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A laugh came out of itself.

[‘The World-building God’ congratulates you, on being the first SS-class Transmigrator of the Transmigration Management Bureau.]

[‘The Critic who adjusts the balance’ also says that your stats were too high to be just an S Class.]

[‘The Scales that Judges the Soul’ regrets not making you into her believer.]

Unlike the gods, I was not in the mood for jokes.

There was something I needed to check right away.



It’s been 10 years.

My silver-colored hair fluttered in the wind.

Invisible wings took my legs off the ground.


If I don’t concentrate, it feels like I’ll fly away into the air.

My heart almost burst because of the overflowing power.

It has become incomparably stronger than it was 10 years ago.

Agnes was bewildered at the sight of me wasting my special move.

“Do not worry.

And now other issues are more important.”

There is something to check by borrowing the power of the system while the tutorial quest hasn’t disappeared yet.

I waited anxiously, staring at the location where the shooting star fell.

Finally, the system finished the calculation.

[ Your ranking changes.

Current Rank: 2nd (▲6).]

2nd place.


I was a holder of saint-level divine power and even used Divine Advent while reaching the highest level of Aura Expert.

But even with all that, it’s still 2nd place.

“Ah, not even with this much……”

I don’t even know how big the gap is with 1st place.

Spitting a dejected laugh, I clenched my fists wet with cold sweat.

Anyway, it happened.

This completes the verification.


The situation was not relaxed enough for me to stay in shock.

I took a deep breath to relieve anxiety and tension, looked at the New moon, and warned Agnes

“Look carefully.

This is the beginning.”

Meanwhile, where the stars fell.

There was a being in the center of the crater where ash powder and sparks were flying.

A man with long, black hair like a crow’s feather, surrounded by corrupted energy.

There were several names for him.

Newborn Chaos and Evil.

The Darkness conceived by light.

An exiled from the regressing world.

But there was another simple name that he himself preferred over such long monikers.

That’s right, ‘Reed’.


Reed opened his eyes.

The body, which had been curled up as if torn apart while begging for God’s mercy, rose slowly.

He lifted his head towards the deep-sea night sky.

His face, revealed through the pouring long black hair, was demonically beautiful.


Reed found something in the eastern sky.

The light of a lighthouse visible only to him.

“Descent of the Divinity….”

A dark smile quickly appeared on his face, which had been grimacing in displeasure.

“It’s a warm welcome.”

At the same time as the system was temporarily down, something strange happened in the world.

There was no such thing as a catastrophe as great as the end of the world.

The wind just went backward and.

The celestial bodies moved in reverse.

The stars and the moon in the night sky moved very quickly from west to east.

“The world is broken.”

There is a story that needs to be told before Agnes could understand that concept. 

“I promised to explain before.

What is the identity of Thesilid Argent”

My gaze was fixed on a cluster of stars moving in a huge arc from left to right.

I said without doubt that Agnes would listen. 

“He is a regressor.”


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