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[‘The world-building God’ slowly glances at the transmigrator’s eyes.]

Huh Is God looking at me Why

[‘The world-building God’ says that he feels responsible for you being dragged into the afterlife without enjoying life]


Yes, I had that problem.

The Gods of the Transmigration Bureau created a national disaster situation in the name of public work, which in turn, made me be forcefully killed and transmigrated.

A complaint should be made against this negligence.

“Right, about that.

What the hell happened Please tell me what’s going on.”

[‘The world-building God’ created a system to extract the souls of those who are eligible for being transmigrated after their death, but due to a bug, he confesses that not only the dead but also the souls of the living were selected.]

…If I gave my death a reason, would it be a bug

“But does God make mistakes Well, something definitely broke.”

[‘The world-building God’ winced and protested that it would have been perfect if he had made it himself, but there was a flaw as it was made by a clumsy new god.]

I puffed my cheeks up seeing how this God was trying to cut off his tail to flee.

“Still, you have a responsibility as a superior.”

[‘The world-building God’ eyes flash off violent intent, and he mumbles that’s right.]

[‘The world-building God’ changes his attitude and calls ‘The Eyes that watch over the chaos of all things’ a bastard, saying that if he had done QA* properly, this type of thing would have not happened in the first place.


[‘The Eyes that watch over the chaos of all things’ crouches down to hide its presence.]

“I see, well….anyway, I understand the situation well enough…”

I concluded with a long sigh of disappointment.

It is not without a sense of absurdity and anger that the lives of dozens of modern little citizens were blown away.

However, I was not particularly enthusiastic about dealing with God, asking for a return to my previous life.

Wasn’t it a lonely, tiring, and harsh life to get in a heated discussion to claim it back

‘Wouldn’t I have bowed my head in a deep thank you if this had been a transmigration on a ropan childcare rather than this vexing unlimited regression’

Even if they are friendly, the opponent is a God.

I already transmigrated in this frustrating novel with an S-class survival difficulty level, there is nothing good about trying to force my hand with a God that is interested in me and end up being hated instead.

I calmed down the remaining resentment like sinking sediments in my heart.

Instead, I nudged a little compensation asking for requirements at a reasonable level.

“Then compensate for the bug… No, could you let me complete the Thousand Days Prayer quest as part of your responsibilities”

[‘The world-building God’ says that quest has not been approved yet, and even if it is updated in the future, it says that it will cost an astronomical amount of cash.]

The negative answers were expected, but the other parts stuck in my ears.

Apparently, this transmigration support system is also being updated periodically.

[‘The world-building God’ adds to say that originally, the divine power giving in Thousand Days Prayer quest was something which was only barely attainable by praying with utmost sincerity for half a day for nearly 10 years.]

Well, God’s attitude is tough.

I’ll have to ask for another bug compensation.

“Then, after awakening the divine power, can you help me become very strong I have a desire to become strong enough to be able to face off against the final boss.”

[‘The world-building God’ leans his chin and looks at you.]

He seemed to be troubled.

Is it that difficult to get that kind of privilege

[‘The world-building God’ has decided.]

[‘The world-building God’ says that, in order to become strong enough not to be pushed back anywhere, you must designate yourself and pray diligently in the future.]

“Oh, of course, it is.

If God has created the world that I transmigrated in, it’s just right that I work hard as you say.”

[‘The world-building God’ just flashed its eyes whether you had just accepted.]


I thought that God’s reaction had suddenly become intense, but gave an insignificant nod.

[‘The world-building God’ is proud that you are its first believer and is happy to say that it cannot be retracted.]

Huh Is that how the story goes 

Another message popped up amidst my embarrassment.

[ Becomes the ‘first believer’ of ‘The world-building God’ and is subject to ‘The favorite of The world-building God’ and ‘Privileged of The world-building God’.]

[System] Spiritual faith in the ‘The world-building God’ has been created by you on the Serentra Continent]

[ ‘Favorite of The world-building God’.

Grace overflows into your vessel, allowing you to use high-level divine skills.

Currently, the level of divinity that you can exert is at the cardinal level.

Note: Applied from the time the divine power is awakened.]

[ ‘Privileged of The world-building God’

The Holy power skill you use exerts power above level 10.

Note: This applies only to the ultimate skill, and is applied from the time the divine power is awakened.]


I felt like I was given a two-year and nine-month deposit as a gift.

But right then.

[‘The Troubled Skyscraper Architect’ is surprised while working overtime and shouts, what happened In confusion.]

[‘The Eyes that watch over the chaos of all things’ sneaks out, peeps out, and goes to the head of the judging headquarters next door.]

[When the ‘Balance that Judges the Soul’ heard the news, he rushed to his feet and shouted that he could not see the head of the development department set up a religious order before him.]

Well, something big seems to have happened, but I don’t know what’s going on.

In any case, it was a good choice not to fight with God.

With a foreboding that there will be more gifts to come in the future, I clasped my hands and shouted.

“Amen, God!”

(Note: In here she says, < I believe in you, word order nim> his name is actually big, and if I have to TL it to the T it becomes, The World Decree that Builds the World (aka World-Building God).

So she already gave him a nick언- world령-order/spirit/ordinance (언령님).

And like any Korean shortened nickname, we can’t copy it to the tea.

So I went by the America way of church.)

As soon as I left the chapel, I went to work in the kitchen.

According to the instructions of Chef Peisha, the cooking proficiency increased sharply while preparing breakfast for the picky count’s family.

During the time between preparing breakfast and preparing lunch, I took a tea ceremony class with Nelly.

Since my tea-making skills belong to a sub-category of cooking, it was good to see that my skills were already perfect.

So, Ms.

Isela said that she would mainly teach me maid’s manners and the manners of nobles rather than preparing tea.

As part of that training, I practiced sipping tea gracefully while sitting in a chair.

It would have been boring if I had done only that, but an interesting spectacle was unfolding in front of me.

“Nelly, this is already the eighth time you made a mistake in weighing your tea leaves.

Just in case, can you read the numbers on the scales Should I teach numbers first”


“Then why can’t you match it Ellet is younger than you are and is doing well.

Just taking care of your hands does not mean that you can become a maid specializing in tea.

This is a servant role too close to the nobles, so if you are not meticulous and smart, you cannot do this.

If you keep this up, give up right now.”

“……I’m sorry.”

Nelly’s eyes widened as Isela poured out her savagery in a sullen tone.

However, I felt no sympathy.

The little girl’s face, who glanced at me without the maid knowing, was overflowing with poison.

When I saw her, it was close to an expression of ‘I’m going to tell my mom!’

Well, what to do, I’m not scared at all.

After class, it was a repetition of kitchen chores to prepare lunch.

After cleaning up, I stayed in the kitchen even after the servants went to rest.

It was to make a “sweet fruit dish” with the remaining ingredients under Chef Peisha’s permission.

‘If I make this, I will definitely level up.’

The food to be made was apple soup.

After thinly slicing the red apple, boil it in white wine and salted water and drizzle with olive oil to complete the soup with a red color and apple flavor.

It was a simple dish, so it was completed in no time.

Translucent red soup was served on a white plate.

It was time to find Chef Peisha for test tasting, as this was a hierarchy where it had to start with the seniors first.

The figure of the Alchemist was seen beyond the kitchen threshold.

The Alchemist… No, he can’t be called an Alchemist forever.

It seems that my Dad came to see me, but Chef Peisha and Maid Isela caught him. 

The conversation was in full swing.

When I approached all three of them with the intention of offering a tasting at once, I spontaneously listened to their conversation.

To my surprise, the subject was my future.

“You came just in time, Mr.


Thank you for the good soap.

I have something to discuss with you about the Ellet.

She has a talent for cooking, so I want to raise her to be a big shot in the future.”

(Note: I changed the surname from Lo Dellaine, to Rodellaine.

Because a middle name is more like a noble, but they seem like commoners.)

“What But my child is an alchemist prodigy! Speaking of which, the soap was actually made by my daughter.

Isn’t it amazing So I thought I’d teach her well…”

“What are you talking about, you two! In order to find a good marriage, she has to serve the nobles closely while serving tea.

Leave Ellet to me, as I will somehow push her into a Duchy later.”

Well, a Tea Maid recommended to a Duke….

If the genre was Ropan, it would have been that route, but it was really disappointing.

‘By the way, even Dad’

As I listened more, it seems that the reason my Dad came here was to persuade me to learn alchemy.

Of course, it was a welcome thing.

Since it was a long tutorial period, it was necessary to actively learn anything that could be learned.

Gradually, the conversation between the three of them was over, so I thought I could intervene.

“Chef Peisha, Ms.

Isela, Dad.

This is a dish I made, have a taste.”

“Hmm Soup made from apples.”

“Yes, Chef Peisha.”

The three of them took spoons and savored each bite.

Although I’m using the system, I was good at other household chores all my life, and cooking was my turf.

After savoring the soup for a long time, Chef Peisha swallowed a gulp and looked back at Dad in battle mode.

“Did you see, Mr.

Rodellaine! Ellet has a talent for cooking!”

“Yes, but my child is an alchemy……”

“Wrong, you two.

Ellet made a dessert to accompany the tea.

She destined to work on a Duchy.”

A heartwarming message appeared while the three of them were chatting.

[ Congratulations! Achieve the skill required to level up and awaken the cooking Lv.3.

From now on, you will be able to use the following abilities: ‘Discover Food’, ‘Bake all kinds of meat without burning’, ‘Bread that makes you happy when you eat’, ‘Make all kinds of fresh salads’, and ‘Boil nutritious stews and soups’.]

When I reached level 3, I felt like I could make food in earnest.

It wasn’t just that.

My apple soup, which received favorable reviews, was decided as a dessert for the Countess that day.


*Quality Assurance.

A quality assurance specialist ensures that the final product observes the company’s quality standards.

In general, these detail-oriented professionals are responsible for the development and implementation of inspection activities, the detection and resolution of problems, and the delivery of satisfactory outcomes.


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