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5. Education As a Demon Race


I got reported.

Good day everyone, this is Jilbagias who was sitting in the small bone chair in front of my demon race mother who was sitting in her chair while reclining her legs.

I ended up receiving her full sermon after spending the whole day exploring the demon king castle instead of studying.

This chair was the so-called 『 Self-Reflection Chair』.

It was so bad to the point that my ass felt like it was sitting in the road with many small and sharp pebbles―― Otherwise called ass slayer―― that seems to be used to reprimand subordinates or naughty children.

In fact, this small bone chair was just the right size for me.

But then, the adult inside me(and my natural pride as a demon race) was truly embarrassed when I was forced to sit in this kiddy size chair.

Screw that, I honestly hate this chair.


My mothe folded her fan with a snap and called my name.

「… Yes, mother.」

Up to this point, I still had some resistance in calling her mother.

My mother was the only one after all.

Her blue eyes were looking at me with a look that shouldn’t be directed at children.

This cold beauty of the demon race whose gaze sent a chill running down my spine was my mother, Platyfia.

By the way, her pet name was “Platy”, and though it was such an adorable name that betrayed her cold demeanour, it seems that only the Demon King and her relatives called her that name.

… Seriously That Demon King actually called her 「Platy」 when it was just the two of them I could hardly believe that.

Maybe it was a gesture to get along with Platy herself.

「I know that you want to become strong.

Well, this might be a nice thing.」

Platy was starting to say something that was completely unrelated to what I thought right now.

「Well, it’s fine even if you hate studying.

I mean, no one expecting you to become a scholar after all…」

Platy brought her face closer as she looked into my eyes.

「『You will become the Demon King, Jilbagias.』」

Her eyes were muddy with passion.

The air feels heavier.

I knew from experience that whenever Platy showed this side of her, she often repeated those words as if trying to brainwash me.

And worst of all, she did it ever since I was a baby.


And then, Platy would stare in silence as if to gauge my reaction.

… No matter how many times you repeat those words, I would never become a demon king, my goal was to kill the demon king… That’s why stop looking at me with such eyes since I’m gonna have trouble reacting to that.

Platy who seems to be half bewildered seeing me sinking into silence with a sullen look on my face then heaved a sigh and leaned back on the sofa.

「Good grief, he might be my son but… his egoistical side is troublesome indeed.

What’s your opinion in this regard, Sofia」

「I agree with you, my lady… but, he’s actually not that stubborn.」

Sofia nodded in agreement with Platy as if she was bored.

「Jilbagias, do you really hate studying that much」


There was no need to hesitate if I got asked whether I hate it or like it.

「Well, I understand your feeling… I was just like you when I was a child after all.」

Platy was massaging her temples with the face of a mother who was facing difficulties in raising their children.

「Honestly, it’ll be really troublesome if you still can’t read or write when you grow up in the future.

The matter of becoming demon king aside, you won’t be able to read your subordinates’ reports too.

And worst of all, you’re going to be looked down upon by the people around you… Yeah, I wonder what the mother of the other princes and princesses will say when they know about this…」

Her beautiful face warped into that of an enraged demon when she spoke the latter half of her sentence.

「The 1st prince Aiogeass almost mastered the basics of reading, writing, and calculation by the age of three.

And his mother kept boasting about that in front of me.

That’s why I’ll be troubled if you don’t learn it faster than him…!」

The more she spoke, the more I felt that Platy’s current expression absolutely mustn’t be shown to the others.

Even the folding fan in her hands ended up breaking since she forgot to control her grip strength due to her mood.

Maybe she just came from a battle between mothers… I thought that I couldn’t say anything in this situation but, this was where I misunderstood the situation.

『I』 knew the minimum of reading, writing, and calculation.

But, 『These fellas』 thought that I-a brat- couldn’t count past the number of my fingers.

… This was clearly a difficult situation, rather, I might have really lost my life for the second time.

I used to think that the time I spent on reading and writing was useless but, no matter how much I love exploration, there was only so much I could do in my current age.

But still, I also had no idea what to do to break the situation since I was always running away whenever I was ordered to study until now…

And just when I thought so.

「Right then, I got a good idea.」

Platy who was racking her brain too was tapping on the armrest of the sofa.


「Yes, my Lady.」

「I’ll allow you to use force whenever Jibageass refuses to study.」

Sofia started jumping in joy upon hearing Platy’s remark.


I looked at Sofia with a dumbfounded look on my face.

So you are really annoyed inside while having to cope with my selfishness with that troubled look on your face! Well, I’m well aware that I did act like a shi*tty brat though!!

「Uhm, yes…」

Platy was ponderi—wait no, she readily agreed to it.

Seriously, at least worry about me.

I mean, we are royalty, you know Definitely not the punching bag for the attendant.

「But it’s not the time to use that method yet.」

… Yet

「Please avoid the kind of injury that needs medical treatment.

This child is way too young to know the pain of the battlefield.

I’ll be troubled if he becomes inept who was afraid of hurting himself.」

「So how much I can beat him」

「Some bruises will do.」


Sofia raised a delightful cheer upon hearing that.

That smile―― was truly befitting of a devil’s smile.


We mustn’t turn it into a meaningless quarrel either, it’ll be in the form of a match.

Moreover, he mustn’t be overly exhausted or bruised since he can’t learn anything in that state.

We’ll set a rule for this match.」

And then, Platy had finally noticed that her folding fan was broken when she tried to unfold it.

The night elf maid who stood quietly in the corner of the room then presented a replacement folding fan.

「Jilbagias, If you really hate to study, you’ve to defeat Sofia in a match.」

Platy told me so while hiding her prideful smile with her folding fan.

「If you manage to land even a single strike on Sofia in hand to hand combat, you win.

In that case, you’re free to do whatever you want.

On the other hand, if Sofia manages to make you fall thre-… no, five times, you lose.

In that case, you’ve to accept your fate and study for one hour.

And we’ll repeat the match once that one hour has passed.」

… What a, generous condition…

「Won’t Jilbagias have the advantage in that kind of situation, My Lady」

「Oh my, I’m imposing that after considering your strength though.」

Well, I might have the body of a five years old kid but that much of a handicap is fine for me.

Sofia was quite petite herself but her figure could barely fulfil being called an adult.


For us, the Demon race 『Power is everything.

If you want to behave as you please, you must have enough power to do so.』」

Aah, how I missed that annoying, demon-like provocation.

「Use this experience to grow stronger… Sofia, what’s today’s subject」

「I have yet to decide that, My Lady!!」

Sofia revealed a delightful smile as she replied to Platy.

「Say, Sofia… how do you plan to fight」

It was a simple question.

One shouldn’t judge a devil by their appearance.

I, of all people, knew that the best thanks to my experience fighting the devils during my hero era but compared to those devils, Sofia was… didn’t seem to be a combat specialist.

「E~h, I’m a devil of knowledge you know what do you think is the first thing every one of the demon race will learn from me」

Sofia replied with an extremely refreshing smile and added.

「Everything, from hand to hand combat to spear arts! Not to mention I can reproduce all of those skills to perfection!」

It was a refreshing smile but, I could feel a lot of resentment behind it.

「Then… there’s no objection to Young Master’s 『Education』.」

Hahaha, ain’t that what you’re waiting for

This lowly intermediate devil…

「Well then, Young Master.

You’re going to study obediently, right」

… Not even trying to mask your true intent eh

Well, I did notice my misunderstanding a while ago and intended to take my study seriously to avoid unnecessary trouble.

But, obeying obediently―― Ain’t Demon Race’s style.


I stood up from my chair and replied immediately.

「I see.

Well then…」

And Sofia revealed a smile as if she was enjoying this situation.

「It’s time to study, Young Master.」

Her red and black butler attire flashed.

The next moment, her punch headed straight on my face.


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