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36.2 Demon King’s Office, HERE I COME!


So you realized it too, right Demon King.


Aah… Their mothers are THOSE after all.

This time must be the time for exchanging ideas without the influence of their mothers…


「Moreover… This is the result after researching humans.

Living creatures tended to have mutual affection during a meal together.」


… I ended up smiling wryly upon hearing that.


「Even though I know that the conflict between my children in the near future is unavoidable… I hope they did so due to their duty, not their hatred toward the other party, and this occasion is the bridge to ease the relationship between you guys.」


The Demon King was smiling wryly, knowing very well that it might be just a pipe dream.

It was a bitter smile akin to the bitter after meal tea.


「Well then, since you say that you want to see me working.

Follow me.」


I left my seat in silence.



Since this is something that you wished, I will not take a no even if you feel bored in the middle.」


The Demon King suddenly reminded me before he opened the inner door.


「But still, I’m curious about your job, Father.」



I’m not lying.

I’ll keep a close eye on you like a bird of prey…


「Okay, as you wish.」


Thus I followed the Demon King to his office which was located in the deeper part of the palace with a triumphant smile on my face.

That place could be said to be the centre of the Demon Kingdom.


And different from the throne room, since this room was purely for practical purposes, the decoration was next to nothing, various materials, a huge map, cupboards, blackboard, a huge crystal ball for communication, talisman which seems like a really strong one, and many other things were… Crammed together into the room.


In that room, the elite officials of night elf, devil, and rarely one or two demon races were working with the documents before them.


「There’s less demon race than I expected.」


Was this the reason why the night elves or devils became so proficient Even though the demon race was the one who advocated the formation of the kingdom, why are their numbers in the minority The number of officials from the demon race was even less than my expectation, which was already really low.


「It’s truly a serious problem indeed.」


The Demon King spoke with a grim look on his face.


「By the way, do you love studying, Jilbagias」

「… Eh」


He asked with an unexpectedly serious look on his face.


「… I hate it when so much knowledge is dumped together in a short amount of time.

What I like is researching something that aligns with my interest.」


I’ve really changed a lot in this life, I mean, the me in my previous life would surely have fell asleep in less than three minutes after reading a book, or twitching non-stop if I forced myself to continue.


「Uhm, which lesson are you interested in the most right now」

「Well, I guess military affairs and the art of war is unavoidable… And I’ve read cyclpedia or illustrated books during my spare time.

Next is… Have you consider elvish poems as something that sounds boring, Father」

「Nope, I never think that way.

That’s good then.」


He replied so while brushing my hair.


「I don’t  know if you notice this fact or not but let me tell you that we, the Demon Race, attach too much importance to martial arts.

That might be natural for the old generation but, the one who were born in the last few decades still think that way too… Jilbagias, I’ve a book that I want to recommend to you.」


The Demon King looked at me with an extremely interested look on his face.


「What’s the title of the book that you want to recommend to me, Father」

「『Chronicle of Demon King Founding Nation』.

The book was written by my father… the 1st Demon King.」


… Aah, no wonder.


Demon King, you… Are the inheritor of the 1st Demon King’s will


「I’ve read that book.

I also understand… The First’s intention.」

「Really! So you’ve read it already! That makes things faster then.

A smart child like you should’ve already realized the current predicament of Our Demon Kingdom――」


The Demon King spoke.

Properly speaking, the Demon Race whose territory is growing larger and larger at breakneck speed should’ve already developed in all kinds of areas at this point.

At this point of time, with their intelligence and magical power they should’ve started to develop more cultural activity than military activity.


「We can’t continue the war forever.」


They would inevitably hit the wall.

But, even if the demon king was a literal pinnacle of warrior in demon kingdom, everyone dismissed it as 「He’s Demon King after all」, as if that wasn’t bad enough, they even pulled the leg of the people who started to show interest in cultures by calling them 「Weakling」.


And when the demon king tried to spread cultural arts, he met with the opposition from older generations who say 「Are you trying to spread those weakling cultures now――!」.

The demon race are really troublesome bunches after all…


I felt that way upon seeing the demon king’s troubled look.

Yeah, this guy was a demon race too after all.


That was actually a pretty simple problem.

For example, he could actually distribute an ornamental flag or spear as replacement for a medal of meritorious service during war or… created a personal crest for them, no one is going to complain if it was something they got directly from the demon king―― Or something along those ways.


Naturally, I had no intention to tell him that.


I mean, keeping them as muscle-brained idiots was the most desirable situation for me.


「Woops, my bad, we ended up straying from the topic.」


The demon king snapped out from his thoughts and finally entered his office.

Against my expectation, the demon king’s office was neat.


There, I saw mountains of parchment and documents on top of a huge desk which occupied half of the room.

That moment, I heard a deep sigh from the demon king who saw those mountains of documents.


「Lo and behold, Jilbagias.

This is the Demon King’s job…」


I decided to sit in the small chair in the corner of the room, observing the demon king’s job.

The back of the demon king who was sitting in the luxurious, throne-like chair was awfully sooty for some reason.


「Your Majesty! The documents over here――」

「Your Majesty! This is the report from the frontline――」

「Your Majesty! There’s a quarrel between the night elf and hobgoblin――」


The officials kept coming one after another.

That moment, I realized that the demon king whispered 「――【We’re Demon King Gordesgias】」 to strengthen himself.


「Be quiet! Line up over there, you can go one by one!」


The demon king then started to attend the national affairs, one by one while stamping on the document on his desk.


―― And he said this is boring How ridiculous.

On the contrary, I couldn’t let go of my eyes from this spectacle.


This place was the place in which the problem that needed the demon king’s decision clumped together in one place.

It wasn’t a matter of interest or not―― More like the matter of showing the weakness of the demon kingdom.


I should arm myself as much as possible with any kind of information about the internal situation in the demon kingdom… I devoted myself to memorizing every single word of the report from the officials.


Ante, you help me too.


『E~h, me too!!』


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