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Qin Sheng rejected without thinking, “I dont need it.”

Old Master Qin was not willing to give up just like that.

“Sheng Sheng, think about it carefully.

Theres no rush.”

His tone was quite amiable.

Although Qin Sheng rejected him, he did not feel that Qin Sheng did not know what was good for her.

On the contrary, he felt that Qin Sheng was very straightforward and was not a person who was greedy for vanity.

The Qin family was the number one wealthy family in China.

If it were any other girl, she would definitely agree without a second thought when she heard that the Qin family wanted to treat her as their granddaughter.

Qin Sheng was still holding Fu Hanchuans arm.

The two of them were very close and looked extremely intimate.

Old Master Qin had already treated Qin Sheng as his granddaughter.

He looked at the actions of the two of them and found them extremely annoying.

He mumbled, “Even though theyre boyfriend and girlfriend, they cant be so close in public.

This Fu Hanchuan doesnt know his limits at all.”

Of course, his voice was very soft.

Old Master Qin naturally knew that there was nothing wrong with their actions.

He just felt uncomfortable and complained for a while.

Qin Sheng didnt notice them.

Fu Hanchuan listened to Old Master Qins words.

He had a headache.

Why did everyone not want him to be with Qin Sheng


They even came to snatch Qin Sheng away from him.

Fu Hanchuan felt suffocated.

He wanted to go over and register with Qin Sheng immediately so that he could keep Qin Sheng by his side.

But he couldnt do it now.

Qin Sheng wasnt old enough yet.

He could only keep an eye on Qin Sheng for the remaining two years.

The guests nearby noticed the commotion.

They were dumbfounded.

“The Qin family wants to treat Qin Sheng as their granddaughter”

“Didnt the Qin family look down on adopted children There were many people who sent their daughters to the Qin family before, but they were all rejected.”

“What kind of magic does this Qin Sheng have”

“If the Qin family, Lin family, and Lu family were to join forces, wouldnt it be like ascending to heaven”


They also understood more clearly that they could not provoke Qin Sheng.

Just the Lin family alone was already too much for them to handle.

If the Qin family and Lu family were to join forces to deal with their company, they simply could not handle it.

After thinking it through, the few of them shut their mouths one after another.

The hotel was silent for a moment.

The banquet was about to begin, but Old Master Qin did not persuade Qin Sheng for the time being.

Everyone sent gifts to Qin Sheng.

There were jewelry, antiques, and other things.

Lin Haocheng gave Qin Sheng three sets of jewelry, and Lin Haoyu gave Qin Sheng a few more houses.

Ye Yutong looked at Qin Sheng who was surrounded in the middle from afar.

She held her hands by her side, her eyes filled with jealousy.

Why was Qin Shengs life so good

Father Ye was very curious about Ye Yutongs reaction.

“Yutong, didnt you say that you were going to get to know Qin Sheng”

Ye Yutong gritted her teeth and said, “Dad, I know her.”

“You know her” Father Ye frowned.

Ye Yutong pointed at Fu Hanchuan.

“The man next to her is the Fu Hanchuan that I told you about.”

Ye Yutong had mentioned Fu Hanchuan in front of Father Ye many times, so Father Ye naturally knew him.

“Fu Hanchuan” Father Ye frowned.

“Didnt the Fu family make an agreement with the Ye family to let you marry him Why is he with another woman”

Fu Hanchuan was the grandson of the Lu family.

Father Ye had taken a fancy to the Lu familys company, so he had agreed to let Ye Yutong be with him.

A few months ago, Ye Yutong also returned to H City to look for Fu Hanchuan.

Ye Yutong was extremely outstanding in all aspects.

Father Ye did not expect Fu Hanchuan to take a fancy to another woman.

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