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Thinking of this, they could not help but complain about Zhao Xiang.

“Doesnt Zhao Maotong often brag about his daughter He even said that she was ranked 20th in this college entrance exam.

If everything is good, then isnt she just creating rumors and trouble outside”

“It seems that we dont have to cooperate with the Zhao Corporation any more.

With such a daughter, I dont think Zhao Maotong will be any better.

One day, we wont even know that we were tricked by Zhao Maotong.”

“After we go back, I have to quickly withdraw my cooperation with the Zhao Corporation.

They have offended the Lin family, so the outcome wont be good.

We better not be implicated by them.”

“We just said bad things about the Lin familys granddaughter.

We can only hope that the Lin family wont pursue this matter.”

Father Zhao listened to some of their words.

Most of these people had companies under their names that worked with the Zhao Corporation.

He could already imagine that after the banquet ended, there would be a lot of companies coming to cancel the cooperation.

This was undoubtedly a very serious blow to the Zhao Corporation.

Zhao Xiang was still standing where she was.

It was obvious that she did not want to apologize.

Father Zhao was furious.

He raised his hand and slapped Zhao Xiang hard on the face.

Zhao Xiang was stunned.

Father Zhao usually indulged Zhao Xiang to the extreme.

He rarely scolded her, let alone hit her.

Zhao Xiang did not expect Father Zhao to do such a thing.

The pain on her face caused Zhao Xiangs tears to fall.

She covered half of her face and felt extremely wronged.

Her father actually hit her in front of so many people.

She could already feel the strange gazes of these people on her.

She felt a lump in her throat.

“Dad, you actually hit me!”

The moment Father Zhaos palm landed, he regretted it.

But now, he could not afford to be biased toward Zhao Xiang.

He darkened his face and said again, “Apologize immediately.”

Zhao Xiang bit her lip and struggled for a while before she slowly came to Qin Sheng.

Her voice was so soft that even Qin Sheng could not hear her.

“Qin Sheng, Mr.

Fu, Im sorry.”

Lin Haocheng jeered from the side.

“Did you apologize I didnt hear you.”

Zhao Xiang could only apologize again.

“Im sorry.”

Lin Haocheng picked his ears.

“Its still soft.

Sheng Sheng, did you hear that”

“No.” Qin Sheng shook her head seriously.

Fu Hanchuan had a doting look on his face.

It seemed that his little girl was teasing others again.

However, Fu Hanchuan did not think that Qin Sheng was evil.

Instead, he felt that… she was very cute.

Zhao Xiang glared at Qin Sheng angrily.

Qin Sheng could clearly hear her voice.

She could tell that Qin Sheng was purely trying to embarrass her.

Zhao Xiang did not speak for a long time.

Lin Haoyu stood out.

He looked at Father Zhao and frowned.

“President Zhao, this is your attitude”

Now, Lin Haoyu was in charge of all the affairs of the Lin Corporation.

Lin Haoyus methods in the business world were extremely ruthless.

Very few people dared to provoke him.

He was very tall.

At this moment, when he stood in front of Father Zhao, Father Zhao felt a strong sense of oppression that almost suffocated him.

Father Zhao did not dare to offend Lin Haoyu.

He glared at Zhao Xiang.

“Apologize immediately.”

Father Zhaos face was so dark that ink could drip from it.

Zhao Xiang knew that Father Zhao was completely enraged.

She gritted her teeth and bowed to Qin Sheng.

“Qin Sheng, Mr.

Fu, Im sorry.

Ive offended all of you.

Please forgive me.”

She lowered her voice, but her gaze was as if she wanted to kill Qin Sheng.

Qin Sheng curled her lips.

“I dont accept it.”

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