yang Ye gazed at her in silence.

They just gazed at each other for a while before Xiao Yuxi spoke solemnly, “Who are you!”

Yang Ye replied, “Youre my wife, so who do you think I am”

“Do you want to die” Xiao Yuxis eyes narrowed slightly.

Yang Ye took a deep breath, walked over to Xiao Yuxi, and said, “Do you remember the past”

She gazed at him for a long time and said, “I dont!”

A wisp of pain flashed through Yang Yes eyes, “Something definitely happened to you.

Yuxi, Im sorry, I really shouldnt have let you leave that day.”


Xiao Yuxis saber suddenly left its sheath, and then a saber was pressed against Yang Yes throat.

She gazed coldly at him and said, “Let me repeat it again.

I dont know you!”

Yang Ye looked her straight in the eyes, “Then tell me why I know all those secrets about you”

Xiao Yuxis eyes had killing intent in them, “Thats exactly what I want to know!”

“Since you dont remember the past, then allow me to tell you.

You were my wife.”

As soon as Yang Ye finished speaking, Xiao Yuxi suddenly swung her saber.


Yang Ye took a few steps back, and there was a red mark on his throat.

A wisp of shock flashed through her eyes when she saw that her saber hadnt been able to pierce through Yang Yes skin.

Obviously, she hadnt expected his physical defenses to actually be that strong.

Yang Ye touched the red mark on his throat and said, “I never imagined that you would try to kill me one day.

But I dont blame you.

Dont worry, Ill help you recover your memories.”

“Im afraid you wont have the chance to do that!” Suddenly, a voice resounded.

Yang Ye recognized that voice because it belonged to that elder from before, Lin Yueyin.

Yang Ye walked out of the room.

Lin Yueyin was looking coldly at him, and there were 3 other women by her side.

Lin Yueyin spoke coldly, “Your boldness exceeds my expectations.

I never expected you to chase us all the way here.”

Yang Ye said, “Can we talk properly”

“Are you even worthy” Lin Yueyin spoke with disdain, “Let me tell you that someone is already pursuing Yuxi, and thats Mo Yuntian.

Do you know who Mo Yuntian is Hes a peerless genius whos ranked at the 35th position on the Martial Rankings.

What about you Who do you think you are What right do you have to pursue Yuxi Can you know your own limitations”

Yang Ye replied, “Im very happy that youre so protective of her.

But this is between us, so can you let us deal with it ourselves”

“Yuxis business is my Thousand Crane Sects business!” Lin Yueyin spoke coldly, “Shell belong to Mo Yuntian soon.

No one can change that!”

Yang Yes eyes narrowed slightly, “I dont really like hearing what you just said!”

“So what” Lin Yueyin spoke with disdain, “A mere Half-Saint like you….”

“Elder Lin!” Suddenly, Xiao Yuxi interrupted Lin Yueyin and said, “This is between us.

Let us deal with it ourselves!”

Yang Ye glanced at Xiao Yuxi, and then he slowly relaxed his hand.

“Yuxi!” Lin Yueyins face fell, “I dont know who he is, and I dont want to know.

All I want to tell you is that the union between you and Mo Yuntian isnt just related to you, its related to our Thousand Crane Sect as well.

Besides that, Young Master Mo is passionate about you, so wouldnt he be hurt if he finds out that you were with another man”

“He would be hurt” Yang Ye chuckled, “What the ** does this have to do with him”

“I dont know where youre getting such confidence from to speak so arrogantly!” Lin Yueyin gazed at Yang Ye and said, “But you must realize that youre weaker than an ant when compared to him!”

Meanwhile, Lin Yueyin suddenly gazed at Lin Yueyin, “Elder Lin, I told you that this is between us! Do I not have the right to deal with my own personal matters”

Lin Yueyin glanced at her and grunted coldly, “I hope you have some self-respect!” She glanced coldly at Yang Ye before leading the 3 women away with her.

Once Lin Yueyin left, Yang Ye gazed at Xiao Yuxi and said, “If it were in the past, you would have swung your saber at her for speaking like that to me!”

Xiao Yuxi said, “I really dont recognize you!”

“Thats because you lose your memories!” Yang Ye continued, “Once Im done here at White Deer Academy, Ill find a way to recover your memories! Besides that, you dont seem to be being treated well in that Thousand Crane Sect!”

Xiao Yuxi replied, “Thats my own business!”

Yang Ye suddenly vanished on the spot, and he was in front of her when he appeared again.

Xiao Yuxi was about to retaliate when Yang Yes hands suddenly pressed down on her shoulders.

In an instant, she was unable to move a muscle.

Yang Ye gazed at her and said, “Yuxi, remember that your business is my business.

I know that its pointless to say this to you.

However, you must remember that Ill always be there for you.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye released her and vanished on the spot.

After he left Incense Pavilion, Yang Ye hadnt even gone far when a figure suddenly obstructed his path.

It was none other than Lin Yueyin.

Lin Yueyin spoke coldly, “I should have killed you in Sky Capital City!”

Yang Ye glanced at her, paid no attention to her, and walked around her.

Meanwhile, her figure obstructed his path again, “Dont….”

Her voice stopped abruptly because Yang Ye suddenly appeared in front of her.

Lin Yueyins expression changed slightly, and she was just about to attack.

However, a terrifying wave of intent suddenly pressed down upon her, causing her figure to stiffen momentarily, and it was exactly that moment which allowed a palm to strike her right cheek!


A resounding slap resounded through the silent night sky! Lin Yueyin was blasted flying, but she hadnt gone far when Yang Ye appeared in front of her again, and Lin Yueyin was still stunned as another slap struck her face.


Lin Yueyin was blasted flying again, and her figure finally stopped after flying almost 1km away.

But shed only just stopped when Yang Ye suddenly appeared in front of her again.

This time, she wasnt stunned as she had been, and she swiftly slapped her palm at Yang Ye when he appeared in front of her!

Yang Ye didnt dodge it and allowed her palm to strike his chest.


Her palm instantly shook upon striking Yang Yes chest, but Yang Ye didnt move at all.

Lin Yueyin was astounded.

Even though shed attacked in a hurry and hadnt been able to use her full strength, it wasnt weak to the extent of causing no harm.

Is this fellow a dragon

Meanwhile, at the instant that she was stunned, Yang Ye raised his hand and slapped her again.


A mouthful of blood sprayed from her mouth as her figure was blasted flying again.

In the end, she crashed heavily against the ground.

She was just about to stand up when Yang Ye appeared in front of her again, and then he stomped her stomach, causing another mouthful of blood to spray from her mouth.

Lin Yueyin gazed at Yang Ye with astonishment.

A Saint like me is actually being crushed by a Half-Saint

Yang Ye looked down at Lin Yueyin, and then he raised his right hand again.

Lin Yueyins expression changed, and she instinctively moved her head to the side.

However, after waiting for a short while, Yang Yes palm still hadnt struck her at all.

A short while passed before she turned her head again to look at Yang Ye, and she spoke furiously, “How dare you play tricks on me!”


Yang Ye slapped her again, “You say Im playing tricks on you if I dont hit you.

Since its like that, then I have no choice but to slap you so that you dont say Im playing tricks on you!”


Another mouthful of blood sprayed out from her mouth.

No one knew if it was because of her injury or anger.

Yang Ye looked down at her and said, “I wanted to talk properly with you, but you seemed to be unwilling.

So, can we talk properly now”

Lin Yueyin stared fixedly at Yang Ye in silence.

“Can we!” Yang Ye suddenly howled furiously.

Lin Yueyins delicate figure trembled as she gazed at the ferocious expression on Yang Yes face, and she instinctively nodded.

“Isnt that better” Yang Ye continued, “I intended to speak nicely to you, but you just had to refuse and force me to use such methods against you.

Alright, its fine so long as you like it.

Now, let me ask you a few questions.

I hope youll answer them truthfully.

If you dare to lie to me, then Ill tear off your clothes and hang you outside the city gates.

Right, Ill keep you alive, but you might want to die by then!”

Lin Yueyins expression changed drastically, and there was terror in her eyes.

Yang Ye asked, “How did Xiao Yuxi get to Thousand Crane Sect”

Lin Yueyin hesitated for a moment before she said, “It was Martial Aunt Ding Lin who brought her! As for everything else, I know nothing!”

Yang Ye asked, “Why has she lost her memories”

Lin Yueyin shook her head, “Martial Aunt Ding Lin should know the reason.

You can ask her!”

Yang Ye fell silent.

He knew that Lin Yueyin was probably not lying, and she didnt dare to do so as well.

Ding Lin Yang Yes eyes narrowed slightly.

I have no choice but to look for her if I want to find out why Yuxi has lost her memories.

Yang Ye lowered his head to gaze at Lin Yueyin again, “In the future, let Yuxi deal with her own business, and dont be a busybody anymore.


She just gazed silently at him.

“Did you hear me” Yang Yes voice grew slightly louder, and Lin Yueyin hurriedly nodded.

Yang Ye slapped Lin Yueyins swollen face lightly, and then he turned around and look towards the side, “Ill give you face!” As he spoke, Yang Ye released Lin Yueyin and left.

Xiao Yuxi would definitely be put in a bad situation if he killed Lin Yueyin.

The important matter at hand for him was to deal with the matters at White Deer Academy.

Once Yang Ye left, Xiao Yuxi appeared in front of Lin Yueyin, and she glanced at Lin Yueyin before turning around and leaving.

Lin Yueyin stretched out her hand to touch her swollen face, and she had a furious expression on her face while resentment filled her eyes, “No matter who you are, Ill definitely….”

Suddenly, Yang Ye appeared in front of her, and he gazed at her and said, “Youll definitely what”

Lin Yueyin was at a loss for words.


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