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[‘The Troubled Architect of the Tower of Trials’ feels sorry because she seems very hungry.]

(Note: changed this god from ‘The Troubled Skyscraper Architect’ to ‘The Troubled Architect of the Tower of Trials’ since the infinite tower is a staple arc in this type of work, it fits better.)

I was just curious to see what kind of sweets my mother had prepared, but.

[‘The World-building God’ is hushing and making a fuss for the gods to be quiet.]

[‘The Scales that Judges the Soul’ raises the topic that there is a sad story behind the picnic lunch box of the transmigrator.]


A sad story was suddenly overlaid on my gaze as I looked at the picnic basket.

[‘The Harsh Commentator who adjusts the balance’ listens carefully.]

[‘The Troubled Architect of the Tower of Trials’ listens carefully.]

[‘The Eyes that watch over the chaos of all things’ blinks.]

[‘The Scales that Judges the Soul’ when the transmigrator was in the 3rd grade of elementary school…]

No, why are you suddenly talking about those days

In the meantime, my past history was been unraveled.

[‘The Troubled Architect of the Tower of Trials’ laments.]

[‘The Eyes that watch over the chaos of all things’ understands your gaze.]

[‘The Harsh Commentator who adjusts the balance’ cracks down on his tongue.]

Seeing the gods react so seriously makes me a little embarrassed.

It was nothing that serious.

When I was in the third grade of elementary school, there was a picnic, and it was the first one I had after losing my family.

As the whole school went to the same place, my lunch box was a little compared to my cousin-sister.

I bought the basic kimbap and dumplings sold at Kimbap Heaven and put them in a black bag, while my cousin packed a hotel-style, high-quality catering lunch.

In addition, my aunt gave pretty and delicious homemade snacks to the classmates in my cousin’s class.

It was a roll of cake-shaped cotton candy with the flavors and colors of various fruits added.

At that time, my cousin’s homeroom teacher kept one packed snack and secretly gave it to me. 

But not knowing how she found out, my cousin came to our class and made a fuss to give it back because she didn’t want to give it to me.

It was hard to receive many glances because of the commotion, so I reluctantly returned it.

‘My life was rough, really.’

I realized once again that I was not in a position to curse about the pushover free pass.

With a sigh, I arrived at the pond garden inside the Count’s Castle.

My family sat around a bench table cut in half and opened the picnic basket.

A dinner that blew away all my cluttered thoughts was unveiled.


Butter pancakes with a savory smell, grilled goose, pork dumplings full of cheese, sweet-baked blueberry muffins, and raspberry juice that can spread freshness in your mouth! 

“It looks so delicious!” 

“Dad’s the best!”


My proud father ripped off the leg of the main dish, roasted goose, and took care of Mom first.

“Elthea, it’s your favorite part.”

“Oh my gosh, Leo, you are really.”


I’ll cut it for you to eat.



“Did you swallow Then take a bite of the pancakes.”

“Yes, ah-.”

“I’m so glad you ate well.… Why aren’t you eating, guys Go ahead and eat.” 


I and Frintz answered without energy, realizing that we were pushed to second place.

“I feel like I lost my father.”

“……Dad was originally Mom’s, brother.”

The rest of the leg was left for Dad to eat, and I tore off the wings.

“Eat this, brother.”


I’ll also take care of yours.”


Let’s take care of ourselves.”

“Yes, Eli.”

Thanks to this, I reaffirmed our sibling loyalty and friendship, so I don’t think it was bad.

I and Frintz competitively ate the food, boasting our subspace inventory-like stomachs.

When I was resting while pounding my tummy, Dad announced in an exciting and proud voice.

“Eli, Frintz.

Mom has prepared a special snack for you.”



The long-awaited snack reveal has come.

“Don’t expect too much.” 

While Mom was coughing with a red face, Dad took out a snack, and at that moment my eyes got bigger. 

‘Cotton candy’

I was stunned because I didn’t know I would see it here.

“Ta-da! Mom made fairy cotton! Isn’t it amazing 

Fairy cotton was another name for cotton candy.

“I-Is this is fairy cotton”

It seems that Dad didn’t crack down on Frintz’s reaction.

Mom’s work was, to be fair, more like a devil’s cotton than a fairy’s.

That was because the blackened sugar was thickly entangled like a hook.

Mom also hesitated to say whether it bothered her.

“I thought it would be easy, but it was harder than I thought.

I tried it last night because Eli wanted to eat it in her sleep.….” 


……It seems that the habit of talking at night is still there.

I’m sure I cursed my cousin a lot in my sleep.

Even so, Mom decided to cook it because of my sleep talking…….

I felt a little, no, quite strange.

“That……Well……I can make it better next time.

Don’t force yourself to eat.”

I came to my senses when I saw Mom hiding the cotton candy behind her back in a sulky mood. 

It’s not the time to be absent-minded. 


“Yes, Eli…….”

“Give it to me.

I really wanted to eat it.” 



I took a big bite of the cotton candy.

It tasted more like dalgona candy than cotton candy.

A dalgona that was burned black, but even so.

“It’s delicious, really.”

It was the best cotton candy I’ve ever eaten.

It was even tastier than the cotton candy I bought, with the money I asked my family for while being called cheap and disgraceful, when I came home from the picnic in the third grade of elementary school.

“Thank you, Mom.”


“What are you doing, brother It’s really delicious! I’m going to eat it all by myself.”

“Oh, ah, no! Please give it to me too!”

The story of my past life related to picnic lunch boxes and handmade snacks was likely to be overlaid with today’s pleasant memories.

The afternoon schedule remained as the habitual training.

“W-Why Gasp, gasp, gasp….”

After running five laps in a row on the Iron Man obstacle course, I was catching my breath.

These days, physical training was carried out with sandbags on both legs, so the difficulty has increased.

Agnes, who was embodied in the air, folded her arms and revealed the reason for her ‘disappointment’.

“It was a month ago, why are you bringing this up now….No, more than that, that’s not something that can be overcome by working hard……”

Sniff, she doesn’t let me say anything.


I was instinctively a little afraid of The Vatican’s 1st hit Hell Instructor’s mental training.


Unknowingly, I swallowed his dry saliva, but Agnes smirked and loosened her expression. 

(Note: the word is 심법은- Deep Heart Way or Zen for some religions.

In wuxia, it can also allude to closed cultivation.

Since only “meditation” is lackluster, I used Mind’s Eye to specify it.

If anyone has a better word, I’ll take it anytime.


“Huh Really We are really doing it”

My eyes sparkled.

Learning Mind’s Eye means that we are finally starting to get used to Aura.


It was a rare theory class after a long time.

“The main difference is the color, right I like white.

Normal things are also very beautiful.”


Let’s raise the question.

“Is there any method that suits Instructor Agnes’ whip-sword technique”

This means that you have to separately train for whip-sword only.


I didn’t complain.

Because Agnes, a professional educator, made all decisions with me in mind.

In addition, accumulating a regular Aura that’s not used for the whip-sword does not mean that it’s useless.

When using swordsmanship and whip, I can use a regular Aura.

What Agnes taught me was the ‘Ragnar Bless Method,’ and it was the most basic method that paladin trainees in the Holy Country learned.


Even if you master this and feel the Aura, it does not mean that you will awaken it.

It takes a tremendous amount of practice just to feel, understand the flow, and attract it.

Those who have awakened are people who could form a core that accumulates aura inside their body.

‘It takes a long time for that.

So, I’m really grateful for the help of the system.’

If I achieve Rigid Body Lv.50 and Sword Skill of the same level, I will awaken the Aura immediately.

So, to be honest, I didn’t really need to practice meditation right now.

After the system awakens the Aura, it’s only necessary to increase the available aura capacity…

While I was thinking of that.

[ ‘Ragnar Bless Meditation Lv.1’ in progress.

Start accumulating aura.]

Dalgona cookie! I can even feel the taste!


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