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38.1 Night Elf’s Stronghold

Good day, this is Jilbagias who knows that my acquaintance in my previous life as a hero had actually been held captive by a night elf.


What should I do now


After returning to my room, I secretly made a plan in my mind while pretending to read a book on  the window of my room.


『You should think what you want to do first.』


Naturally, I… Want to save her.


I mean, that has always been the case.

Even back then when I fought against those human soldiers, or to the humans who were used by me as a scapegoat to heal my wounds, I wanted to save everyone.


But… The situation didn’t allow me to do that.


The same goes for this case.

If I couldn’t save her, I wanted her to at least die without too much suffering.

I might be able to fake my anger and make it look like I killed her by accident during my rage.


『… You prefer death for this one eh.

That’s rare coming from you.』


It was a much better choice after all.

If I was reborn as forest elf, I would kill myself as soon as I knew that I became prisoner of the night elf.



I often see the corpses of a forest elf on the battlefield.

Most of them were those who became prisoners of the night elf.


―― I remember their corpses that I saw on the battlefield.


Just what in the world they went through before they died Honestly speaking, death might be a salvation for them.


『Uhm… That’s cruel.』


Even the demon god of taboo who saw my memories was astonished by the gruesome conditions of the corpses.

The night elf’s tenacity and passion to put forest elves into all kinds of suffering was simply over the top, not even the egotistical demon race could rival them.


『I hate those night elves.

Who knows how much power of taboo I would get due to their deed.』


Eh, why did you hate them then


I mean, their deeds make you stronger, right


『Sure, I become stronger but, it’s poor… Let see, if I have to express what I feels when I gained power from them it’s like…』


Ante pondering for a while before she spoke again,


『Yes… Using the expression in your previous life, it’s as if they tried to make you fat by shoving a pipe into your mouth, and you’re forced to swallow a lot of raw fat, can you understand that feeling』


Dammit… It’s that bad huh.



I ended up imagining Ante’s figure becoming fatter and plumpier in that way.




Her phantom hands came out from my chest, and then poked her fingers into my eyes.




It didn’t hurt me physically or anything but, the sensation is still there dammit!


「… What’s the matter, Master」

「N-Nothing… Just a small insect flew into my eyes… Not a big deal.」


Look, Garounya ended up looking at us in worry! You’re way too careless!


… Seriously, what’s wrong with you


『You can actually start making plans after investigating the current situation beforehand and make a second plan from there.』


Save her or kill her painlessly eh… Guess that’s my only choice.


Anyhow, since this was the night elf we’re talking about, let’s hear the details from the said night elf herself.



「Hey, can you answer some of my questions」

「Yes, what is it」


I tried to ask a night elf’s maid about the captured high-elf.


「Of course, this humble servant knows about that matter…」


The night elf’s maid very, very, very, very rarely showed their expression and yet… She let out a sadistic grin when I asked her about the high elf.


『Guessed with only that much.』


No doubt about it.


「I never see the so-called high-elf.  Moreover, according to what I know, that person is the sole survivor of the alliance raid.

That makes me even want to see that person in their current sorry state…」


And just as I expected, when I said so with a fond look on my face, the night elf maid was even more delighted.


「To be honest, the person in charge of that high elf prison is my relative.」


The maid spoke proudly, her long, pointed ears were twitching non-stop.


「It’ll be an honour if Jilbagias-sama is willing to visit our place.

Please look forward to it since the person in charge will come in the morning.」


The night elf maid bowed politely.


Today’s experience.


The night elf would be more than willing to cooperate-heck, they will even do it without payment- when it comes to torturing the forest elf.


It’s great that they’re willingly cooperating with me…


The next morning, I received a message that they’re ready to give me a tour.


The night elf maid from last night―― It seems her name was 『Vigne』―― Became my tour guide in the night elf fortress.

To be honest, even I couldn’t help but be bewildered by the speed of their response to my request.

I mean, I was prepared for them to reject my request…


Their night elf’s fortress, AKA residential area located in the northern part of the demon king castle.

It seems the entire area was given to the night elves.

Even when I explored the demon king castle, the guard over there shooed me away gently, saying that it was still too early for me to enter the place.


Now I could freely enter the place since Vigne came with me.

The gatekeepers who were equipped with a composite bow opened the gates and invited us to come inside.


――That moment, I saw another world spread out before me.


Just like the simple room of the night elf who worked in the demon king castle, their residential space was―― Dazzling like a starry night sky.

The walls and the ceiling were coated with jet-black paint, they used that paint to receive indirect lighting from a mirror or lamp, making it glitter like a sea of stars.


The numerous pearls-like ornaments embedded in the ceiling reinforced the image of the starry night sky even further.

It was a really gloomy place, even by the standard of the demon race.

Maybe this darkness was just right for the night elves thanks to their night vision.


The wall was decorated with treated woods which combined together to form geometric patterns and numerous mysterious talismans.

Rather than a district in the castle, this place was more like a bustling shopping district due to how many people were inside.


And every single one of them was a night elf.


「My apologies for polluting Your Highness’ eyes, our district is―― Not well-liked by many demon races.」


Vigne bowed politely.


Sure enough, with this number of ornaments, many apathetic demon races with zero sense of art would despise this place.


「Uhm, to be honest… This place isn’t that bad.」


I chose a safe reply.

In fact, I was well known as an 『Oddball』 by Platy’s subordinates.

Also fairly tolerant of the culture of the other race.


「It is just a bit darker.」


And added a “Demon Race-like” complaint.

I had no idea if she understood what I meant or not but Vigne revealed a faint smile on her face.


The residents’ line of sight gathered upon us upon realizing that an outsider had entered their district.

Thus, the situation inside was bustling like a shopping district as soon as the gates opened.


But different from the adults, the night elf children were running around without even caring about us.



「Welcome back!!!」



The kids who ran in the corridors rushed toward us as soon as they saw Vigne.


「I’m still in the middle of my job! So please go back for now!」


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