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“Qi-ge, Qi-ge, thank you, really.” Hu Ying happily said while eating bread.

Beside her, Su Yanxi, who was also eating her bread in small bites, saw Hu Ying spray out the bread that she was eating in her mouth and immediately laughed.

Mu Qi also laughed, slapped the back of her head, and said with a smile: “Wait until you’ve finished eating before you talk. look at the bread you sprayed, you’ll clean it up later.”

“I know Qi-ge.” Hu Ying grinned and said with no care.

Mu Qi looked at Su Yanxi’s smile, her eyebrows bent, and could not help but scrape her nose, and said: “You also eat quickly, eating like a little mouse.” 

Because of this intimate action, Su Yanxi and Mu Qi were in a daze, and the two people shifted their eyes in unison.

However, Hu Ying, who was sitting opposite them, showed an ambiguous smile, and with her chin resting on her hand, she said: “What’s the situation with you two”

“We don’t have anything.” The two people said in unison, and after speaking, the two people looked at each other again then turned their heads away again.

Hu Ying made an “Oh......” sound with a look of disbelief on her face.

Mu Qi coughed, stood up, and said: “Are you full If you’re full, come and play a game.” 

As soon as Hu Ying heard about playing a game, she immediately stuffed the bread in her hand into her mouth, clapped her hands, stood up, and said: “I’m coming.”

Mu Qi said: “You can finish cleaning up the table first.” 

“Ah......” Hu Ying immediately showed a dispirited face.

Su Yanxi said: “You guys play first, I’ll clean it up.” 

Hu Ying’s eyes immediately lit up, and happily said: “Really Thank you, Yanxi.” 

When Mu Qi still wanted to stay more, Su Yanxi smiled at her and shook her head, and said: “You and Hu Ying play first, then I will come.”

Mu Qi sighed, patted Hu Ying’s head, and said: “You, ah.” 

Hu Ying smiled and ran away.

By the time su Yanxi came over, Hu Ying was already being abused by Mu Qi, and said while crying with a sad face: Qi-ge, give me a break (!), you’re not letting me experience the game at all.” 

(!) 你讓讓我啊: No idea how to translate this, based on the individual meanings of the characters, it might be something close to ‘you yield to me’.

DeepL translated it as what I wrote above, and since that makes sense in this context, I left it as is.

Mu Qi said: “If your skill is no good, then don’t blame me for abusing you.” 

Hu Ying immediately looked towards Su yanxi and complained tearfully: “Yanxi, quickly take care of your family’s Mu Qi, make her give me a break.” 

Su Yanxi’s face immediately reddened, and hung her head low in embarrassment.

Mu Qi looked at Su Yanxi, then slapped the back of Hu Ying’s head, and said in a low voice: “What nonsense are you talking about”

Su Yanxi saw that Mu Qi didn't have an opinion on that aspect, and lowered her eyelids to cover up the loss in her eyes.

Mu Qi smiled awkwardly at Su Yanxi, then said: “Come, let’s continue playing the game.”

“Okay.” Hu Ying immediately regained her spirits again.

Mu Qi smiled and said: “Yanxi, come too.”

“Okay.” Su Yanxi said as she pulled the corners of her mouth into a smile.

While playing the game, Su Yanxi was always absent-minded, her gaze seemingly falling on Mu Qi.

Just as Hu Ying turned her head to talk to Mu Qi, she immediately saw Su Yanxi’s meaningful look at Mu Qi.

She thoughtfully took the cola beside her, bit the straw and drank from it. 

“You’re dead again.” Mu Qi turned her head to look at her. 

Only then did Hu Ying regain her senses, put down the cola, and continued to play with her.

In the evening, Hu Ying and Su Yanxi came out of Mu Qi’s house together, and waved to Mu Qi, who was standing at the window.

Then, the two people walked towards the community gate together.

“Do you like Qi-ge” Hu Ying hesitated for a while before she spoke. 

The corner of Su Yanxi’s mouth showed a trace of a bitter smile, and her gloved hands clasped tightly together.

With a gloomy voice, she said: “So what if I like her, Mu Qi does not have such thoughts at all.”

Hu Ying, for a moment, did not know how to comfort her.

She patted her shoulder and said: “Cheer up, I believe that you guys will surely be together.

“Thank you.” Su Yanxi smiled.

“Then, I’m going.

Be careful on your way.” Hu Ying waved her hand.


On the way back, Su Yanxi was a little lost, thinking that today, Mu Qi denied Hu Ying’s words.

She stomped her feet angrily. 

Mu house. 

Mu Qi was watching TV while her thoughts were completely on this afternoon’s events.

Hu Ying’s words had bothered her.

At that time, she impatiently denied it, but now, thinking about it, the girl’s look when she finished speaking immediately changed.

Thinking of this, Mu Qi slapped her forehead in annoyance, and didn't have the mood to continue watching TV.

After their interactions this semester, she found herself caring more and more about the girl.

When she cried, she immediately didn't know where to put her hands and feet (!).

She did not think about it much at that time, but now, thinking of this, perhaps she truly cared about the girl.

(!) 手無足措 (to not know where to put one’s hands and feet): to feel helpless, to feel flustered

The more Mu Qi thought about it, the more certain she felt.

Looking at the time, it was now nine o’clock.

Thinking that the girl usually sleeps at ten o’clock, she immediately put on her coat, took her keys, and went out the door. 

After Su Yanxi returned home, she immediately sat in front of her desk, and next to the desk lamp, wrote in her diary while thinking of Mu Qi.

The more she thought about it, the angrier she became.

She puffed out her mouth and her eyes reddened with anger. 

At this time, something knocked on her window, and was startled, and nervously looked at the window. 

At this time, the window was knocked by something again, and at this moment, she saw that it was a branch, and immediately wrinkled her brows and walked over, thinking to herself why there would be a branch outside the window.

Su Yanxi’s house was on the second floor, and Mu Qi stood on top of a stone, holding a long branch.

Standing on her tiptoes, she raised the end of the branch and knocked, and just as she knocked for a second time, the girl immediately appeared by the window.

Su Yanxi looked down, and when she saw it was Mu Qi, her eyes immediately brightened.

She opened the window, and cried out in surprise: “Mu Qi!”

“Come down.” Mu Qi smiled and waved at her.

“Okay.” At this moment, Su Yanxi completely forgot the unpleasantness in the afternoon.

She put on her clothes, and secretly opened the door of her room.

Seeing that her parents were asleep, she immediately stepped out of the room, walked to the main door, softly opened the door, then quickly went out.

As she excitedly ran down the stairs, her heart was still thumping.

When she reached Mu Qi, she recalled this afternoon again, and immediately suppressed the smile on her face.

She walked towards the other and asked: “Mu Qi, did you come over to find me for something”

After seeing the girl, Mu Qi seriously looked at her, and softly said: “Yanxi, you...”

Seeing her hesitating to speak, Su Yanxi puffed out her mouth and said: “I’ll go if you don’t say anything.” 

“Hey.” Mu Qi immediately pulled her to stop, pursed her lips, and finally, when the girl did not react, she pulled the other party into her arms.

Su Yanxi was in a daze by this sudden hug, then with a look of disbelief across her face, the corner of her mouth bent up. 

“Yanxi, I like you.” Mu Qi embraced the girl, and said softly: “Although I'm still not completely sure, however, thinking of you being unhappy, immediately makes me unhappy, so I immediately impulsively came over.” Finally, Mu Qi, who was a little embarrassed, lowered her voice, really blaming herself for being too impulsive and thinking of coming over immediately.

Although these words were a little irresponsible, Su Yanxi was still very happy to hear it.

With both hands, she tightly embraced Mu Qi, and happily said: “I also like you.” 

Su Yanxi sat in front of her desk and touched her forehead with her hand, thinking of Mu Qi giving her a kiss on her forehead just now.

Remembering it made her feel that her heart was stuffed with honey and was extremely sweet.

Lying on the bed, Mu Qi entered the land of dreams with a smile on the corner of her mouth.

The next day, Hu Ying found that there was something different than usual feeling between the two people.

She narrowed her eyes in concentration and looked at the two of them, then moving to Mu Qi’s side, she lowered her voice and asked: “What’s the situation with you guys”

Seeing her gossipy look, Mu Qi pushed the top of her head with her finger, and said: “Are you a nosy parker (!)”

(!) 八婆 (nosy parker): A meddling woman; A derogatory term used to describe a nosy woman, or a long-tongued woman.

“You're the one who is a nosy parker.” Hu Ying snorted at her, then her gaze fell on Su Yanxi.

She took advantage of Mu Qi’s inattentiveness, and moved closer beside Su Yanxi.

She bumped her using her elbow, and with a low voice, she asked: “Yanxi, what’s the situation with you”

Su Yanxi’s face immediately turned red, and feeling embarrassed, she looked at Mu Qi, then said in a low voice: “We don’t have anything.” 

Looking at her expression, where is there nothing, it’s simply a big deal (!).

(!) 看她這表情,哪裡是冇什麼關係,簡直是關係大了: Not sure how to translate that last part, but its probably saying that there's obviously something big that happened between the two of them (aka MQ and SYX)

She narrowed her eyes, and showed a trace of a bad smile.

While playing the game, Hu Ying sat beside the two of them.

She remembered that Su Yanxi was in the middle, and would from time to time push towards the side, this way, making Su Yanxi frequently fall on Mu Qi’s body.

After several times, Mu Qi’s character was killed by Hu Ying’s character because she wanted to support Su Yanxi up.

However, she was not angry at all, and even carried a smile on the corner of her mouth.

Hu Ying boasted loudly: “Hahaha, Qi-ge, you’re dying, you lose.” 

“Naturally, I’m letting you.” Mu Qi said with a smile on the corner of her mouth.

“Really” Hu Ying raised her eyebrows, leaned her head to the side, and smiled.

Mu Qi looked at her ambiguous expression, and narrowed her eyes at her. 

Hu Ying immediately laughed and withdrew her gaze


Naemjyu's note: I'm a little bitter that the author didn't even write in the forehead kiss scene LMAO


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