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During the 16th round, Thesilid had many events.

After the incident with the Celestial Demon Sword, The Vatican assigned him to an affiliation according to his individual abilities.

Thesilid begins that round by being assigned to the knights of the “Pillar of Light”, who are mainly in charge of dungeon subjugation.

(Note: There’s no literal translation for this Order, it was a name.

So I had to make one based on the Kanjis based on the Hanguls of the name.


The order of the Pillar of Light was truly the worst.

The leader was a self-righteous officer drenched in incompetence with a habit of ordering everyone around, the vice-leader was garbage possessed by a sense of inferiority, and the rest of the members were gray molecules without self-asserting powers and easily manipulated.

While there, Thesilid died three times because of the leader’s foolish ventures, once because of the vice-captain’s tricks, and three times because of the mistakes, betrayals, and coerced sacrifices for his colleagues.

It wasn’t until the 8th episode that Thesilid came to his senses and tried to change the Order by himself, but his life was still a sweet potato road.

Until that point, it was possible to blame others, but there was an incident where he was the only problem.

It happened when he ran into a band of thieves staying in the village he was dispatched for a mission.

The bandits took the villagers hostage and threatened Thesilid, saying, ‘If you don’t put down your weapons, I’ll kill them all!’

How did our protagonist deal with this 

It’s painful just trying to explain.

I’ll just say that because of this anecdote, Thesilid’s nickname became Pushover Free Pass.

In the next round, he increased his strength, ignoring the hostage play and wiping out the bandits.

However, it turns out that the village chief he saved was also one with the bandits, so he was lured into a trap and died.

In the next round, he subdues the village chief and survives, but is summoned back to The Vatican, disciplined, and demoted on the grounds that he fought the bandits while ignoring the hostages. 

There were many other frustrating anecdotes. 

He goes to the Magic Republic as a diplomatic envoy, but gets caught by a crazy perverted princess and is subjected to a biological experiment.

In the kingdom, readers wondered if he would finally be able to find some heart-warming family love, but blood ties were bull**.

A full-length tragic drama was ready to be shot.

The main character had lived such a rough life 16 times.

His 16th death was to die with his chest pierced in heavy rain while in the wilderness.

By his brother’s sword.

The 17th life came right away.

There was no time to look back on the betrayal and death that engulfed him in his previous life.

As soon as he returned, he was captured by the Final Boss and had to die again.

Slowly, terribly and painfully.

…As helpless as a worm.

The greatest episode of all time, which ended in only three pages, was the most confusing episode for the protagonist.

As soon as he opened his eyes after finishing a particularly difficult episode 16, he was brutally murdered by an unidentified assailant without knowing why.

Maybe that’s why the last paragraph finishing the 17th round was impressive.

– He thought as he dragged into the pitch-black void.

It seems that the whole world hates him and wants his death.

No matter how many times he tries, the results will always be the worst, and no matter how hard he struggles, it always ends in death.

Is not for nothing that this was the moment when the protagonist first felt disillusioned with life and the world.

Agnes’ words were not so different from the readers’ impressions at the time of the serialization.

Thesilid Argent was a person you had no choice but to pity. 

Tap, tap, tap, tap, tap. 

The vegetables were cut neatly ​​in my hands.

I was talking to Agnes while I was cooking.

“Yes, it was one hell of a destiny.

But there are up to 99 episodes of this strange life and the further you go, the worse it gets.”

“He dies after being stabbed in the back by the woman he loved with all his heart.

And that’s no less than three times in a row.”

“That’s how much it meant to him.

Had he not known the truth, he would have died more.”

My voice was very low even to my ears.

As expected, it’s an unpleasant story I’d better stop. 

Pouring the ingredients into the pot I stirred them with a spatula.

Clam meat, bacon, and various vegetables were cooked in a hot and thick cream sauce.

It wasn’t long before the delicious smell spread through the little wooden hut.

“Thesilid hasn’t woken up yet”

“I’m worried, I’ll take a look at him in a while.”

The place where I took Thesilid was the cottage where my parents lived.

The house was located at the foot of a remote mountain, so the surrounding environment was quiet and idyllic.

It has been a while since all the residents left the village, and there was no one to encounter.

It was a good place for a comfortable recuperation for Thesilid, who had a striking appearance.

It was a good thing I asked my grandfather to take care of the house a little earlier.

The hut had an assortment of clean and pretty appliances, making it easy to stay on upon arrival.

Curtains and bedding were soft, household items were cute, and the bookshelves were full of books, from fairy tales to alchemy theories.

Even the garden in the yard was meticulously cared for.

Perhaps this is what it looked like when Mom and Dad lived together.


I quietly entered the bedroom through an unlocked door.


A handsome man with sculptural fine features was asleep on the bed.

A plaster-like face, pure silver shimmering hair, bright sunlight, and white bedding.

Perhaps because everything was pure white, the moment I entered the bedroom, it felt more sacred than any other chapel.


Again, there was no answer.

The chest wrapped in the shirt regularly moved up and down.

His breathing and pulse seemed normal, but there were no signs of him getting up.

It’s true that he went through a lot of things, it was a damn rough path.

The shock will be severe.

Besides, when he opens his eyes, his disillusioned life just repeats itself, sleeping would make him happier.

I don’t even want to wake him up. 

“Yes, get a good night’s sleep while I’m around.” 

I turned around and left the bedroom.

Looks like I’ll have to eat alone for the time being.

It was a week after that Thesilid opened his eyes. 

There was nothing to do after making strawberry jam, basil pesto, beet pickle, etc.

with the things I harvested in the garden.

It was when I was reading a classic novel titled ‘Love After Marriage between the Demon King and the Hero’ that I found on the bookshelf.

I heard the rustling sound of cloth.

I immediately put the book down and went to the bedroom.

It was as expected.

He sat with his upper body upright.

“Are you awake”


Even after a long time, there was no answer, so I was worried about his condition. 

I dragged a chair to the side of the bed and sat down.

The moment I faced him up close, I was a little startled.

His sea-blue eyes were horribly empty.



I realized it again when I saw him expressionless, speechless, and emotionless. 

The main character of episode 17 was very tired and broken.


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