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Chapter 2538: Completion of Intent RealmTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

What person that had become a Heavenly Venerate was not an extraordinary genius that was rare to come by in eras and had walked their own path

The Sealed Emotion Heavenly Venerable was naturally like this as well.

This secret technique he had invented was called the Dragon Fish Technique.

The name was not very domineering, but it symbolized how a carp leapt over the dragons gate, and became a dragon from amortal1.

But the Heavenly Venerable Tier was already the supreme pinnacle, so with another leap over the dragons gate, just how great would their strength be by then


Just like how the Karmic Life Heavenly Venerable had created the Indestructible Heavens Scroll, this Dragon Fish Technique was a secret technique that belonged to the Sealed Emotion Heavenly Venerable.

The difference was that the Indestructible Heavens Scroll could be cultivated by a cultivator at different cultivation levels, but the Dragon Fish Technique could not.

It was true that there were differences in strength among Heavenly Venerates, but it did not mean that every Heavenly Venerate was a good teacher.

Once the Dragon Fish Technique was used, the Imperial Void Celestial Kings aura changed immediately.

His whole body was enshrouded in purple light, exuding a supreme air of dominance as he aggressively pounced out at Ling Han.

Clang, the heavenly tribulation also formed accordingly, striking down on Ling Han.

The problem was that the Imperial Void Celestial King wasnt the one who had attacked first.

In other words, at least in the process of this attack, the heaven and earth would not consider that it was the Imperial Void Celestial King that was interfering in Ling Hans tribulation, and thus would not target him.

In this moment, it was equivalent to having two great supreme elites targeting Ling Han at the same time.

This attack was too frightening.

With the Dragon Fish Technique boosting the Imperial Void Celestial King, his battle prowess had directly soared to the peak stage of the Fifth Heaven, and the heavenly tribulation this time was also extremely violent and wild, close to the height of the Sixth Heaven.

Ling Han laughed loudly, and was actually completely unconcerned.

He was still wielding a sword in one hand, with his other curled into a fist.

He had an invincible heart.

He struck out with the sword, meeting the Imperial Void Celestial Kings assault, while his left hand was still balled into a fist, punching out at the heavenly tribulation.


A loud bang rang out as Ling Han stumbled backwards a few steps.

Yet he was still laughing loudly.

His Intent Realm had actually become even more complete.

Wielding fist and sword at the same time, he only felt that he was fighting to his hearts content.

His Dao had finally formed a framework, and there was no flaw in the structure.

So what if it is a heavenly tribulation I am a world of my own, and I myself am the heaven and earth.

Ling Hans enlightenment did not cease.

His fist technique was presently advancing in the direction of consummate level, and it was the same for his sword art as well.

His Dao did not distinguish between fist or sword technique.

They were just a way in which he could display his power.

His Dao was founded on the fact that he had a heart to be invincible and willpower to pursue freedom, and formed his own Dao.

Boom, the heavenly tribulation raged wildly, but the Imperial Void Celestial King did not make any move, and merely retreated continuously.

He did not dare to rashly involve himself in the heavenly tribulation.

This heavenly tribulation was too frightening, causing a lingering fear to rise up even in him.

Once he, too, had to undergo the heavenly tribulation, would he still be able to disrupt Ling Han

However, though he retreated, Ling Han had no plans of letting him go.

Ling Han leaped out in pursuit, swinging the Divine Demon Sword in an endless series of attacks.

With every sword strike, he would suppress the Celestial Tool as well, thus allowing the Divine Demon Sword to slowly extract some essence, and “steal” the Divine Metal in the Ancient Bell of Qian in this manner.

This naturally was a very, very slow process, but it was effective.

However, the heavenly tribulation was really extremely frightening.

Ling Han sustained injuries, Celestial Blood spraying out.

This was the Flaming Frost Realm, after all.

The might of the heavenly tribulation was too overbearing, and even Ling Han felt troubled.

However, he did not retreat from this kind of Intent Realm, but rather strengthened his Dao as much as possible.

Though he could continue to complete it in the future, this was a sudden enlightenment for him this time, and advancement would undoubtedly be the fastest.

If he missed this chance, he could only proceed slow and steady in the future.

The forming of a cultivation technique would naturally be an extensive process.

The Imperial Void Celestial King was extremely depressed.

It was clearly Ling Han who was undergoing the heavenly tribulation, yet it was he instead that was being beaten down on.

How could there be such a person The heavenly tribulation was so wild and violent, and he was not undergoing it peacefully, but actually still had to divide his attention

Arent you afraid that the heavenly tribulation will strike you dead

Logically speaking, undergoing the heavenly tribulation was to be done cautiously, fearing that others would cause disturbance, and thus lead you to a path of no return.

As for Ling Han He took the initiative to attack others.

He was practically a weirdo.

The Imperial Void had lost his fighting spirit.

With the suppression of his cultivation level, there was nothing he could do against Ling Han.

What was the point of continuing the fight When they went out, he could suppress Ling Han with just a single movement, so what need was there for him to fight in such a strained fashion here

However, though he wanted to leave, Ling Han did not allow it.

True, Ling Han had not absorbed all of the essence of the Ancient Bell of Qian, so how could he be willing to let the Imperial Void Celestial King leave

After this time, would the Imperial Void Celestial King still agree to have a fair battle in the Nine Deaths Formation with Ling Han


Hence, if Ling Han wanted to extract the essence of Divine Metal from the Ancient Bell of Qian again, that would have to wait until Ling Han himself had become a Ninth Heaven Celestial King.

It would take too long.

“What are you running for Our battle hasnt finished yet!” Ling Han said.

The line of Sealed Emotion had gone too far.

It was rare to come across such a good opportunity, so he naturally would not let the Imperial Void Celestial King go.

The Imperial Void Celestial King was speechless.

He gritted his teeth, yet still made no move to attack.

He could not afford to trifle with this kind of heavenly tribulation.

What was more frightening The heavenly tribulation would not be affected by the Nine Deaths Formation, and what would be falling on him would definitely be of the Ninth Heaven, yet his cultivation level had been suppressed by the great formation, and was only limited to the Third Heaven.

Wasnt that just committing suicide

Precisely because he had thought of this, he was extremely determined not to ever make any move, and merely parried in defense.

He would bear it, and after bearing it for one day, he would go all out to break through the siege.

…In the Flaming Frost Realm, the heavenly tribulation would last for a day.

Ling Han knew this as well, and a slight smile appeared on his face.

If there was a days time, that would be enough for the Divine Demon Sword to “feast” to satisfaction.

A day passed, and the heavenly tribulation could only disperse helplessly.

No matter the dimension, there were rules that had to be adhered to.

This was unlike Hysteria, which had transformed into a dimension itself, and could simply act willfully.

“Ah!” The Imperial Void Celestial King burst out once more.

Using the Dragon Fish Technique, he went all out to break through the siege.

At this point, even Ling Han could not block him.

After all, the other party was one of the strongest Celestial Kings in the history of the Celestial Realm, so his battle prowess was naturally powerful.

Ling Han stopped, breaking into a grin.

He had truly gained a lot in this battle.

Firstly, his Dao Heart had finally reached Great Accomplishment level, and he had formed his own Dao.

Secondly, the Divine Demon Sword had extracted at least 70% of the essence of the Ancient Bell of Qian, and was satiated.

Its might had greatly increased.

He walked out of the great formation as well, and saw that Xiao Yingxiong and the others were all waiting outside.

Meanwhile, the Imperial Void Celestial King had recovered his calm expression.

The aura of a Ninth Heaven Celestial King spread out strongly, as if it would go out of control at any moment, and move to inflict injury.

The large black dog stood next to Ling Han, and rose on his two hind legs, one paw resting on Ling Hans shoulder, expressing, “This brat is under Grandpa Dogs protection.

Who dares to make a move”

The Imperial Void Celestial King frowned.

He naturally did not fear the large black dog, but the latter had also been cultivating alongside a Heavenly Venerate, so how could his battle prowess be underestimated With him protecting Ling Han, the chances of him succeeding in killing Ling Han were too low—practically close to impossible.

Was it really so difficult to kill a Third Heaven junior

“Lets go,” Gu Heyi said.

They had not entered into the formation and watched the battle, so they could leave some face for both Ling Han and the Imperial Void Celestial King.

Otherwise, no matter who lost, they would be embarrassed, and who knew, maybe they could not bear to venture to the historical site together any further.

But unlocking the historical site required enough lifeblood of supreme monarch stars; what if there werent enough of them

They set out, and the Imperial Void Celestial Kings expression shifted quickly.

He was continuously thinking about how he was to kill Ling Han.

Ling Han couldnt help but think that he definitely had to have a halo of calamity around him.

See, he hadnt revealed his identity at all, but he had still clashed with the Imperial Void Celestial King.

They set out, and after three years, they finally arrived at their destination.

It was an eerie valley, filled with fog.

This fog was extremely poisonous, and even Celestial Kings would not be able to withstand it for long, and would have to use alchemical pills.

Gu Heyi and the others had long since made preparations, and distributed the alchemical pills among themselves.

Ling Han did not ingest it directly.

Instead, he examined it carefully first.

With his insight as a Five-Star Alchemist, he would be able to easily distinguish if there was something off about this alchemical pill.

There was no problem.

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