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One day I was concentrating on my training to become an Aura Master.

Unlike me, who was exempted from all labor as my alchemist’s father’s assistant, today the Count’s servants seemed very busy.

“I don’t think it’s only because of your mood.”

Just then, the voices of the maids were heard.

“Did you hear from the Head Maid Cardinal Cattleya is coming tomorrow.”

“What The Matron Is it a special day tomorrow”

“I don’t know.

Anyway, let’s clean the chapel first.”

Agnes clapped her hands together and rejoiced.

“That’s right.

I guess she’s going to spend this holiday in the Castle.”

The first day of the New Year.

The first day of the first month of the New Year was a very important holiday in a church that values the lunar calendar.

On this day, a large number of offerings for atonement and prosperity were burned in a ceremony.

‘New Year.’

I brooded over the word.

A very special event day was approaching.

The sun shone through the windows that I forgot to close the curtains last night.

It was quite late in the morning considering the fact that the winter’s sun had a later rise.

I wriggled under the covers. 

“I want to sleep more…”

“unh……I’m sleep……”

“Don’t wanna……I’ll sleep……”

I rolled the blanket over my head and curled up like a slouch.

“There are days like this……”

Agnes poked her face inside the blanket.

It was an excellent horror effect straight from a movie.

“It’s not like that.

I just want to rest and do nothing today.”


See you later, Agnes.”

I turned to the other side and tried to sleep.

I fell asleep quickly thanks to the warm and cozy bed.


It was around 10 am when I woke up again.

After lounging around for a while, I came out of the blanket to get my first meal.

Even after I finished eating, I just sat around in the room.

Agnes put both hands on her waist, looking at me who had no intention of going out at all.


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