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I’m going to carry you guys.

Instead, let’s take a bus to the front of the boss room.

(Note: To carrry – is a player that disproportionately contributes to the advancement or progress of their team.

I know some of you are knowledgeable about this type of game-specific vocabulary, but I’m making notes for the readers that don’t know, so please, be patient until we get out of the tutorial lol.)


Let’s do that.”


I will do my best not to get in the way.”

As a sign of good luck, I gave Thesilid a fruit whipped cream cupcake.

“……I obviously fell into a dungeon, but how come I’m eating so well I have never eaten anything like this, not even on a holiday.”

“Eat well to fight well.”

“Even if I eat the food you give me, I won’t fall into the sin of gluttony…….”

“Really Then eat more.

This is chocolate tiramisu and peach milk tea!”


I appealed to the fact that I also had a digestive potion and fed Thesilid a lot of delicious things.

Meanwhile, I opened the system and looked at the map of the mansion.

The four annexes, which are divided into east, west, north, and south, are in perfect symmetry with each other.

The first floor of each annex consisted of a reception hall, a banquet hall, a kitchen, and guest bedrooms, and a maze-like hallway connected the rooms.

‘Let’s see.

To get to the boss room……’

Using my privileges as a transmigrator without regret, the contents of the original work were also checked in the integrated library.

It was easy to find the part I needed because I had bookmarked it in advance.

[Bookmark 473 – Reminiscences of a sweet potato sprout #Mansion of Toys #Childhood #Battle Royale]

‘Um, according to the original story, the young main character is suffering from poisoning and is still losing his stamina by fighting continually…… As expected, if you planted sweet potatoes, sweet potatoes are bound to grow.’

(Note: just a reminder, sweet potato = doormat =pushover.

Give sweet potatoes or eat sweet potatoes = experience a stressful situation, read an unsatisfactory book, be enraged and wronged enough to have indigestion.

Likewise, drinking cider is used for having the satisfaction of a long-waited desire being granted, the same feeling of having indigestion go away after drinking medicine.

The opposite of sweet potatoes.

This is the last time I’m using a note for sweet potatoes, and I will keep using those three adjectives when best suited for puns.)

When I was fully aware of the contents, Thesilid, who ate all of the chocolate tiramisu, informed me of an important fact.

“The energy of the Clown dolls has disappeared.

I think we can go out.”

It was when I carefully opened the closet door and left.


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