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“Eli, Frintz! Listen to Dad! Do you know what I just talked about with the treasurer”


What were you talking about”

“This time, the Gillette family is establishing a business, and they want to be the first to distribute the potions that I made!”

“Wow, really”

“Yes! And he put forward very unusual conditions.

They said they’d charge the potion with almost no distribution margin at all!”

“Oh my god!”

“The reason is that there is a risk with it because it’s a company that was established to test Young Lady Bianca’s business skills, let alone worry, I’m even more convinced that she will do well.”

“I know!”

As if it were the first time I had heard something I already knew, I responded enthusiastically and thought in my mind.

It was clear that she made these conditions with consideration for this and that with words that would not be burdensome to my pushover father.

As expected, our Bianca is the best.

Frintz asked Father, who was hurrying to meet the date and the amount of delivery.

“Dad, are you selling apple juice-flavored potions and steak-flavored pills that Eli makes”

Frintz was always eating the poorly made products that had no transaction value.

It was worthwhile to give him herbal medicine to help him practice swordsmanship, so Frintz grew taller and had a strong frame.

“Yes! How did the lady know that I wanted to sell Eli’s potion as well Even I think those should be the main product!”

“Wow, we are going to get rich! What Eli made is just amazing!”


This dad is really, so proud of our daughter…….”

Dad wiped away his tears for a moment.

“I’m going to work hard and make a potion that’s as good as a Eli’s.” 

“It’s only a trick.

The healing effect can’t match the potion that Dad makes.

I have to work hard to become an alchemist like my dad!”

“My daughter speaks beautifully, too.

Let’s work hard with this Dad.

If the business goes well, the treasurer said that he had plans to open a direct sales store.”

“Oh! Direct Selling Shop!”

It is an alchemist’s dream to open their own potion shop.

Dad’s eyes were wet with emotion.

“As expected, Count Gillette is merciful.

How grateful I was since he accepted a fledgling alchemist who was wandering with two little kids….”


That’s not it, Dad.

If it wasn’t for Bianca, you’d still be a fledgling alchemist, who couldn’t even get the minimum wage while bound by a slave contract.

“I’m so grateful to even get connected with the new herb supplier.

Isn’t the quality of the herbs coming in these days really good In the past, herbal shops used to mix rotten things and rarely set deadlines.”

That’s because I’m the one delivering.

“If they can even get us these high-quality ingredients, the potion profit is coming to us almost in full……The Count’s share seems too small, is it okay….”

Ah, now let’s stop talking about this!

It is true that Bianca offered unconventional conditions for the convenience of our family, but it was I who was also supplying the materials, so it was not going to be to the extent that my father was worried.

It was impossible to explain them in detail, so I dismissed them briefly.

“Don’t you think Miss Bianca and the Treasurer will do a great job I don’t think running a business is something we should get involved in.” 

“Oh, yes! I had a little presumptuous thought.

I’m glad Eli stopped me.” 

We started discussing which potions to make.

We also actively accepted Frintz opinion, who was in charge of the tasting, so the atmosphere became more like a family meeting.

As soon as the contents were sorted out to some extent, production began.

Now all that remains was to do mechanical work.

When my father made potions and pills, it became a division of labor in such a way that I post-process the food and Frintz made the taste test.

As is common with those who started a business, our family was filled with hope and talked about dreams.

It started with a Frintz.

“What will Eli do when you have a lot of money”

I’m going to spend it on my Transmigrator exclusive cash shop.

“I should help you become a knight, Brother.

I’ll save the rest of my money for the future of your Knights academy.” 

“Ah, Eli….”

At the words of the Knights Academy, Frinz looked at me with admiration and emotion.

It will take quite a while of time because I have to stay there for 6 years, but I’m glad that he seems to like it too.

Frintz asked dad the same question.

“What about your Dad What do you want to do when we get rich”


The face of our single Dad, who had raised two children by himself while drenched in hardships, became dull.

“I want to visit the house we lived with Mom.

I haven’t been able to go there because I haven’t had time.”



The atmosphere became somber.

Ironically, my transmigrated body also lost her mother early.

Instead, this time, the difference is that she didn’t die while giving birth, but disappeared.

It was then that a watery tone started to form in my father’s voice.

“Your mother……She was a person who appeared out of nowhere and disappeared just as suddenly…”

“She ran away……hmph.”

Frintz covered my mouth.

“Shh, the next time we split the chocolate chip cookie in half, I’ll give you a bigger portion.”


This is the kind of negotiation I’ve heard a lot about.

Except coffee ice cream turned into chocolate chip cookies.

I mumbled while my mouth still covered by Frintz’s hand.

“It should be the part that has a lot of chocolate in it.”


Shush now.”

Frintz seemed to want to protect Dad’s beautified memories, but to me, the mother of my transmigrated body didn’t have such a good image.

‘A person who blocked the path of a brilliant young man!’

From the first meeting between Dad and Mom, something was strange.

It was a time when my father was being exploited in the Golden Ivory Tower.

One rainy day, Dad went to the forest to dig herbs to make a living.

Then he found an injured woman there and took her to his hut for treatment, after that, she settled down there with memory loss as an excuse.

After being rescued, she had the nerve to eat from the meager earnings of a young student.

As I was reminded of the old saying against picking up people on a rainy day, my father’s recollection began.

“She was a high-maintenance person.

It looked like she grew up being well-taken care of….but she was also strangely good at hunting, so she walked through the woods and caught animals, saying she picked them up on the way home.

Moreover, since she was always hungry, she often begged me to cook the stew quickly.

At that time, I secretly cried a lot while cleaning the intestines of dead animals….”

As he recalled those memories, dad had a happy face.

You really loved her.

My cheeks became even puffier.

That being said, my evaluation of a bad person who turned a brilliant young man into a widower did not change.

Anyway, the scope of the family that I accepted after I transmigrated was Dad and Brother.

It’s enough to care only about these two people, there’s no need to attach affection to the mother of a transmigrated body who I don’t even know the face of and is suspected of running away.

Perhaps noticing the dissatisfaction in my heart, Dad spoke in her defense.

“At a glance, it felt like she was living in a different world than us…… It’s not strange if one day she regained her memories and went back to where she came from…….” 

No, that’s just being garbage.

I’ve never had a mother before, but I can still say this.

“Don’t you hate her She left you with two kids and disappeared.”

“Not at all.

I’m always thankful for gaining two treasures.”


When I heard such a thing, I couldn’t complain anymore.

Then a piece of unexpected information came in.

“I don’t think Mom abandoned us.”


“Until now, I thought it was a dream and I didn’t tell you.

Actually, I saw Mom the night before she disappeared.

We also talked.”

“What Really, Frintz!”

Excited dad almost spilled the flask.

While I was fixing it, Frintz brought up the eyewitness record.

“I woke up in the middle of the night from a nightmare, and all of a sudden Mom woke up next to me and got annoyed at something.

Then she took a hoe and a plow from the yard and went into the woods.”


“I remember what she said back then when I called her by the window.

She said ‘It looks like some black cattle that don’t even know their place have come out of the cage, so I’ll go grab them’……I think it was something like that……”



Is it just me Doesn’t Mom feel quite unusual

“I’m sure mom had her reasons.” (Frintz)

“I also remember.

When I woke up, the tools used to grow herbs were gone.

I wondered if something went wrong when she went to catch something like a wild boar…….”(Dad)

For some reason, I had a strong feeling that it might not have been a wild boar.

What the hell was Mom doing 

‘Ah, I don’t know anymore.’

I put aside the questions I couldn’t answer right away and concentrated on making potions again.

The daily routine of praying early in the morning, stopping by the Dungeon Farm to supply herbs, and performing alchemy in my Dad’s lab continued.

There was a lot of work, but there was no shortage of time.

On the contrary, there was free time left.

It was thanks to the fact that the time flow of the Dungeon Farm was tripled if compared to real-time outside.

When I brought a scale inside the dungeon to measure the herbs, the daily production target was met in the early afternoon when I carried everything out.

Bianca was also busy taking successor’s classes.

With my personal spare time available, I decided to start an important task that I had put off.

[ I purchased the ‘Job Change Package (Combat)’]

[ Select ‘Aura Master’s Energy’ to acquire ‘Aura Awakening Quest’, ‘Physical Training’, and ‘Weapon Training’]

I bought the Aura package and opened it with the wretched heart of getting my one-year fitness membership canceled.



Now there is no turning back because refund is not possible.

(Note: Guess in Korea there’s no refund with cancellation.)


[ Gains ‘Rigid Body Lv.1’ through physical training.]

[ Gains ‘Basic Wood Swordsmanship Lv.1’ by ‘Weapon Training’.

If you change the main weapon, the weapon skill changes automatically.]

[ A conditional quest for awakening the Aura occurs.]

[ To become an Aura Master, you must first become a Sword Master!

Reach Rigid Body Lv.50 (1/50)

Achieve weapon skill Lv.50 (1/50)

– The currently registered primary weapon is ‘Wood Sword’, and the secondary weapon is ‘None’.]

These were the contents I saw when I gave the Aura package to Frintz.

Just by awakening the basic skill ‘Rigid body Lv.1’ and ‘Basic Wood Swordsmanship Lv.1’ my body already seemed to have changed a little.

I picked up a feather pen from dad’s desk and swung it around.

“Yap! Yap! Yaap!”

There was quite a disciplined and plausible attitude.

But after 10 minutes, I ran into a serious problem.

‘Why is my skill level barely increasing’


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