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“Little Uncle…” He Mei went forward and held He Nings hand as she looked at the people around her in fear .

“Its fine.

Stay at home for the next few days and dont go out.

My attendant will be with you.

Im just going to attend to some matters,” He Ning comforted her.

He Mei nodded.

At this point, there was nothing else she could do.

“Its not just Third Master He.

He Guo broke the law by privately selling weapons and goods to an enemy country without the permission of the country, so He Guo also has to make a trip with us,” Section Chief Huang said.

He Guo struggled and said, “Im being accused wrongly! You cant take me away just like that! Youre nothing! You have no right to take me away!”

These words made Section Chief Huang completely infuriated.

Before Section Chief Chu got into trouble, Section Chief Huang was just an inconspicuous team member.

At that time, the He family had bullied him and did not treat him like a human being.

They treated him like an object that could be thrown away at will.

Now that he had something on the He family, it was up to him to decide how to deal with the He family!

The discovery today was that the He family not only colluded with the enemy and committed treason, but they had also wrongly accused the Jiang family in the past.

In addition, they were also the ones who resold goods privately.

Each piece of evidence was enough to doom the He family for eternity.

This time, he wanted to see if the He family had the ability to come back from the dead.

“Take them away!” Section Chief Huang said angrily.

He Ning walked to the door and turned to look at Jiang Shu as he said, “Good plan.” Then he turned to look at Xia Wen and said, “Good methods.”

“This is called giving someone a taste of their own medicine.

This is retribution, He Ning,” Jiang Shu said.

Qiao Mei felt a little emotional for a moment.

She wondered if Jiang Shu felt relieved now Did he feel any better after taking revenge for the Jiang family

As He Ning and He Guo passed by the alley where Qiao Mei was, He Ning looked at Qiao Mei indifferently and said with a smile, “See you next time.”

Qiao Mei was caught by surprise.

He had been caught committing such serious crimes and yet he still greeted her so nonchalantly.

Was this He Nings usual behavior or did he have other plans up his sleeves

“Continue digging! We must turn the He family upside down!” Section Chief Huang shouted from the courtyard.

Section Chief Huangs current subordinates were the same people who had followed Section Chief Chu to dig up the Xia familys house back then.

If not for the Xia family protecting them and only holding Section Chief Chu responsible for what happened, they would all be unemployed now.

In order to repay the Xia family for letting bygones be bygones, they worked even harder.

Today, they must leave the He familys house in a worse state than the Xia familys house.

Now that the main backbone of the He family was gone, only He Mei and He Han were left.

By now, He Mei was crying her eyes out.

She went forward and grabbed Xia Zhes sleeve as she said, “Xia Zhe… Please help my little uncle… I… I cant live without my father and little uncle… Please save them…”


Xia Zhe shook He Mei off fiercely and said, “This is a political matter and I cant help them.

Miss He, please find another way out.”

Xia Wen snickered at the side.

This He Mei was really brainless.

Even that silly He Li could tell that the Xia family had contributed to half of todays setup, yet He Mei still wanted their help.

It would be more like helping He Ning to get locked up for a few more years!

“Now that everything is done, lets go back,” Xia Mao said to Xia Wen.

“Father and Xiao Zhe, you go back first.

Leave the matters here to me.

Im afraid of things going wrong later.

Let me keep an eye on them until the end,” Xia Wen said.

“Elder brother, why not I do it,” Xia Zhe said to Xia Wen.

Xia Wen smiled and did not say anything.

He patted Xia Zhes shoulder lightly and raised his eyes towards He Meis location.

Xia Zhe immediately understood what he meant.

“Go back with sister-in-law,” Xia Wen said.

When Xia Mao left, he left the five guards in the courtyard with Xia Wen just in case.

The two of them made their way through the crowd to look for Qiao Mei and then to go home.

He Mei stared fiercely at Xia Zhe.

She had waited for Xia Zhe for so many years, but all she got in return was her familys lack of understanding and Xia Zhes cold shoulder.

He even treated her family like this.

She must make Xia Zhe pay the price for this!

Qiao Mei sat weakly under the tree.

She had expended too much energy in moving the He familys treasures as well as spying on the He family.

Now, her face was very pale.

When Xia Zhe saw her, he thought that Qiao Mei was overly tired.

He hurriedly went forward and asked, “Why do you look so pale”

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