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At that moment, Thesilid, who had disappeared from my sight for a moment, approached me.

He had changed into the white paladin’s uniform.

It seems that he received an extra from the knights.


A handsome man in a crispy uniform called out my name.

I searched through the satchel without answering.

“Take it.”

What I brought out were three bottles of healing potions.

Only the best ones in terms of effectiveness.

“I have enough with me.”

“I don’t think it’s necessary.”

I have no choice but to show off a Transmigrator’s knowledge.

“What do you mean not necessary Even if you are lucky enough to have recovered your strength to the level of a beginner, you can only survive in the depths of this dungeon for less than 20 minutes.

Drink it when you need to.”

“Then I will be grateful.”

Small potion flasks were captured in his arms.

“Seeing that you are taking care of things like these, are you going to follow my plan”

Before I knew it, a ridiculous request was planned.

I didn’t like it though.


Yet, I didn’t complain.

Yes, do whatever you want, our Push Over Free Pass.

Wasn’t that what I transmigrated to see Sigh.

“Thank you.”

“If you are grateful, will you also listen to one request of mine”

“Anything, if I can do it.”

“Even if this episode is particularly difficult, let’s not give up.”

Thesilid looked as if he had heard something he had never thought about. 

“There’s no need to worry.

I really enjoy this episode.”

“Are you happy”

“Thanks to you.”

Whoa, that’s another fantastic thing to say.

[‘The Scales that Judges the Soul’ is fluttering, saying that a strange mood has just flowed between you two.]

It was good to be able to motivate a returnee suffering from burnout syndrome.

Before we could have a more heartwarming conversation, hierarchical culture hindered the talk.

“Sir Thesilid, return to your seat.

Start marching.”

A man in his late twenties, with brown hair tied back like a horsetail, ordered so in a cold voice.

Did he say his name was Vice-Captain Lecto

Thesilid returned to the group after being silent.

He seems to be standing side by side with a guy named Captain Gadville in the front.

Now, the problem was how to manage the weak alchemist, who was left alone after Thesilid, who was in her party, returned to the Knights Order.

Vice-Captain Lecto said to me.

“I’m Lecto Poid, the Vice-captain of the Order of The Pillars of Light.

I heard from Thesilid that you are an alchemist, but what is your name”

“My name is Ellet Rodellaine.

Nice to meet you, Sir Lecto.”

“I will accompany Miss Ellet and take care of you.

Because of the rules of the knights, we ask for your understanding that we separated you from Thesilid.”

As expected.

I made up a face that seemed to be greatly relieved.

“Thank you very much, Vice-Captain.

When Thesilid returned to the knights, I thought I would be left alone, but I am relieved that the Vice-Captain is with me.”

“Haha, you were worried for no reason.

No knight would leave a lady in a dangerous dungeon.”

“Oh, I see!”

The Knights began to move.

Me and Vice-Captain Lecto followed from behind.

Not even a single grass grew on the land filled with disease and poison that leaked from underground.

Still, there was no energy of plague in the breathing air so far.

While I was walking through the wasteland of the plateau where only stones were kicked at my feet, Vice-Captain Lecto questioned me.

“Excuse me Miss Ellet, but what is your relationship with Thesilid”

“A benefactor.

I took care of him when he was down.”

“The injury must have been considerable, could it be cured with only potions”

A stupid gap.

What if I ask back how he knows that Thesilid was seriously injured

“He was not that badly injured thought”


“There were no injuries.

He just seemed to have no energy, so I helped him eat well and rest well.

It’s very unusual to want to repay such simple favor.

Are all paladins like that”

“What do you mean with he didn’t get hurt that much ….

Don’t tell me, the Saint……” 

Vice-Leader Lecto accepted my lies by linking the information that the Vatican had to what I told him about.

But he never doubted my identity.

Because no one on the knights could recognize my status.

He came to his senses and moved on to the next question.

“But how did you come to be with Thesilid”

“I have business in the capital of the country.

I asked him to accompany me on my way back.” 

“Then why did you enter this dungeon……”

“I stopped by because I was curious.

I thought it would be okay with Terry.”


He repeated what I said in the shadiest voice he could ever do.

At that time, a system message appeared.

[ warning.

You have entered the ‘Plague Zone’.

Currently, the concentration of ‘Pandora’s Plague’ dissolved in the atmosphere is level 1.]

The zones were clearly split.

It was a huge canyon leading to the depths of this dungeon.

From the deep canyon that seemed to connect with the abyss, a dark green plague energy rose like a stream.

So far, the concentration was extremely low, so there has been no physical reaction even when breathing. 

In fact, the first stage was at a level that a healthy person could overcome with immunity alone.

The knights turned sideways.

After traveling in parallel along the long valley, they found traces of civilization in this pristine, raw land.

A large black triumphal arch.

An evil arch structure was erected close to the valley.

Directly beyond the entrance was a dangerous cliff.

At first glance, it is a choice of a location that seems to be a door through which sacrifices are pushed down.

However, if you look closely, you can see that there are stairs to the left beyond the door.

Crude and narrow stone stairs as if carved out of the cliff surface.

It was the only way down to the bottom of the canyon.

I saw Captain Gadville, with a clogged and stubborn impression, leading the Knights toward the Black Arc de Triumph.

Vice-Captain Lecto stayed with me instead of joining them.

“From now on, we will close the dungeon.

But don’t be afraid.

It’s a dungeon with no boss, so there won’t be any battles.

All we have to do is go down to the bottom of the canyon and find the core of the dungeon.”

“The canyon looks very deep.”


It’s so dark that you can’t even see the floor.”

“Green smoke is coming up.

I don’t think you should keep inhaling this.”

“You’re right.

It’s very harmful to the body.”

“Will the knights be alright”

“Haha, are you worried about us, Miss Ellet”

I turned my head away with a smiling face pretending to be a good person.

The Knights, including Captain Gadville, were retreating far from the Black Arc de Triumph. 

However, Thesilid stood right in front of the cliff beyond the Arc, as if he had received another order.

A muffled voice rang in my ears.

“Don’t worry, Miss Ellet.

There are certain people who will go down to the depths of the canyon.”

Vice-Captain Lecto’s hand slipped to the left side of my waist.



“Thesilid Argent!”

The deafening cry caught everyone’s attention.

Thesilid, who was standing ten steps away beyond the Arc de Triumph, turned around.


His eyes were on me.

To be precise, the sword of Vice-Captain Lecto pointed at my neck.

“If you want to save this woman’s life, go down alone and get the core of the dungeon!”


“What are you doing, Thesilid! Are you going to let your benefactor die” 

I didn’t take any action and stood still.

[‘The Critic who adjusts the balance’ points out that your expression is not like a hostage at all.]

[‘The Scales that Judges the Soul’ expects you to call the protagonist in a pitiful voice.]

‘I wish I could have listened to you guys, but I don’t want to do that.’

That’s right.

Thesilid whispered a request in my ear…

-Be the hostage.

It was ridiculous, but there was a reason. 

Thesilid opened his mouth. 

“The sacrifice I make for a lady is noble.” 


The most efficient action Thesilid can do to break the ban.

Thesilid looked around.

This cowardly hostage play must have been a plan improvised by the Captain and Vice-captain.

However, there was no objection from the other members.

On the contrary, everyone’s desire for Thesilid to descend into the canyon was easily shown.

Everyone wished for Thesilid Argent’s death.

How does he feel when he sees this

“All right.

I will go.”

It was then that I felt something strange.

Thesilid stepped back without turning to the side of the stairs.

One step.


Two steps.

“I will be back.”

Three steps.

“You do not have to worry.”




Thesilid’s body fell off the cliff.


He disappeared from sight.

I didn’t think of anything at that moment.

“Stay still……Cuck!”

I forgot my duty as a hostage and ran towards the Arc de Triumph.

I looked down at the bottom of the cliff, but all I saw was abyss-like darkness and dark green smoke.

The gorge of unfathomable depth had long since swallowed Thesilid.


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