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Chapter 5.

System update


Immediately after using Descent, I lay ill for two full days and received nursing from Dad, Frintz, and visits from Bianca.

As the name suggests, God’s fever was so high that I had to stay in bed all the time.

Most of the time I was in a state of confusion even when I was asleep or rarely awake, but it seems like I had a lot of worried people around me.

Oh, and even the Gods did.

[‘The world-building God’ sighs, it didn’t know the skill would have such aftereffects.]

‘Oh, God.

Since when have you been here’

[‘The world-building God’ answers that it came back a little while ago.]

I was thankful to God in many ways.

Wasn’t it possible to safely attack the dungeon thanks to his determination to even write a formal letter of apology

I bashfully laughed.

‘It’s was only for a short time, but it was great because it was really strong.

Seeing that an A-level boss was fried in an instant, I thought I could hit and destroy an S-class dungeon alone.

Wouldn’t it be roughly equivalent to the main character in episode 20’

[‘The world-building God’ says that the power of Descent may become stronger in proportion to your potential.]

[‘The world-building God’ gave advice, but told you not to overuse it.]


I have to get strong by myself.’

[‘The world-building God’ says you had good thoughts and encourages you to faithfully engage in prayer, training, offering (paying money), and preaching in the future.]

Even though we were on the same mind on prayer and training, I laughed a little at the offering and preaching.

‘That’s right.

As expected, the shortcut to level up is offering and preaching.

A cash shop dedicated to transmigrators where you can buy abilities and skills.

A pyramid scheme that strengthens the buff effect as you increase the number of believers.

Wow, that’s just great.’

[‘The world-building God’ let out an hm-uhm cof, and suggest that you use the line ‘multi-level marketing’ rather than ‘pyramid scheme.’]

‘Yes Yes.

I will.’

As I was talking about the sacred pyramid scheme, I suddenly realized something new.

‘The faith of the people here is affecting God.’

In fact, so far, I had a rather shallow mindset that I only transmigrated in a stressful novel.  However, seeing an actual God build up its faith in this place, makes me think that the world I transmigrated to has the same set of values as the earth in my previous life.

One real world.

Being destroying.

Perhaps the souls of the people living here are also real.

The only god who had dominated faith in this world was the one who abandoned everything. 

If the ‘The world-building God’ expands its reach, it might be good for this world as well.

“Eli! Are you feeling better now”

“Yes, I’m fine now.”

“I’m really happy.

I was very worried.”

When the news spread that I had gotten up after two days, Bianca came running to greet me.

I deliberately showed off my health and clenched both of my fists.

Actually, I was in good shape.

After the penalty was over, my body was not as bad as a person who had suffered from a fever until recently.

It seems that Bianca did not disclose what had happened in the dungeon to anyone.

It was difficult to reveal to others because ‘Descent of Divinity’ was costly, and technically, it was a borrowed power.

So I was going to tell her to keep it a secret, but Bianca had good judgment as the next head of state ought to be, quick-witted and clever.

Therefore, the fact that two of us got inside a dungeon and came out after overthrowing the owner was quietly buried, and the cause of my sickness was attributed to overwork, which greatly reduced my work.

Taking this opportunity, I decided to spend less time learning to cook and make tea, because I had learned enough.

It seems that alchemy is the best fit for me rather than cooking and tea ceremony.

At the place where Dad, Peisha, and Isela gathered, I made a cautious remark about my choices.

Daddy’s face was red from emotion but he made a serious face not to show that he was in a good mood.

Chef Peisha and Maid Isela showed a sign that they wouldn’t give up on me, saying that there was still time.

To be honest, before speaking, I was a little worried that both would be disappointed in me, but it was quite the twist.

They seemed to be the type that burns more brightly over things that are not easily obtainable.

But my intentions were clear.

Because selling healing potions for adventurers makes the most money.

In order to survive in this rough world, ability alone was not enough.

I had to have money, too.

At this point, it would be good to re-read the original work to organize the dungeons frequented by adventurers and the strategy information for each dungeon.

‘Oh, come to think of it.’

Speaking of dungeons, I also had to make a decision about the disposition of the dungeon that belonged to me.

The fate of the dungeon where the owner was subjugated is largely separated into two choices.

The first is to keep it open to adventurers.

The difficulty of dungeons without an owner is significantly lowered, and valuable new material resources such as beasts and by-products of monsters, special plants, and minerals can be obtained within the dungeon, so many dungeons usually take this route.

The second is closing, as in, closing and destroying it.

This decision is made when there are no valuable resources or the dungeon is too dangerous.

I had to say that the dungeon I dealt with this time met this condition.

It is a cemetery with only common bone-type monsters and no special plants or minerals, after it was swept away with divine power, now it has become a wasteland with no value.

In addition, the location is not good because it has a parasitic status in someone else’s house, which should be a safe area.

So, if you think simply, it’s right to close it.


It was my first land, and I felt a little bit sad.

I decided to pause the disposition for a while and talked to Bianca.

“It puts a lot of strain on your body to use that power, right You were fine just before passing out.”


“It’s best to hide and not use your power as much as possible.”

“Come to think of it, I think Bia must have been in trouble because I collapsed in the dungeon at that time.

You had a hard time bringing me to the exit, didn’t you”

It was when I felt sorry to think that young Bianca had arduously carried me around.


I was fine because I got help.”



The skeleton demons helped move you.”


It’s an amazing new fact.

Were there any surviving skeletons Besides, they helped us


I asked them to help me instead of just looking at me, so they did.”

It was easy to imagine that it would have been a dignified command in line with the Count’s successor.

On the contrary, I was convinced.

“Hm, they were deep underground, so they seem to have survived, but they seem to have a habit of obeying orders because they are a corps of slaves used by Ardiman… Oh, yes! That’s right!”


A thought suddenly popped into my mind.

I immediately took out the passive skill book I received as a dungeon subjugation reward.

[ ‘Notoriety that resonates in the underworld (Passive)’

The undead who sees you falls into ‘fear’ abnormal status.

Note: The weaker the undead, the better.]

‘Evil reputation! Gives Fear! Good!’

My eyes shone with that piece of information, I opened a cash shop dedicated to the transmigrators and paid for familiar products.

[ I purchased the ‘Exchange Package (Non Combat)’.]

[ Selected ‘Druid-like Farmer Hands’ to awaken cultivation Lv.1]

The healing potion business was in need of a constant supply of medicinal herbs.

I smiled with joy.



I grabbed Bianca’s hand, which had a suspicious look in her eyes.

“Bia, get up! I have a place to go!”

Skull Soldier No.

1004, that was the name given to him.

Of course, it wasn’t like that from the beginning.

However, like his bones and joints that wear out over time, the name in the memory was worn out and forgotten, so, only the number remains.

It was when the place name Gillete was not yet engraved on the map of the continent. 

Skull Soldier No.

1004 went on a training trip according to the long tradition of the family.

He traveled all over the continent to sincerely complete his various missions, and now there was only one thing left to do, that is the return to his castle and succeed the family.

So, while rushing to return, he passed by the vicinity of the present-day Gillette estate ……


– Prince, avoid!!

– Ugh!

A dungeon burst occurred on the way, and they fell into an A-class dungeon.

– Kuhahahaha, welcome!!


Shortly after being warmly welcomed by the necromancer Ardiman, he and his party became Skull Soldiers 1004, 1005, 1006, and 1007.

It was then that the cruel life as a slave of the demons began.

Hard shoveling work to expand the cemetery was basic duty, and on days of watch duty, he had to stand guard to see if adventurers invaded or not.

On days of subjugation, they had to be beaten at the forefront as Ardiman’s skeleton shield. 

He couldn’t even count how many times the bones of his body were divided into tens or hundreds of pieces and repeatedly attached back.

‘Ah, I can’t do this anymore! Someone, please save me!’


His inner scream only resounded as a sad boney-friction-like sound.

One day while longing for the end of his hellish slavery, Ardiman was finally subjugated.

Skull Soldier No.

1004 was moved by the thought that he could finally face the Rest of Death.

‘Even though there are no graves to lay down the body nor a tombstone with names engraved on it, but still, this is finally…’

But then.

“From now on, I will turn this land into an herb garden.

Therefore, from here to there, should be completely cleared out.



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