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I could feel the surprised people’s eyes focused on me, the caster of the barrier.

Obsculia dared not even scratch the ultimate barrier that went beyond level 20 and I don’t intend to waste time like this.


I unlocked my divine power.

The mask of Obsculia was gradually pushed back when a storm of pure energy erupted.

Ray and Ash, who were suddenly feeling good, had confused eyes.

“It’s such a divine power…”

“Sister, who are you…”

It’s not possible to have a private chat with an S-class boss right in front of you.

I was silent and just looked at the Obsculia beyond the barrier.

Obsculia’s mask, which was pushed back in a face-off of sheer power, widened the distance. 


[‘The Troubled Architect of the Tower of Trials’ was nervously waiting for your words.]

‘I’m sorry, but you will have to write that apology letter after all.’

[‘The Troubled Architect of the Tower of Trials’ lets out a deep sigh.]

[‘The Troubled Architect of the Tower of Trials’ confesses that he knew it would be like this from the time when you didn’t rip off rewards in return for doing him a favor.]

As expected, you know me too well. 

In fact, it’s true that I didn’t even get a deposit for fear of such a thing.

I was grateful for his reply.

‘Thank you for your understanding.’

I took out my whip-sword, Serpens, from the satchel bag with ease.


The finely divided joints cried out a beautiful sound.

Following my stroking with the left hand, Serpens donned a white light.

A light of surprise shone again in the eyes of the companions.

“Th-That’s aura…”

“How can Miss Healer… Isn’t Miss Healer a healer..”

I smiled softly and asked for their understanding.

“Stay here for a moment.”

I took a step outside the barrier.

Outside the Silver Citadel was like hell.

I stepped on the wriggling ghosts on the floor and walked out alone.

As I stood in the center of the cavity, the mask of Obsculia looked down at me from the ceiling and shouted.

Ghosts from all over the place attacked with their mouths open as if they were competing to get the first bite.

It was like a tidal wave from hell rising from all directions, it was a remarkable sight akin to Hell on Earth.


I put aura on my sword and slashed it.

The raging tidal wave exploded like a soft bubble.

The sea of ​​ghosts showed no sign of calming down.

As expected, attacking this way turns the battle into a war of attrition with no chance of winning.

‘The speed of gathering is faster than the speed of cutting.’

Right then.

[ warning.

‘The Predatory Legion’ is coming.]


I could see a huge wall rising like a mountain in front of me.

It was the same when I looked back.

A tidal wave of ghosts, completely different in size than before, was about to hit me from both sides.

“Miss Islet!”

“M-Miss Healer…!”


The legions engulfed me in a collision.

The ghosts crushed me.

The weight and suffocation of being crushed swept over my body.



Ray and Ash’s urgent cries came from afar.

I chanted a sacred spell, feeling a little sorry for making them worry.


Papapa! Pavat! Pavapat!

The ghosts, piled up like a mountain on my body, exploded like a fireworks display.

It took several seconds for them to become dust from the near front to the far end because it was so dense in quantity.

The cavity was definitely cleaner.

Seeing the state of Obsculia, which consumed half of its anglerfish-like body, I grinned.

“It’s easier to throw away trash once everything is in one place.”

A sigh of relief could be heard from afar, while the expression on Obsculia’s mask changed into an angry face.

The ghosts attacked again.

Are you calling that an insult

When I cut down the insignificant ghosts with my sword while thinking like that.

“Oh, yes.”

I replied while turning the ghosts, that rushed like moths, into dust.

“Shut up.

Puny pet.”

In the original work, Obsculia was set as the devil’s pet.

Oh, but wait.

I made the same mistake, didn’t I

There was no provocation effect even if a pet is called a pet.

I swung my sword and added.

“You are not even cute.”

“To raise something like you, your owner’s taste is very poor.”

The response I wished for came fast.

The ghosts connecting the mask and the ceiling increased.

Obsculia, whose neck bizarrely stretched out, attacked me directly.

“Of course.

Whose student am I”


As soon as I answered back, the mask and my sword collided.

Obsculia has been attacking me with her mouth, which has changed to look like a shark’s teeth, with the might to bite a piece of me.

Chaeng! Klang! Chaeeeng! Kaklang! 

Whenever Serpens and Obsculia’s masks collided, a light that seemed to burn the retina popped out.


The right cheek of the mask that my attack had rubbed against created a microscopic crack.

However, some of the ghosts that descended from Obsculia’s neck that was still attached to the ceiling were absorbed and it fully recovered.

A body with both defense and regeneration was difficult to deal with.

‘Should I do something with the main body first’

It was time to frown slightly and receive Obsculia’s attack with a sword.



I opened my eyes wide, it was because Obsculia bit my sword with its sharp teeth.

Kugugugu! The teeth of the mask and the blade of the Serpens rubbed against each other, making a scratching sound.

I tried to pull my arm to retrieve the sword, but it didn’t budge. 

At the same time Agnes warned me.

From behind the black sun mask, ghosts stretched out like tentacles and aimed at me.

The sword was stuck and time was running out to chant holy spells.

If you do not let go of the sword and leave the seat quickly, it’s a dangerous situation.

Of course, that’s for if I were an ordinary knight.


The whip sword answered the call.

Tak, tak, tak, tak, tak, tak, tak.

The part of the sword that was not bitten by Obsculia was divided into joints and stretched out like a snake.


With the wriggling of a nimble snake, all the tentacle-like ghosts were cut off at once.

You thought you had caught me

“The truth is I caught you.”

I had no intention of stopping here.


The whip sword went behind the mask.

The target was the ghosts who were moving the mask.

It’s hunting time.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

While I continued the confrontation with the mask in the front, the slicing started from the back.

As time passed, the bundle of ghosts that made up Obsculia’s neck slowly thinned out.

The destruction rate of the whip sword was faster than the rate at which the ghost replenished the Boss’s body.

Obsculia’s neck became noticeably thinner and the moment that last blow was to be done.

The boss screamed letting the sword out of its mouth and backing away.

A mask that was precariously dangling from its neck, which had become as thin as a rope, tried to escape to the ceiling.

In the meantime, I could see the neck being quickly restored in real-time.

I must finish it before the Boss completely climbs into the ceiling and protects its neck with the body’s defenses.


I pulled up the aura of my whole body, put it on the Serpens, and swung it like a whip towards my target.

‘Hit it!’


Finally, the bunch of ghosts attached to the back of the mask were completely cut off.


The mask plummeted to the ground like a marionette that had fallen off its string.

Obsculia’s body was also thrown upside down on the floor.



The ghosts crawling on the floor flocked in.

Since they had no limbs, they struggled to straighten the mask with their own body.

But as I approached, they trembled and hid behind it.

“Get lost.”

I burned away the ghosts around me with divine power.

If these things connect the mask and the ceiling, or more precisely, the mask and the abyss, it starts all over again.


Serpens, who returned to a sword, was raised horizontally.

The body of the boss, weakened by the loss of connection with the abyss, was cracked and shattered here and there.

Obsculia’s mask begged with a very pitiful expression on its face.


The blade pierced its forehead.

Crack…crack crack!

Cracks appeared on the mask starting from the forehead.

Obsculia, who sensed that the end would come, exclaimed in an exasperated manner.

Crackeng! Like pottery, the mask shattered to pieces.


The pieces of the mask became black powder and were swept away by the wind.



The remaining ghosts were sucked into the abyss.

Tuck, duck! Dududuck!

Earth and stones once again covered the abyss that was like the jaws of a monster.

The hole that made the abyss was completely filled and disappeared.

[ Congratulations! You defeated the owner of the dungeon, ‘Obsculia, the Predatory Anglerfish’ ranked 711th place in the Demon World.]

[ The Demon territory ‘Slime-Cuisine Cave’ belongs to the dungeon subjugator ‘Ellet Rodellaine’.]


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