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37.1  Unexpected Truth

The line of petitioners or government officials didn’t show any sign of reduction.


The front-line guy reported that they need more reinforcement and supply to maintain the frontline.

And the demon king immediately stamped the document signaling the demotion of the one who sent the petition for more supply and reinforcement to the frontline instead of sending reinforcement and supply.


Regarding the 『Goblin-Ogre quarrel in the demon king army』, the representative of the ogre sent a petition for rebuttal.

The heck, that’s a **ing trivial matter.

Just ask someone else will ya.


It seems that the conflict between the night elf official and hobgoblin official were intensified.

Both parties’ representatives presented candid advice in which the content was literally dumping the blame on each other.

The night elf who claimed that the hobgoblin official should be fired wasn’t considered as malicious in my opinion, while the hobgoblin asked not to be placed in the same workplace as the night elf.

The demon king couldn’t choose between the two and just said 「I’ll investigate this matter」, before moving to the next one.


A certain demon race, and another demon race whose territory were next to each other was raising a ruckus about water rights.

The demon king grumbled as he massaged his temple and then read the submitted materials while hearing each party’s report, and finally decided to settle the matter with a duel between the two parties’ representatives.

He then stamped with his seal after the official wrote the agreement.


U~hm… This is the demon king’s job huh…


It was far cry from the level of administration of justice and government of human countries, I mean, this looks like the job of village chief in kingdom scale… Rather, everything seems to be overly relying on the existence of the demon king.


It was too incomplete since the one who did the job was an extremely tough race who didn’t die from overwork despite the mountains of jobs.

But then, things were barely kept at a stalemate.

Even though the way to do this kind of job more efficiently was written in the library…


「What do you think… Jilbagias This is the Demon King’s job…」


After around 2~3 hours doing those trivial jobs that there was seemingly no end to .

The demon king who declared a short break, drank tea with a lot of sugar and asked me with a disheartened look on his face.


I enjoyed your suffering, demon king.


Seeing you suffer from overwork was one of the biggest enjoyments I saw for the last few years…!


「It can be used as a reference.

But there’s seems to be a bit too much job.」


Contrary to what I thought, I replied with a proper manner.


Various problems that happened inside the demon kingdom were truly good references for me.

I had to keep them in my memories since that information might be useful in the future…


「…You… Seem to enjoy it…」


The demon king was looking at me as if he just saw a creature from another world.


「What do you think Will you continue your study and take after me to do this government job」

「My goal… is to become a strong warrior that surpasses you, father… Not a government official.」


I swear that I didn’t say those words because I hate paper work… While averting my gaze from mountains of documents on the demon king’s work desk.

Hearing that, the demon king muttered 「I see…」 with a dejected look on his face, drank his tea and muttered 「I see…」 again.


Seriously, don’t feel depressed from this trivial matter, will ya.

You’re the demon king, for heaven’s sake.


「… His Majesty, the 1st demon king should have done this kind of job too, right」


From the description in his book, he seems like a broadminded person.

Though I really couldn’t imagine him as someone who would sit in his chair, doing his official duty.


「He did.

But, honestly speaking, the demon kingdom’s territory isn’t as big as now, father―― The first, left everything to his subordinates, even the fairly important matters.」


The demon king muttered so with a sour look on his face.


「 Thanks to that, things became a mess when I took over.

Corruption, embellishment, playing truant… I forgot how many times I reshuffled the officials due to those problems.

It doesn’t really matter when an inferior race does that but, it’s our demon race you know Ironically, the inferior races are the ones who are working diligently.」


The demon king groaned till he showed his teeth―― It seems he really got pissed off whenever he recalled those particular events.

Rather, was that the reason why the government officials from the demon race were… the minority  I mean, are they really… embezzling funds


Knowing the general outlook of the demon race, the fact that they wouldn’t be satisfied unless entrusted with authority was as clear as day.


「… do eldest brother(Aiogias) and eldest sister(Rubyfia) know about this exhausting job」


I tried to change the topic since I felt that the demon king’s mood had hit rock bottom due to the previous topic.



But they… Got tired after looking at me working like this in less than one hour.」


The demon king did his best to do his job but the long line formed outside of the office seemed to be endless.

After heaving a sigh, the demon king drank his tea, and asked the butler to pour another cup.


Seeing this spectacle, I wondered just why in the world everyone wanted to become demon king.


「Aiogias said 『I’ll finish it ASAP』 filled with confidence.

Rubyfia on the other hand said 『If it can be set aside, I’ll set it aside and finish it later』.

They thought this as someone else’s problem…!」


Since the demon king snorted, looking at me full with expectation again, I averted my gaze.

Like hell I’m going to free you from your suffering!! Even though I’m your son, I was a former hero that you killed seven years ago!!


「… Speaking of big brother, I heard that Topazia(sleeping princess) is Aiogias’ achilles heel.

Do you know about this matter, Father」

「Aah, that story huh.

I know about it.」


Said the demon king as he sipped his second cup of tea.


「Aiogias was always soliciting Topazia when she had just entered the palace.

Well, she’s the princess of Corvut tribe who’s famous for their architecture, after all, definitely someone he wanted to add to his faction―― And yet, she ignored Aiogias and said that she wanted to be on Rubyfia’s side.」


And then, some day, a few days after the sleeping beauty made her contract with the devil in hell.


「Aiogias who went to pick up Topazia to invite her to join his faction, obviously- along with her personal attendant didn’t come back no matter how much time had passed―― Lazriel went as far as crying to me.

It had caused a small uproar too.

After looking around the castle, we found both of them taking an afternoon nap in the garden.」

「Afternoon… Nap.」


The two are seemingly getting along with each others―― Not to mention that all Aiogias’ attendants were there too.」


The demon king let out a light chuckle.


「Jilbagias, you might’ve noticed that Topazia has made a pact with a sleeping devil.」

「Sleeping devil You mean the devil of sleep」

「According to Topazia, they seem to be a purer existence than the devil of sleep.

Since I never met that devil, I also have no idea about them.」


Ante, do you know about that Sleeping Devil


『Basically sleeping version of succubus.』


Topazia… Sleeping beauty


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