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He looked at Jiang Shu in disbelief and said, “Did the Xia family force you to do this! Think about it carefully.

It wont do you any good!”

“As long as you, He Ning, can die, so what if Iconfess I dont have any other wishes.

In any case, my Jiang family has long been destroyed! Im the only one left now! Theres nothing else I want! Even if I die, I want you, He Ning, to be buried alongside me!” Jiang Shu laughed maniacally.

He Ning was instantly filled with murderous intent.

He turned around and stared fixedly at the Xia family members.

He was sure that the Xia family was behind this entire matter.

He already knew that the Xia family would not just sit around without doing anything nor write off everything that had happened.

That was not their style, but he did not expect the Xia family to take such ruthless actions so quickly.


Xia Wen took a step forward to block He Nings view, so that He Ning could only look at him.

“Why are you looking at me like that Arent you happy that a Jiang family member has confessed to the familys crimes The fact that hes confessing now means that you didnt falsely accuse them back then.

This is good news for you!” Xia Wen advised with a smile.

“Xia Wen, I dont think this matter only involves the Jiang family,” He Ning said as he glared fiercely at Xia Wen.

Xia Wen smiled and said, “He Ning, why are you still not giving up I already said that were here to watch the commotion.

No matter how many times you ask, youll get the same answer.”

He Ning remained silent.

They knew very well whether this matter was a false accusation and whether the Xia family was really just here to watch the commotion.

For someone from the Jiang family to come out and “confess” at this time, there were definitely no good intentions behind it.

When He Ning heard this piece of news early in the morning, he did not take it seriously at all and did not even want to go to the old house.

A long time ago, he had already instructed He Guo to get rid of the things from back then as quickly as possible.

Even if anyone managed to dig up anything now, it could only be antiques left behind by Old Master He.

He did not expect this matter to become so tricky, but he was just pretending to be nervous.

If he did not put on a good act, he would not be able to make the Jiang and Xia families believe that there was really something in this courtyard.

He Ning smiled and glanced at He Guo, but He Guo lowered his head guiltily and did not dare to look at He Ning.


He Nings smile froze on his face as he felt that something was wrong with He Guo. Could it be that He Guo had not destroyed it…

No wonder He Guo always sent him all kinds of valuable herbs to curry favor with him.

It turned out that he was still doing those shady things behind his back!

He Ning looked darkly at the people digging in the courtyard and shouted, “Stop right there!”

No one there listened to him.

They all worked for Section Chief Huang and the only person who could make them stop work was Huang Fei.

He Ning stared at Huang Fei and said, “Dont forget who helped your cousin to get promoted to his position.”

Huang Fei said nonchalantly, “Mr.

He, thats my cousin, not my biological brother.

My family hasnt interacted with them for a long time.”

He was able to take over Section Chief Chus position because of the Xia familys support.

He understood that loyal servants could not change sides.

He Ning turned to look at Xia Wen and said slowly, “Tell them to stop.

Someone is framing me in this matter.

Someone must have done it! What evidence do you have to prove that whats dug out of the ground belongs to me!”

“Then we also felt very wronged about what happened to our family not long ago.

Who can seek recourse for us The house was so badly dug up that no one can live in it even now.

Eh You also went to report it out of the kindness of your heart, right” Xia Wen said with narrowed eyes.

When the onlookers outside heard this, they all tried to squeeze their way forward.

They had waited all morning to see the Xia family and the He family arguing.

“Xia Wen, dont go too far.

Im being wronged here!” He Ning said through gritted teeth.

A voice suddenly came from the crowd and said, “What a thing to say that youre being wronged! Does that mean that everything thats dug up here later is planted by others Then what about my family being set up by you back then!”

A man walked out of the crowd agitatedly and pointed at He Ning as he shouted, “What about my house! What right did you have to say that something that was dug out of my house back then belonged to my family! Why didnt anyone believe me when I said that someone framed us! What right do you have to insist that what you say is true! Then where does that leave us”

These questions made some people in the crowd, who originally did not dare to speak, raise their voices.

“Thats right! What right do you have!”

“Its the same thing for our family! You did it!”

“Why doesnt anyone believe us! What right do you have to stop the digging!”

“Yes! What right do you have!”

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