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I couldn’t refuse the Count’s Young Lady’s fatal temptation. 


Because Bianca’s mattress was incredibly soft.

I had nothing to worry about because I washed up early after training, so I went straight up on Bianca’s bed.  Actually, it wasn’t even the first time.

I secretly slept with Bianca several times.

It might be troublesome if a commoner’s playmate is found to be getting this casual with the Count’s Young Lady, but it was okay because there were no servants entering Bianca’s room without her permission.

I lifted the blanket and tapped the seat next to me.

“Bia, finish your homework and hurry up.”

“I just finished.

I’ll go.”

We lay side by side facing each other. 

Feeling very tired, Bianca fell asleep quickly as soon as her head touched the pillow, and a gold light glittered on my necklace.

It sounded like she was complaining about it, but she had a soft voice.

“Of course.”

I whispered softly and closed my eyes.

It was time for a good night’s sleep to face a rewarding tomorrow.

A C-class dungeon located in the southwestern part of Gillette’s estate, ‘The Contaminated Crystal Cave’.

Although the boss was subjugated decades ago, it is a dungeon that has not been closed due to the production of various mineral resources.

Even today, adventurers lined up early in the morning to make a living working in the dungeon.

Taking off their jacket and holding a pickaxe, people looked more like veteran miners than an adventurer.

The subjugated C-class dungeon was nothing more than a regular mine.

Tung! bang! Tung! bang!

Lively sound of pickaxes hitting stone echoed throughout the crystal cave.

“I’ve never seen you before.” 

“I am working as a daily worker to earn some money.

Have you been working here for a long time”


I’ve been here since the boss was subjugated, If you take all those years into account, you can say I’m a miner now.


“Somehow, I thought your biceps were extraordinary for a simple miner.” 

“You have good eyes for a young friend! These are my pride!”

The inside was warmed with the heat of labor.

Beads of sweat flowed down the cool muscles that were wriggling with excitement.

Everyone in here thought their body was a precious asset and the muscles they have been constantly managing seemed to shine.

Around the time they shared information on nourishing food and drinks, and tips for mining.

Doom! Ta-ah! Doom! Ta-ah!

A dull vibration reverberated throughout the cave.

“Hey, what is this sound! Is-is this a beast!”

The part-timer was startled.

He was just a novice swordsman who couldn’t even awaken the Aura.

He applied for the job application believing in the words of the employment agency that this was a safe dungeon, but what kind of sound is this 

But others didn’t care at all.

The veteran man chuckled.

“Brother Fhenril has come to work today.

Indeed, even the sound of his pickaxe is different!”

“Bro-Brother Fhenril”

“Look over there, over there.”


Vibration echoed again from within the dark space pointed to by the veteran.

There was a man there.

A very famous middle-aged man to everyone in the area, who quietly started mining in this place about a month ago.

And the reason for his fame….

Doom! Ta-ah! 

Pussack! Crascking! Kuruwuru!

The inexhaustible power to destroy the dungeon with only the power of his body!

The part-timer was shocked.

‘Gasp! To have the strength to match that of an Aura user with just muscle power!’

Indeed, the middle-aged man called Fhenril was the owner of unusual muscles.

The lumpy biceps brachialis, the pectoralis major as wide as a wall, and the rectus abdominis as hard as a shield.

The flexing created by those muscles was truly an art, and the shape of his upper body was a well-balanced inverted triangle that could be admired even in geometry theory.

The light reflected from the drops of sweat rolling down the wheat-colored skin was dazzling.

The moment he flicked his bangs to wipe the sweat.


A breathtakingly handsome face was revealed.

He was the epitome of a muscular middle-aged man.

The part-time youth, whose mouth was open, came to his senses and decided to point out one thing.

“By the way, is that person younger than you”

“What kind of bull** is that! If he’s stronger than me of course he’s an Older Brother!”

When he heard the logic, the young daily part-timer thought that it sounded right.

Other adventurers in the cave were also looking at Fhenril with envy.

“If only I could touch those muscles once….”

“How does he prepare his food What kind of pills do I have to take for muscle supplement to get to that”

“Ah, I want to ask him the secrets to his muscles.

But I don’t dare approach……!”

Meanwhile, Fhenril’s pickaxe continued.

When he swung his back and hit the wall with all his strength……. 


A road that did not exist was created anew.


Fhenril looked down at his dynamic wriggling muscles.

‘The pectoralis major and erector spinae seem to be in very good mood.

The deltoids and lats seem to be a bit sprained, so I’ll have to train them today to heal them……Oops, it’s time to eat my pills!’

Fhenril hurriedly put the muscle-supplement pill into his mouth and chewed it.

The taste was bitter enough to paralyze the tongue, but it didn’t matter for him to sacrifice his sense of taste to prevent muscle loss.

Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! 

“Th-there’s a crack in the ceiling… … !”

“Ah! It’s collapsing! Everyone get away!”

A once-in-a-decade emergency broke out in the subjugated C-class dungeon. 

The ceiling collapsed and a beast appeared.

A massive wriggling body, a mouth with sphincter-like teeth, and acidic bodily fluids dripping down.

Someone said its name.

“Ac-Acid Worm!”

“Why, why are there still such large beasts……!”


“Ouch, aww!”

As the acid worm sprayed saliva, screams erupted everywhere along with the smell of burning flesh.

“W-We need to call someone who can fight……!”

The Acid Worm, which was the size of a house, was a C-class middle boss.

To get rid of it, at least one Aura Beginner must come.

However, it was impossible to find someone who could handle Aura, leisurely mining in a subjugated C-class dungeon.

Those with combat power at best in a slightly better level than ordinary, were confused.

They tried to run away, but a rockfall occurred when the Acid Worm appearance blocked the entrance.



The young part-time was in a crisis, isolated by the sudden fall of rocks.

The moment the monster’s disgusting mouth was about to hit him.


A pickaxe flew and struck the worm’s face.

When the Acid Worm, which had been stunned, flinched in place.


Someone rescued the young daily part-timer in a princess carry.

Leaping through the air, he looked down at the young man and asked.

“Are you okay, young man”

“What Ye-Yes!”

It was then that the young man realized that he was encased in a pectoralis major as wide as a plain.

“I-It’s Brother Fhenril!”

“Brother Fhenril saved the newcomer!”

The adventurers chanted the name of Fhenril with joy.

Some even chewed their lips out of envy when they saw the young part-timer’s hand that was gently resting on their brother’s pectoralis major. 


The Acid Worm, which had lost all its teeth and had to eat porridge for the rest of its life, was very angry.

He rushed at Fhenril, spitting out acidic bodily fluids.

“Bro-Brother Fhenril! It’s dangerous!”

“Avoid, brother!”


Fhenril did not follow the advice of his younger brothers.

His legs stood firm in place, like a breakwater that withstands the waves.

The moment when everyone closed their eyes at the sight of the Acid Worm rushing in a straight path.

Fhenril raised his fist silently and then.


The Acid Worm, which stopped with a fist stuck in its forehead, shrank like a spring.

In an instant, Fhenril lifted the Acid Worm with both hands, like weightlifting training weights.


And ripped it apart

The mouths of the people who witnessed the scene opened beyond normal surprise.

“O-our brother…was he an Aura user”


That was……just pure muscle power…….”

“Oh, my…… Brother.

It’s amazing…….”

The person concerned only checked the muscles as if he was not impressed with the situation.

“Hmm! The training wasn’t all bad.”

He ordered for those around.

“Come on, heal your wounds.”

“Ye-Yes, Brother!”

There were no serious injuries.

While the adventurers drank the healing potion they each carried, Fhenril finished cleaning and cleared the rocks that blocked the entrance.

It was at that moment when he quietly returned to his place and picked up the pickaxe.

His composure, which had been calm even in front of the worm, was finally broken.

“No! Where is my mind! If I don’t eat every 30 minutes, I will lose muscle……!”

Fhenril gave a look of dismay as if he had just lost his country when he saw the muscle supplement pills that had melted by the worm’s bodily fluids.

At that time, the young part-timer who owed his life shyly approached him.

“I……Brother, if you are in a hurry, even this….”

It was a finely-wrapped pill, Gillette’s lord certification mark and the label ‘Rodel’ stood out.

From the perspective of Fhenril, who has been consuming all kinds of medicinal herbs, it somehow felt more magical than normal pills.

“It’s not as good as the grace you’ve given me, but it’s my small token of gratitude.

Please accept it, brother.”

“Hmm! I’m not a person to be indebted to someone…….”

“I understand! Come on.

You are losing muscles right”

“Hmm! Right! Thank you for your kindness.”

Fhenril took the pill in one bite and chewed it.

As usual with medicines that are good for the body, he prepared for the pain on his tongue that he would feel in the future.


“Hey, this taste……!”

The taste of crispy deep-fried pork and juicy sweet sauce spread throughout the mouth.

It was more delicious than a decent dish, so it was like a shock in his life, who has been following a low-carb diet so far.

He also suspected that it might be a hallucination.

However, seeing his muscles rejoice more than ever, it was clear that he ate a muscle supplement.

“Do you want more”

“Oh, huh! Hmm……! I will not refuse…hum!”

“You will have an upset stomach, brother! Drink the potion while you eat!”

“Hmm! It’s a healthy-looking spinach color.

Thanks……No, how does a potion taste like juice!”

Taking a closer look at the glass bottle, he was able to find the name Rodel again.

“Alchemist Rodel……To make something like this…….”

Fhenril, who had been saved by the taste, shed tears of emotion.

“Brother Fhenril was moved.”

“Did he say alchemist Rodel”

The adventurers who were watching the scene memorized Rodel’s name.

Unintentionally enjoying an influencer effect, Ellet’s collaboration with Leonard quickly began to go viral, centered on the Tainted Crystal Cave dungeon.


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