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36.1 Demon King’s Office, HERE I COME!

Good day, this is Jilbagias who enjoyed another heartwarming meal with my siblings and father at the end of the week.

Just like yesterday, I went to the palace, dressed in fashionable attire(from a barbarian’s perspective).

I brought my obsidian knife and the bones of the soldiers that I defeated back then which had transformed into a round, whip-like ornament hung on my waist.

It wasn’t as flexible as Platy’s flexible spear but I could use it as an emergency spear shaft.

Though I’m sure that there would be no fool who would dare to attack me in the open right when I was in the palace… I still brought it, just in case.

When I arrived-Just in time- Spinezia of 『Food Fighter』 had already started her warming up with heaps of hors d’oeuvre placed right in front of her.

「Ah, hello.」

I greeted my sister whom I felt little hostility with―― The least one was naturally the sleeping princess―― amongst my siblings.

Though I had no idea what she thought of me in her mind, the figure of her eating desperately was harmless indeed.

That’s why there was no need to bare my fangs to her, for now, that is.

「Uhm, mogumogu.

You come early too huh.


Though she spoke with a mouth filled with food, I guess it was normal for everyone to come late.

Though I hate 『Waiting』 for someone, I didn’t hate to wait if there’s something to 『Look Forward to』.

Thus began, the battle to see who will come last―― Which ended as soon as it began―― which is reasonable since the Demon King, who had a tight schedule became extremely enraged in the past due to this matter and banned it completely.

Ever since then, another rule stated that even the Demon King could only come 10 minutes after the start at the latest,  no one shall enter the room once ten minutes has passed.

Having said that, the Demon King who came at the very last second was considered as naughty as his children.

For that reason, there was an unspoken rule amongst my siblings about the schedule of entering the dining room.

The moment I knew that I honestly… Exasperated.

「Are you requesting something too Mogumogu.

There’s a side benefit.


「No, I’ll be waiting for the others.」

Since the chef had already calculated the cooking time for each menu down to the second… I didn’t wish to crush the 『Arts』 of the fella whose name I didn’t know.

A while later, a sluggish-looking Diagias came.

I nodded to him but he ignored me.

He ignored Spinezia too.

Before this, his image in my mind was definitely not a normal person but, once I saw the strongman who defeated many elf spellcasters and heroes, he was painfully different from the image of a strict military man.

Maybe the rumour about him being a womanizer, even his sluggish attitude, all of that was a mere act so that his opponent would underestimate him…

Following that was the green bast*ard, Emerges.

Since he went all out to greet me with 「Quite early today eh, keep up with such attitude」 I returned his greeting with a light nod.

I might have ended up blowing my fuse if I spoke to him.

Calm down… It’s not the time yet…

A while later, Rubyfia came with our sleeping princess(Topazia) on her shoulder.

The girl… had actually used her boss to carry her to and fro the dining room eh…

「… What’s the matter If you want to say something, just say it.」

Rubyfia glared at me with stern eyes while placing Topazia in the chair next to her, like a girl placing her favourite doll.

「No… I just want to know if there’s a meaning behind big sister’s action coming in that way」

When I came last week, the meal was about to begin, thus we barely spoke to each other.

「Fufufu… This child is the bane of Aiogias.」

Rubyfia squeezed our sleeping princess’ squishy cheeks as she spoke with a daring smile on her face.

「As long as this child is here, that man won’t be able to act too overbearing.」

… Seriously~~~

… This doll-like sleeping princess is actually that aweso~~~me

Though I honestly didn’t want to see his face, I looked at Emergias’ face and confirmed that he had a cynic smile on his face.

It was a smile which told me that his boss didn’t find it was a problem to tell me that fact, and then―― He seems to be envious of our sleeping princess too.

Honestly speaking, his current expression was a mix of those two emotions.

Seeing that, I realized that Rubyfia was telling the truth.

「You can ask for the details to the said person himself.」

Rubyfia told me so with a meaningful smile on her face and went to sit down at her own seat.


I’m sure that the content would be a humiliating story for Aiogias though.

Rather than asking him, it would be faster if I just ask the Demon King about this matter later…

「――Hou, it seems everyone has come huh.」

Just as I expected, Aiogias came in the nick of time.

Everyone in the dining room―― Safe for the sleeping one―― Unintentionally cast their glance toward him.

「Uhm, what’s the matter」

「Nope, it’s nothing.」

Though I saw Rubyfia send a sidelong glance in my direction with a stifled smile on her face, I ignored her.

I plucked off one of the soldiers’ bones and played with it on my fingers right under the table to distract myself.

Though it could be used as training for magic, it could be used as a toy too.

After they’re dragged all the way to the demon king’s castle, not even their remnant was spared after their death―― They really have such an unfortunate fate.

Sorry… I’m really sorry for doing something like this to you guys…

『Are you doing solo self-punishing Count me in too.』

Ante spoke from inside my body with a dumbfounded voice.

「――Everyone has come huh.


Finally, the Demon King came.

He spoke with a dignified look as usual.

「Well then, let’s begin.」

The moment the Demon King sat in his seat, the waitress brought in the beverage.


In conclusion, though the meal was wonderfully delicious, the content of the conversation was trivial.

I mean, you guys barely spoke dammi*t.

The Demon King would bring up a topic occasionally to someone as if it just came to his mind and spoke one or two sentences.

But, the conversation didn’t continue beyond that.

Or rather, I get this feeling that these people were intentionally focusing on the taste of the food.

Well… I might end up creating an awkward situation if I opened my mouth carelessly.

The Demon King looked completely relaxed only during the meal―― Maybe this time of the week was truly a time for heart-to-heart exchange for these people…

After the meal was finished and everyone left the dining room, I asked the Demon King.

「I can’t ask this during the meal since it will cause an awkward situation but, is there any reason for this meal together」

「Sure enough, I ended up not telling you about this matter last week and this week.」

The Demon King shrugged his shoulders lightly.

「Sometimes―― In an extremely rare situation, there’ll be an exchange between factions.

Regardless of the clan.」


Sofia… Nanny girl


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