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“No one asked you to be a hero.

You are not a saint, and you are not something special.

There’s no reason why you should sacrifice yourself for someone you don’t know.”


I was scolded by a ten-year-old.

[‘The World-building God’ says the guy can’t even use the return ability yet and still thinks he’s special enough to look down on an S-Ranked Transmigrator.]

[‘The Troubled Skyscraper Architect’ says that he seems to be talking nonsense while the discipline limit of his buff is exempted.]

[‘The Harsh Commentator who adjusts the balance’ feels that the weak mentality of the other gods, who comment on strange and nonsense things, was pathetic.]

[‘The Spoiler Inspector’ grumbles that there is an error in the main character’s setting of ethical values.]

The Inspector’s message brought me to my senses. 

Only then did I realize why I was so embarrassed that I couldn’t say a word.

Thesilid just violated ‘Humility’ and ‘Kindness’, committed ‘Anger’, and denied the spirit of sacrifice that is equivalent to ‘Charity’.

(Note: I looked up, and the right name is Seven Holy Virtues, I will fix the title later.)

It was an unimaginable violation of the rules for the usual Thesilid, but it was possible against me because of my privileges as a transmigrator.

‘It’s not always good to be exempt from rules.’

Thesilid’s confession of his true feelings had a great ripple effect on Ephael and Hestio.

“Hey, Hestio.

Did you hear that Why is he speaking common sense out of nowhere”

“I know.

I’m feeling chills right now.”

What is this reaction

It’s like I’m the one in charge of the pushover role!

I felt the need to fix the mood quickly.


It’s my fault.

I won’t do that again, so please relax your face.”


Sorry for being angry.”

Now that the conversation was over, it was time to reorganize.

I looked at the Grim Reapers flying around and suggested.

“Let’s go to a safe place.”

I didn’t forget to loot instead of Thesilid, who doesn’t care about trophies and rewards.

I took by-products from the fallen Mole doll and saw something shiny in the fireplace, so I shoved it into my inventory.

After searching for a suitable place, we entered a guest bedroom.

This time, instead of hiding in the closet, we moved the furniture and closed the door.

With the four of us sitting around in a circle, we decided to have a proper introduction time.

Thesilid stepped out.

“I will introduce you.

This is Ellet.

She can do alchemy and she has many potions.

And this is Hestio and Ephael.

You can tell by looking at the clothes, they’re also Stigmata.”

“Nice to meet you both, Thesilid friends.”

Ephael and Hestio’s expressions wrinkled again.

This time, it seemed that they were going to ask the person directly.

“Hey, Thesilid.

Did you really say that we were friends with your own mouth”


Why are you hurting our little doormat

It was then.



The sound came from two different places with a little lag in between, making it offbeat.

“You’re not friends Then we don’t have to share delicious food, do we”

I took out a delicious sandwich and held it.

“We are friends.

That’s right, friends.”

“He’s my best friend.

Best friend.”

“Really If you’re his best friend, I’ll give you another one.

Eat a lot, Ephael.”

“Oh, yeah!”

When I gave one more to Ephael, Hestio made an angry and sad face.

I can’t be cheap with food, and with appropriate reason, I also took one more out for Hestio.

“Be good friends with Thesilid in the future.”


Rather, it is delicious.”

“Would you like more”


In addition, with the warm heart of a parent who takes care of their children, I brought out drinks and other types of food.

Thesilid watched the scene with a slightly strange look.

During the time to recharge our stamina, we talked a lot.

Topics went from my subspace inventory, which was as mysterious as the stomach capacity of growing children, and how to detoxify children who took hallucinogens.

“You said you carried a wagon of detoxifying herbs How big is that bag Buy me that, Hestio!”

“Shut up.

Anyway, I knew it wasn’t Thesilid’s plan.

He doesn’t have the brains to do that.”


After we finished talking about Thesilid, we had a meeting.

“What shall we do now”

“We have to subdue the dungeon owner.”

To Hestio’s question, Thesilid answered firmly.

Ephael sighed and said.

“I wandered around the inside of the mansion while we were playing hide and seek, but I didn’t see any exit gates.

After all, it seems true that the gate is controlled even before the boss battle takes place.

External help is not an option.”

Hestio also helped share information.

“Thesilid, you may be aware of this, but the stigmata in the East and North annexes were annihilated.

I heard it from the Butler Demon.”

“Then we are the only ones left.”

The atmosphere became somber.

The outlook was negative when we looked at the odds of whether we could subdue an S-class dungeon with just four children.

I pointed out the positive points.

“The combination is not bad.”

Unlike the original, there is also an alchemist.

My capability may be low in middle battle, but I’m quite a healer.

“And I also know the way.”

Actually, we don’t need to do anything else, we just have to hype up and go to the front of the boss room.

Isn’t it

Perhaps my words had little encouragement power, for they had no effect on the renewal of the mood.

This time, Ephael stepped up.

“Ah, I’m not cut out for stuff like this.

Why don’t we just pray for the best”

“What are you talking about all of a sudden”

“You never know.

Maybe “strict order and goodwill” will grant a miracle Just like the last time, we might get lucky and the Descent might come.”


When I asked back in surprise, Thesilid explained.

“Not long ago, a Descent of Divinity was sensed from the direction of the Kingdom of Vinchester.

A new Saint has been born, so the church is looking for it.”


Oh, this is probably…….

[‘The World-building God’ is proud to say that the reputation of its first devotee has already spread to neighboring countries.]

[‘The Harsh Commentator who adjusts the balance’ asks if, from their point of view, it might become heresy instead.]

[‘The Scales that Judges the Soul’ says it’s fake that they are looking for a Saint, and it’s doubtful whether they actually dispatched a heretical judge instead.]

[‘The World-building God’ shouts around asking who is heretical, arguing that those people are the ones that serve a god who already left home.]

As expected, it’s about me.

I asked carefully.

“What does the Church wants by finding that person”

“Since it is a principle for those who awaken the Holy Spirit to obey the Church, they will be appointed as Saint or Saintess and then bear the responsibilities and duties accordingly.”

It meant that I was going to donate my talent for the rest of my life.

I did not want to eat the Vatican’s meal ever again, so I decided not to use Descent of Divinity in front of others.

Of all things, a Saintess.

I glanced at Thesilid.


“……Why are you looking at me like that”


-No one asked you to be a hero.

You are not a Saint, and you are not something special.

There’s no reason why you should sacrifice yourself for someone you don’t know.


The words that he told me earlier about me not being a Saint were past the expiration date.



Ephael picked his tempo again.

“Anyway, Plan A is subjugation.

If that doesn’t work, well, then we go ahead and move on to plan B.”

“What is Plan B”

“You also know it, Hestio.

Kill them all and be the last one alive.”

Ephael’s tone was playful, but those were not words that should be disregarded.

I jumped up before the atmosphere subsided again.

“If you’re done resting, let’s go to the boss room before the flowers grow any further.”

The flower on our heads could not be solved with a potion.

After getting rid of the Mole doll, the growth rate slowed down, but as time passed, it was obvious that the negative impact on the body grew.

“Okay, let’s go.”

The three stigmata stood up with wretched faces.



3rd floor of Count Orsche’s mansion.

After defeating four mid-bosses, we arrived in front of the Boss room at the end of the corridor.

“Are you ready Let’s go in.”

Ephael said while throwing away the potion bottle he drank.

After he found out that my potions tasted like fruit juice, I slightly felt like he was getting hurt on purpose.

“Ellet, when the battle starts, stay in the corner.

Don’t do anything that catches the Boss’s attention.”

Hestio took great care of me.

“Yes, don’t worry, I will avoid you because you are the number one target for attack.”


Thesilid, who played the role of opening the door like a dutiful tanker, said something as if trying to reassure me.

“As long as there is a dark purple flower on your head, he will not attack you.

Then, I’ll open it.”


The huge arch door split open and the gap widened.

[ You have entered the Boss room ‘The Count’s Office’]

A huge mahogany desk occupies a seat in front of a wall full of books.

Everything was big as if we had entered a country of giants.


With a vibration, the chair facing back slowly turned towards us.

There sat a middle-aged gentleman with an oval body.

“You finally came.

I was waiting for you.”

It was a bonafide last-boss line indeed.

At the gloominess of omitting self-introductions, the three stigmata sheep flinched as if they were intimidated.

For me, the system introduced a middle-aged gentleman, but….

[ The owner of the dungeon, ‘Count Orshu ███ ████’ appeared above ████.]

What are those blinds Is the system broken

‘World God, are you there Why is it like this’

There was no answer.

Did he intuit about bug rewards he would have to give and go into hiding Around the time my doubt started rising.

“Let’s go.” 


“Bite it, Ephael!”

While I was distracted by a system error, the three of them rushed in.

“Wait, guys! Now I…….what They are fighting quite well, aren’t they”

At first glance, the aspect of the battle seemed to be the three pushing the Boss back.

Count Orsche was only large in size, but his movements were slow and there were many gaps.

A fight in which they have the advantage.

It was completely different from the original.

‘Is it because I helped the three get in peak condition with potions and food’

It was strange to think that way and to be proud of it, because…

‘For an S-class dungeon, the Boss was too weak.’

After experiencing a few battles, my eyes developed quite a bit.

The Boss was slightly better than the Bears and Moles mid-boss we defeated today.

Of course, he wasn’t fighting properly, but I felt it was fundamentally not good enough to compare with Ardiman, who was an A-class dungeon boss.

Suddenly, an odd thing popped into my mind.

The entrance gate has been controlled from the moment we got into the mansion.

What did that mean

‘No way……!’


The heavy body of the egg gentleman fell to the floor and the expected congratulatory message of subjugation did not appear, of course.

“We did it……!”


As soon as I screamed his name, he instinctively retreated.

A few strands of his black hair were cut off with a fraction of difference.


The place where Hestio had been until a while ago was completely sunk.

As expected, they would attack the supporter first.

“Wh-what! Where is it!”

“It’s not the time to look around! Everyone gather!”

The obedient children came back after hearing my shout.

Thesilid looked around wary of our surroundings and asked.

“What the hell happened”

I opened my mouth and stared into the air.

“Yeah, it was weird from the start.

Why didn’t we get a gate when we just entered the dungeon If you think about it, it’s quite simple.

Because we’ve already met the Boss.

Come out now!”

The answer came back.

“……Oh, my lady.

You are also quite awesome!”


The space opened with the waves.

A young man in a luxurious coat, not a tailcoat, appeared with his fluttering white hair.

He politely bowed his back.

“Hello again, everyone.



[ Dungeon owner, 778th place in the Demon World, ‘Rodrigo Orsche’ has appeared!]


“I am the owner of this mansion, Count Rodrigo Orsche.”

Rodrigo disguised as a butler, but he was the real Dungeon Boss.


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