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Xuan Ming didnt attack directly, and he just gazed coldly at Yang Ye and Qingxue.

He wasnt a brainless fellow, and this young man before him didnt seem to be a brainless fellow as well.

Since this young man dared to allow him to annihilate those members of Martial Future Academy and Brightmoon Sect, then the young man definitely possessed some sort of trump card.

When he thought up to here, a wisp of hesitation flashed in Xuan Mings eyes.

After a short while, he took a deep breath and suppressed the killing intent in his heart before he said, “Lets go!”

The other two disciples by his side were stunned, and one of them was puzzled and asked.

“Senior Brother, theres only two of them.

The three of us are entirely capable of dealing with them.

Why should we leave”

The other disciple frowned and said, “Senior Brother Xuan Ming, you ought to be clearly aware that if news of this matter were to spread, then the consequences we faced would probably be bad!”

Xuan Ming shook his head and said in a low voice, “Im unable to see through this person.

Since he dared to stand there and watch as we killed those members of Martial Future Academy and Brightmoon Sect, then he definitely has something to rely on.

We cant be careless when facing him.

Moreover, the Earth Bear King is still there at the side.

Even though I dont know why the Earth Bear King isnt attacking us now, can anyone guarantee that it would still sit there quietly while we fought”

“But, the Martial Future Academy….”

Xuan Ming laughed coldly and said, “The members of Brightmoon Sect and Martial Future Academy have already died.

As for what happened here, wouldnt the story be at our mercy once we arrive at the outside world Would everyone believe their Sword Sect, or would they believe our Origin School Its fine even if they dont believe us because so long as they dont have any proof, would anyone dare to come to the Origin School and denounce us”

The other two disciples by Xuan Mings side thought for a moment before they nodded, and then they gave up completely on dealing with Yang Ye and Qingxue.

Xuan Ming glanced deeply at Yang Ye and Qingxue, and then he turned around and led the two others away.

Yang Ye and Qingxue were stunned, and then Yang Ye said with an astounded tone, “Theyre leaving just like that They arent going to silence us”

He was already prepared to let out the two nether wolves to deal with these three people.

Even though it would expose the nether wolves, he had no other choice.

He truly didnt want to allow these three scourges to leave the Grand Myriad Mountains.

However, hed never expected that they would just glance at him and Qingxue before turning around and leaving!

Qingxue heaved a sigh of relief in her heart, and then she rolled her eyes at Yang Ye.

This fellow seems to really hope that they come to kill him.

She said, “I presume theyre afraid of something.

Its good that theyve left, at least we can avoid fighting them to the death.”

Yang Ye frowned.

He wouldnt allow them to leave because they would probably blame the deaths of those disciples from Brightmoon Sect and Martial Future Academy on him and Qingxue instead.

Right when Yang Ye intended to make a move, the ground suddenly trembled.

Yang Ye swiftly turned around and noticed the Earth Bear King had suddenly leaped up, and its figure pressed down upon Xuan Ming and the others whod already moved over 30m away.

When Xuan Mings group of three turned around and noticed that the Earth Bear King had launched an attack against them, their expressions turned grim.

Never had they imagined that the Earth Bear King would actually launch an attack against them.

They didnt have the time to give it any thought before the three of them hurriedly retaliated.

All sorts of gorgeous techniques surged out desperately from their bodies.

When facing their techniques that possessed extraordinary might, the Earth Bear King merely swung its paw down in a simple manner, and all the techniques instantly dispersed before it.

Xuan Mings expression turned grim when he saw this, and he said with astonishment, “Shit, it was concealing its strength just now.

Its a peak King Rank Darkbeast! Lets split up and flee!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he disregarded the other two disciples by his side, and he executed the Origin Schools movement technique and flashed rapidly towards the distance.

The reactions of the other two disciples by his side werent slow as well, and they similarly executed their movement techniques and fled towards different directions at the same time that Xuan Ming fled.

Yang Yes heart sank when he saw this scene because he didnt want the three of them to escape successfully.

Yang Ye looked at the Earth Bear King yet noticed that it had no intention to pursue them, and this caused him to frown at once.

Right when he was about to make a move, the Earth Bear King raised its front paws up slowly.

Under the astounded gazes of Yang Ye and Qingxue, the Earth Bear King suddenly slapped its paws down towards the ground!


An enormous world shaking bang resounded in the forge.

At this moment, the entire earth quaked!

The force of this paw strike caused an incomprehensible force to suddenly surge towards Yang Ye.

Yang Ye was caught off guard by this force, and the assault of this incomprehensible force caused Yang Ye to feel a wave of dizziness.

However, in just an instant, Yang Ye hurriedly executed his Sword Intent and destroyed that incomprehensible force that assaulted him.

After that, Yang Ye turned around to look at Qingxue.

At this moment, Qingxues countenance was ghastly pale while her brows were knit together tightly.

She seemed to be enduring some sort of unbearable pain.

Yang Ye didnt hesitate to hold Qingxues hand and pull her closed to himself, and then his Sword Intent spread towards Qingxue through her hand and eliminated that incomprehensible force within her.

Qingxues tightly knit brows relaxed.

After a long time, she opened her eyes, and she was slightly muddled.

After that, she seemed to have noticed something, and she lowered her head to have a look.

When she saw Yang Yes hand was holding her hand, her face suddenly flushed red while she hurriedly struggled free from his grasp.

Yang Yes heart rested at ease when he saw Qingxue was fine, and then he turned around to look at the Earth Bear King.

However, when he saw the scene on the battlefield, Yang Yes expression instantly became heavy.

At this moment, there were three corpses lying by the Earth Bear Kings side, and those three corpses belonged to those three disciples from the Origin School!

“Little Fellow, was that technique the Earth Bear King executed just now an Innate Ability” Yang Ye turned his head over as he asked the violet mink on his shoulder.

Even though Yang Ye was slightly puzzled by the violet minks ability to avoid being affected by that force from before, he was still able to accept it.

At any rate, he knew the violet mink was extremely formidable!

The violet mink nodded, and then it rubbed Yang Yes head with its little claws.

It seemed as if it was saying.

‘Dont worry, you have me!

Yang Yes face darkened when he noticed what the violet mink meant, yet his heart felt warm.

He patted the little fellow on the head and was just about to say something when the ground suddenly trembled once more.

Yang Yes expression changed, and he turned around to look at the Earth Bear King.

Fortunately, the Earth Bear King didnt attack, and it just walked over to Yang Ye and Qingxue.

Qingxues expression changed when she saw the Earth Bear King walk over, and she subconsciously moved closer to Yang Ye.

Now, she finally understood how stupid their actions of coming to hunt and kill the Earth Bear King was.

They werent hunting, and they were actually courting death instead!

The Earth Bear King disregarded Yang Ye and Qingxue, and its gaze descended onto the violet mink while a wisp of a puzzled and fearful expression flashed in the depths of its eyes.

The violet mink followed Yang Yes instructions and headed over to convey the reason for their arrival to the Earth Bear King.

While the violet mink communicated with the Earth Bear King, Yang Ye hurriedly gathered the spatial rings on those corpses.

After that, he pulled Qingxue to the side and passed a spatial ring to her before he said, “There are 3,000 Energy Stones, over 100 medicinal pills of various types, and a few mid-grade talismans within this spatial ring.

All of this is sufficient for you to cultivate for a year.

Return to the sect now, and dont come to the Grand Myriad Mountains in the future.

Even if you do come to the Grand Myriad Mountains, dont enter Death Mountain Range, and tell the others in the Sword Sect to not come here as well.


Qingxue didnt take the spatial ring from him, and she asked instead.

“Are you not going to return with me”

Looks like the incident between me and the Sword Sect have been concealed by the higher-ups of the sect.

Right, how could the Sword Sect spread the news about such a humiliating incident Yang Ye shook his head and said, “I wont be returning to the sect for now.

Leave quickly right now.

The Earth Bear King wont make a move against you!”

Qingxue was stunned.

She turned around to look at the violet mink and the Earth Bear King in the distance, and then she seemed to have understood something.

She immediately said, “You take care of yourself!”

As soon as she finished speaking, she took the spatial ring in Yang Yes hand, and then she turned around and walked towards the entrance of the gorge.

After she took a few steps, she stopped once more, and then she turned around and looked at Yang Ye as she said, “Yang Ye, thank you!”

Once she said this, she didnt stop again, and it wasnt long before she vanished at the entrance of the gorge.

Yang Ye laughed soundlessly, and then he turned around and walked over to the Earth Bear King.

As he looked at this huge beast before him, Yang Yes eyes burned with desire.

If this fellow is willing to follow by my side, then unless a Spirit Realm expert makes an appearance, would anyone be able to go against meHowever, its probably very difficult to make this fellow submit to me.

This Earth Bear Kings strength is truly not just a little bit stronger than the Nether Wolf King!

This time, the violet mink didnt utilize the pressure it emanated to deal with the Earth Bear King.

In the Grand Myriad Mountains, the strong deserved respect.

Even though the Earth Bear King didnt have the qualifications to make the violet mink respect it, it still couldnt treat the Earth Bear King in the same way that it had treated the Nether Wolf King.

In next to no time, the Earth Bear Kings gaze descended onto Yang Ye, and then it shook its head after a long time.

It seemed to be afraid that the violet mink would misunderstand, so it started to communicate with the violet mink again.

Obviously, it was giving the violet mink an explanation.

After around an hour passed, the violet mink flashed over to Yang Ye, and then it shrugged and revealed a helpless expression.

Yang Ye frowned when he saw this.

The little fellow gave up on subduing this big fellow Logically speaking, this should be impossible.

Fortunately, the little fellow quickly started giving him an explanation.


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