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As the dungeon was closed, the unprecedented dungeon burst that took place in the middle of the Vatican came to an end.

It was only two hours in real-time.

Only a few adult priests caught in the burst were found dead in the incinerator, but no children were killed.

The damage was small thanks to the swift subjugation and the doll debuff that was applied to the children.

It was a miracle that happened in a situation where it was impossible to deploy a rescue team.

The cardinals once more shuddered at the sense of Descent of Divinity.

There were expectations that it might be possible to identify the apostle this time around.

However, none of the survivors rescued through the closing gate had the divine power to cast Descent of Divinity.

In the end, the Cardinal Council concluded that the apostle of Descent of Divinity went inside the dungeon only to subdue the boss and suddenly disappeared after the job was done.

This was largely thanks to the fact that the silver-haired boy who had faced the boss until the last standing stigmata, testified that when he came to his senses, the boss had already been subjugated.

The silver-haired child was the ace among the stigmata, and because he was considered a guardian of the doctrine, no one could have imagined that he would lie.

The inside of the Vatican was crowded with parents trying to retrieve the surviving children.

The Cardinal Council mobilized healers to undo the children’s doll debuff, heal their wounds, remove any remaining Spider Lilies from their heads, and return them to their parents as soon as they were identified.

The only exception was the pink-haired girl that Thesilid had carried and rescued from the dungeon.

Ellet was unconscious with a seeping fever all over her body.

The healers judged that she was suffering from the shock of falling into a dungeon burst and gave her an isolated room.

Diseases caused by problems with the body’s immunity or mental health were not a specialty of healers, so there was no further action.

They didn’t even call a doctor or an alchemist.

Because the Vatican’s beliefs of authority rejected other forms of medicine.

Cardinal Cattleya was not able to look after Ellet often because she was busy with the post-processing of the disaster.

Since Ellet’s family was in the kingdom, not in the Holy Country, it would take a long time for news of her to arrive so they can come to pick her up.

Fortunately, there was someone who stood by Ellet’s side at a time when she was almost left neglected.

It was Thesilid.

Thesilid worriedly looked at her and placed his hand on Ellet’s forehead.

“Is this the God’s fever I’ve only heard of……”

He heard that God’s fever had no after-effects, but he couldn’t just watch it and do nothing.

Thesilid put the ice pack on Ellet’s forehead, rummaged through her satchel bag, and fed what appeared to be a potion for fever.

As expected, nothing worked.

Ellet radiated charcoal-like heat all over her body, exhaling with difficulty, one breath at a time.

His sea-blue eyes sank, unlike his usual reactions.

“Giving an ability that comes at a price like this….is very much like ‘Stick Order and Goodwill’.”

His self-talk made an uproar in another dimensional unknown to him.

[‘The World-building God’ is shocked by the harsh curse words.]

[‘The Scales that Judges the Soul’ laughs because he is a handsome boy who speaks well.]

[‘The Harsh Commentator who adjusts the balance’ says it’s a good thing that she doesn’t have to worry about being framed as a heretic.]

Thesilid was still looking at Ellet with gloomy eyes.

“It would be better for the Vatican to never know.

They might force her to use these powers.”

In fact, it should be considered a certainty.

Some of the leaders of the Vatican were more like politicians than religious people, and others gathered only the bad points of religious people and politicians.

Those who use people as tools, set up a cause, and force sacrifices.

What savory prey would a child who can use Descent be

At that moment, a young priest entered the room.

“Brother Thesilid, here you are.

You shouldn’t try to associate too much with an ordinary child in private.”

“……I will leave now.”

It was a dry exit, worthy of a pushover.

Left alone, Ellet’s condition did not change.

She continued to boil in heat and breathe with difficulty.

Then, the pendant necklace given to Cardinal Cattleya was tinged with brilliant gold.

[ The sacred relic ‘Friend’s Pendant Necklace’ absorbs enough divine power to react to the ‘Legendary Spirit of the Saint’ package.]

The light flew like a flock of butterflies and gathered by the bedside.

It soon turned into a human form.

It became a beautiful woman with flowing blonde hair and purple eyes.

The body, through which light was transmitted as it is, was highly sacred, even if she was a ghost.

She looked down at Ellet and opened her mouth solemnly.

To express her displeasure, a long finger pricked Ellet’s cheek.

Of course, her intangible figure put no pressure on her cheeks.

She stopped playing tricks and looked through Ellet.

As if to make an estimate

Who the hell was this woman talking with her purple eyes flashing brightly

The answer was given by the system.


[ A Hero-Class Saint ‘Agnes of the Whip Sword’ ego has awakened.]


Chapter 9.

The Vatican’s 1st  instructor


In the dungeon farm in the basement of Count Gillette.



I was squatting in the field and planting Elephantipes that I had gathered from the Vatican.

As we entered the finishing stage and raked the dirt, Bianca, who was squatting across from me, said with a sullen face.

“Do you know how surprised I was when you promised to come back safely, but came back with a boiling fever”

“Sorry for worrying you.

I didn’t know that I would get caught up in a dungeon burst in the middle of The Vatican of all places.”

“If I knew it would be dangerous, I wouldn’t let you go.” 

“Come on now, Bia.

Still, thanks to that, I was able to save a lot of children.”


I was grateful to Bianca for thinking of my safety in the first place.

Bianca swallowed what she wanted to say with a sigh, thinking that it was nothing more than nagging. 

“All right.

Tell me about your heroic deeds.”

“Yes! So, what happened….”

I worked hard to tell the anecdotes from the dungeon.  Bianca, who listened with interest, gave a brief review.

“The boy named Thesilid was quite helpful.”

“Among the stigmata, he is the most powerful.

Without me, everyone would have been annihilated except for him.”

According to the original story, Thesilid would have been the only survivor with a major trauma because of Ephael’s plan B.

However, such a crazy battle royale did not happen, and Hestio as well as Ephael were unharmed.

‘Then what happens to the original after the tutorial is over’

Around the time when doubts started to rise.

[‘The Spoiler Inspector’ blames you for twisting the original.]

Yes, I thought you were coming.

[‘The World-building God’ gets annoyed that the lame nagging about the original is starting again.]

[‘The Spoiler Inspector’ bursts out in agony because it’s the first time a transmigrator has made such a large error during the tutorial period.]

[‘The World-building God’ teases to watch a lot because it seems like it’s the first time seeing an S-class transmigrator.]

[‘The Spoiler Inspector’ opens his eyes in defiance.]

[‘The World-building God’ stares back in boldness.]

I thought they would call quits with the staredown, but soon after, World God got angry and fired messages one after another like a rapid-fire cannon.

[‘The World-building God’ criticizes the ‘The Spoiler Inspector’ to quit working on the transmigration project if he’s going to keep coming out like that.]

[‘The World-building God’ says that if they wanted to only reproduce the original, they would read the original instead of bothering to re-dimension it.]

[‘The World-building God’ shouts that they don’t want to see a puppet show, but want to see the souls of all living things carve out their own destiny!]

Wow, carving their own destiny.

I shut my mouth at the wonderful verse that touched my heart.

‘Oh my God.

How come the World God only says the right things After all, it is not for nothing that ‘word’ was included in the name of the God!’

(Note: This God has 언(word) in its name.

This is a pun.)

[‘The World-building God’ is proud of the praise of his first believer, ahem, ahem.]

[‘The Scales that Judges the Soul’ rolls her eyes and says the believer is seeing this god with rose-colored glasses.]

[‘The Harsh Commentator who adjusts the balance’ admires your social skills.]

The inspector was quiet.

It was clear that he had agreed to the perfect logic of the World God.

The fight ended, but my question was still unresolved.

After the tutorial, the original work begins.

And the beginning of the original is also the starting point of regression.

As soon as the original story begins, this world will have a branching timeline from episode 1st to episode 100th.

Out of all those hundred options, I finish my tutorial by falling on the 17th timeline.

‘Yes, episode 17.

The episode where the main character dies in vain at the hands of the final boss…….’

Let’s not think about losing motivation for now. 

Anyway, back to the story, the tutorial is commonplace to all timelines, but there are a whopping 100 episodes diverged from the original starting point.

If so, what is the status of the main character, which I changed during the tutorial, reflected in the original work

Is it only reflected in episode 17 If not….

‘World God, will the flow I change during the tutorial change the entire original work’

The answer was heavy.

[‘The World-building God’ answers yes.]

Startled, I asked again.

‘You say everything changes from episode 1st to episode 100th All of them’

[‘The World-building God’ says that in all episodes from episode 1st to 100th, the main character’s friends will be alive, and the skills the main character has shared with you will be applied.]

If you listen up to this point, you can say that it is good that the growth environment of the main character has been improved.

But if I’m right….

‘There are exceptions, right’

[‘The World-building God’ says yes for that, too.]

This is where the important part comes in.

I waited quietly for an explanation.

[‘The World-building God’ says your soul is the exception.

Because it comes from outside of the world of regression, it’s not copied for all other episodes.]

‘That means…….’

[‘The World-building God’ says that you are a unique existence that only lives in Episode 17.]

Extra Note! You can jump this if you want.

Let’s explain the concept of regression in this novel for easier reading.

1-> The original work starts when Thesilid is already an adult.

After he activates the regression skill(dies for the first time) he won’t ever regress until childhood, because his past never changed in all 100th episodes.

His regression always goes back to the starting point of the original(a little before his first death).

Hence he’s always an adult when he regresses.

2-> On the original Thesilid has no friends and no special tanker skills, because ‘Ellet’ didn’t exist, so his ‘past’ is unchanged in all his regressions, regressions from 1st to 100th .

Each regression is a new timeline, and if Ellet said there’s a 100 timelines, he dies a whooping a hundred times.

3-> Now ‘Ellet’ exits, remembering this is not the original work, it’s a real-world Gods created based on the original novel, and Ellet was transmigrated before the start of Regression(before ML first death). The Tutorial, is Thesilid’s past.

But now it has changed because Ellet jumbled things in the Vatican and messed the tutorial.

4-> Episode 17th means he already died 17 times.

But each time he dies, he goes to a different timeline.

Like changing a car from the right lane to the left lane.

It’s a whole new lane, a whole new timeline.

(Let’s not ramble on the fact that he might not die 17 times until episode 17th  anymore, because now he has friends and a nice special skill.

So Ellet might have changed a lot of timelines just by messing things in the Vatican.)


Our ‘Ellet’ only exists in Timeline(Lane) 17! And the explanation for what happens when he changes the timeline is in the next chapter.


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