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“Khehehe! Die! Ya! Ya!”

“Yo-Young Master! Whoa!”

It was after the change of teachers that Count Gillette’s crazy fool, Romdio, began to become interested in swordsmanship.

The new teacher put forward a practical training policy.

Thanks to this, Romdio took up his wooden sword and indiscriminately slashed his servants.

He was in the middle of ‘training’, beating and knocking everyone.

The feeling of defeating those in a line one by one was as if he had already become the strongest knight on the continent.

“Heh heh heh! This is my sword! Come taste some!”

“Oh, Y-Young Master! Help me! Oh, ouch, oh, argh!”

“This little brat, you are not worth either! Next come, next!”

“Hiing, it’s finally over…”

The young servants did their best to pretend to be dying, got up, and ran away.

He gave wooden swords to the boys under the pretext of a training party, but how dare a servant raise the sword and attack a young noble.

They just realistically played the loser, raised the spirits of the young master, and quickly finished their turn. 

Romdio gasped and looked for something to drink.

Instead of water, all kinds of potions were placed on a simple table.

“Gup, gup, puha, aah!”

Romdio wanted to relieve stress again.

“Next… what, is it you”

“Yo-Young Master.

I look forward to your kind cooperation.”

Frintz Rodellaine.

The moment he saw the timid pink-haired pretty boy, Romdio’s wooden sword gained strength.

Romdio has long been unhappy with Frintz.

He was always been beaten, but he was smarter and better-looking than himself.

Even the name was Frintz! It seemed more luxurious than his, the Count’s heir.

“Take that!”

“Yo-Young Master! Oh!”

Romdio, full of malice, swung his wooden sword with all his might.

But Frintz instinctively avoided it.


It was immediately after drinking the potion, so the destructive power was enormous.

‘Ha, if he gets hit by something like that, he’ll be in big trouble!’

The plan to hit moderately as he did for other servants was withdrawn.

However, since Frintz could not attack, he only passively blocked or avoided it.

Romdio, who was angry, swung his wooden sword more menacingly, without even thinking about his weak arm muscles.

The servants who were watching swallowed dry saliva.

The responsible, the new teacher, should stop it there, but he was neglecting his duty and doing something else.

Romdio got more irritated as he groaned.

“You bastard! You only know how to avoid it!”

“What That, but, I can’t attack the Young Master…”

“Hey! Who told you to attack me Get hit! Why aren’t you getting hit It’s going to end when you get hit!” 

Judging by the murdering light in his eyes, Frintz thought that if he got hit, he might die.

“This bastard…that’s your true nature.

Is it not”

“Yo-Young Master.”

At that moment, Romdio’s meanness shone.

“Hey! Your little sister over there on the railing!”

“What Where……!”

“Kihehehe! Got you!”


Puck puck! Whoops! Puck puck peck!

In the face of low-level schemes, innocent Frintz collapsed.

Once he started to get hit, the vicious cycle of being paralyzed by pain and not being able to avoid it was repeated. 

“Uh, uh…!”

Despite being beaten at random, Frintz held onto his sword and did not let go.

The servants were restless and tried to get the teacher’s attention.

But the master was still not interested.

Instead, another person appeared.

“Kihihihi! Die! Die! Die…!”

“What rude behavior is this, brother!”

“Gasp! Bi-Bianca!”

His wooden sword, which slid from Romdio’s hand flew off and was nailed to the ground.

Right next to Ellet’s foot.

She carefully placed her hand on Frintz, who was barely breathing with his back curled up.

“Brother, are you okay”

“……Oh, Eli”

“I’m sorry I’m late.”


He was about to ask why she was sorry, but Frintz missed the timing as he was startled by his little sister’s voice that seemed to hold back her tearful heart.

Around that time, Bianca defended the Rodellaine siblings and faced Romdio together with his swordsmanship master.

“How long are you going to act like a child that knows nothing but being senseless”

“W-What I did wrong! This is swordsmanship training!”

“Training Then let’s talk with the new swordsmanship master.

Is it your educational policy to force the servants in here to suffer violence unilaterally when the hierarchy is already clear”

“Ah, Young Lady.

Th-This is… to give the young master an interest in swordsmanship…!”

“It is better not to be interested in swordsmanship that harms people.

I will tell my mother about this.”

“Hey, Bianca!”

“Ah, Miss!”

Romdio and his swordsmanship teacher grabbed the hem of Bianca’s dress.

“Eli, first take Frintz and treat him.”

“Yes, miss….Brother, can you walk”

“Uh huh.”

Frintz’s legs trembled but somehow moved.

Ellet glared fiercely at Romdio as she passed by him helping Frintz.

Romdio, who met her eyes, panicked and then roared.

“Wh-what! It was a fair match! What did I do wrong!”


“Hey, why did you just leave without saying a word! Hey! Sheeesh, I was going to make you my subordinate, but it’s cancelled!”

Ellet ignored his bull** and walked away from the place with Frintz.

I was angry.

It was a level of violence that went beyond what could be called a children’s fight.

As expected, a crazy fool was a harm to society. 

“Ah, Eli.”


“I, I think I can walk on my own now.

I’m very strong, so it doesn’t hurt that much… Ouch.”

“Let’s just walk like this, brother.”



“A-aren’t you mad at me”


“You have been quiet for a while…”

“… I’m not mad at you.”

So don’t bother talking because I think I’m going to cry again while answering.

I supported and took Frintz to Dad’s lab.

It was closer, and the alchemist was considered a healthcare professional no less than any other doctor.


‘Where are you going when brother’s sick!’

I later found out that my Dad was working outside because the Count’s incompetent herbal shop caused another problem. 

“Isn’t Dad there I’m glad I didn’t have to worry him.



Seeing him smiling brightly with an injured face made my stomach boil.

“Wait a minute.”

I immediately started the alchemy on a fury trance.

It was not enough to prescribe an effective ointment for Frintz with a completely bruised body.

There were also herbs harvested from the dungeon farm, so materials for the potion were sufficient.

“Are you making medicine I don’t like it because it’s bitter…”

“Take medicine and get well soon.

Let’s not complain, brother.”


With my skills, I can make a regular healing potion as simply as boiling ramen.

The flask was filled with liquid at the end of stir-frying, steaming, and squeezing the ingredients without sparing any.

[ ‘Highly concentrated healing potion bitter enough to paralyze the tongue’ has been completed.]

Refining with too many ingredients had a slight adverse effect.

[ Congratulations! Awaken Alchemy Lv.8 by achieving the proficiency required for leveling up.

Level up ‘ Significantly Increase in Alchemy Effect Lv.5 (Passive)’, ‘Creative Inspiration Lv.1 (Passive)’]

In the meantime, I even leveled up.

Creative inspiration What else is this

‘I’ll have to feed him the potion first and then take a look at it slowly… No, wait a minute.’ 

Suddenly, the candy glass bottle on Dad’s desk caught my eye.

I wanted to make him drink after taking some measures instead of just giving the potion to Frintz, who can’t eat bitter things. 

I took out a few candies at an idea that came to my mind in the spur of the moment, and also brought dried herbs that were like weeds rolling around in the lab.

The potion was mixed with the purple liquid made by repeatedly distilling in a bath.


“Eli! Are you okay!”

“Cough, cough, it’s okay.

More than that, it’s complete.” 

“Hey, is this medicine I-It looks a little strange…….”

“It’s the result of my hard work, so don’t hesitate to drink.”


The spout of the flask and the weeping Frintz lips touched.

I could see that he was holding his breath and chugging it down on one shot for fear of the bitter taste.

However, by the time the potion was half-swallowed, the situation changed.

“Huh This is delicious!”


“Yes! It tastes like grapes! It’s like juice!”

The original function of the potion was also excellent, as the bruises and swelling disappeared and the wound healed

“Wow, this is a delicious potion, if you sell it, it will sell very well!”

“Really With this, I can pay for brother’s military academy tuition.”


I grabbed Frintz’s hand as he tilted his head.

“Brother, while I was making potions, I thought about it.”

“Uh, huh”

“I think revenge should be done on your own.”


Frintz glanced at me, startled at the bleak words.

But I wasn’t looking at his face.

More precisely, I was looking at the inverted triangle icon floating above Frintz’s head.

[ ‘Frintz Rodellaine’

Has swordsmanship potential to awaken the Aura.

Their future as a swordmaster who is admired by the continent depends on your decision.

Success guaranteed investment is only 11 million cash!


There was nothing to worry about.


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