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Chen Weier took a deep breath, stretched out her sinful little hand, and carefully removed He Xun from the blacklist.

Her husband was really pitiful!

Chen Weier had already prepared her script for He Xun in her heart.

With the last bit of conscience she had left, she sent a message to her miserable husband.

[Dear husband, what are you doing]

At this moment, the atmosphere in the He Groups top-floor office was heavy.

Yang Zui and three people from the technical department were standing in front of He Xuns desk while trembling with fear.

They did not even dare to breathe loudly.

This was because the man in front of them, who had his lips tightly pursed and was not saying a word, was scarier than the ruler of hell in their eyes.

Then, in the midst of this tension and horror, the phone on President Hes desk suddenly made a rapid sound.

That short sound with a rising tone formed a sharp contrast with the dead silence.

Simultaneously, it was also a chance for these people to catch their breath.

The man, who had not moved for a long time, finally reached out and took the phone.

The four people standing all lowered their heads and stared at their toes.

They prayed to god and hoped that President He would read something good!

Otherwise, the few of them would really have to pack their bags and return to their hometown to farm.

They had no choice because they couldnt find him!

To be honest, why did Nie Suijing seem to have disappeared from the world

Yang Zui, who was slightly calmer, was also praying.

However, he was not praying to the heavens, but to Chen Weier.

He hoped that this was a message from Madam He.

Of course, it had to be a message that would make President He feel better.

He really didnt want to give up this high-paying job.

He Xun turned on the screen and finally saw the message that he had been waiting for.

‘Huh Am I removed from the blacklist He Xun didnt move.

After reading those few short words, he replied to her message.

[Heh, what do you think]

She actually had the nerve to ask him what he was doing!

Was she not aware of the ongoing uproar on the internet She really was the type of person who could attract attention.

His wife was always at the forefront of getting into trouble, and she liked to play with danger and his heart….

Looking at He Xuns reply, Chen Weier once again fell into deep thought.

What did He Xun mean by this

Did he mean that she should know what he was doing

If she knew, then what he was doing now should be the same as what she was thinking, right It seemed that He Xun was really dealing with Nie Suijings matter.

Thinking of this, Chen Weier suddenly felt a little guilty.

She carefully chose her words and sent another message.

[I think you and I are doing the same thing.

Im thinking of you, so youre thinking of me too Hubby, kiss me!]

Chen Weier didnt bother guessing what else he could be doing.

She just had to act coquettishly.

After all, if she didnt act coquettishly now, then was she supposed to wait for He Xun to spank her

Hehe, at that time, it would be meaningless to act coquettishly, because it would only trigger the animalistic nature of this dog-like man.

In short, what she had to do this time was to make him happy! Following that, everything would be easy to deal with.

He Xun snorted coldly in his heart as he read the reply from his dearest wife.

She knew that she had to put down her pride to please him.

Otherwise, she wouldnt be able to get out of bed tomorrow!

Although He Xun was still grumbling in his heart, he couldnt deny that he was pleased by her message.

A smile finally appeared on his face.

Yang Zui quietly raised his head and observed for a moment.

After making sure that President He was smiling, he finally put his dangling heart at ease.

He secretly gestured to the other three,We are safe now.

The other three people immediately heaved a sigh of relief.

Fortunately, there could be a chance to keep their jobs.

[Heh, you better be thinking about me!]

He Xun was verytsundere.

After sending this message, he put his phone back on the table and tapped his index finger on the solid wood desk.

A few of them were confused by the sound.

“You cant find him” He Xun finally asked after a long while.

Yang Zui pulled a long face.

The punishment had begun!

Just now, President He had arranged for the technical department to check on Nie Suijings movements.

According to President Hes instructions, they had to find and arrest him.

It would save him the trouble of falling ill every day and spreading those dirty things.

The technical department quickly tracked down Nie Suijings location and sent people there to catch him.

But Nie Suijing wasnt there.

However, the information that the technical department found was correct.

The bodyguards conducted a thorough search, but they still could not find him.

It was as if the man had never appeared, and there was no other news.

“Yes, President He, I have already arranged for the bodyguards to conduct a thorough search of the entire city.

We will definitely find him!” Yang Zui promised.

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