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33. Seeking Power


――The crystal ball cast black light when I touched it with my hand.


「Pure darkness attribute.」


Platy nodded halfway as if she had expected this result.


「Darkness is it…」


Maybe I look quite speechless right now.


『YeeyYeey, Your magic is of darkness attribute.』


I frowned upon hearing Ante cheer from inside myself.


Good day, this is the Demon Prince Jilbagias who found out that his attribute was pure darkness from an appraisal.


This crystal ball seems to be able to differentiate the attributes of those who touched it.

By the way, the holy attribute wasn’t included in it.

Because according to Ante, holy wasn’t among the attributes that formed this world.

it was a curse created by the human race… Thus, it was natural for the crystal ball to not react to it.


Magic attributes varied differently depending on things such as birthplace, race, or lineage.


In my previous life, my attribute was the fire.

I was called by the name of Hero Alexander of 『Holy Flame』―― Not like I was the sole holder of that 『Holy Flame』 title though.

In short, that name didn’t specify the individual.


「What’s the matter, Jilbagias Are you dissatisfied with darkness」


Platy herself, who also had a pure darkness attribute, was asking me.


「No… I just think that fire attribute is better.」


Since the Demon King Gordesgias has dual attributes, namely darkness and fire, I hoped that I could inherit my fire attribute from my previous life too.


I mean, fire attribute had absolute firepower, extreme compatibility with holy attribute, and provided magic resistance toward the enemy with the same fire attribute.

In short, fire attribute was theoretically the best anti-demon king army.


『Going by your theory, doesn’t that make water attribute as good as fire』


Sure enough, its spells of protection against fire were really powerful but… It made water magic most suited for support.


『How typical of you…』


I was more suited for fire after all.

No doubt about it.

I mean, whether it was demon race, devil, or undead, the fire could burn them all at once.

It was as if that attribute was the personification of my rage――


「… I guess it can’t be helped that you think that way since one of His Majesty’s attributes is fire but… Darkness attribute has the best compatibility with transpose curse.」





『That curse is akin to the crystallization of dark curses after all~』


Yet the foundation of that was love.

Can you believe that


「In addition, you’re the first amongst the other children who are born with pure darkness attributes.」

「So that’s the case huh.」


According to the report, Aiogias of 『Ice Prison』 was water.

Rubyfia of 『Pyroclastic Flow』 was the fire.


『Sex Maniac』 Diagias was fire and thunder, while Emergias of 『Envy』 was the wind.


Spinezia of 『Gluttony』 was a special case, she had all attributes―― Save for the light attribute which never manifested amongst the demon race, and holy which wasn’t even an attribute, to begin with―― She was proficient with all attributes.


『Sleeping Beauty』 Topazia had earth attributes.

In addition, Topazia was proficient in stone manufacturing, she was the princess of Corvut-clan, the clan who constructed the demon king castle.


「It doesn’t really matter, Jilbagias.

As long as you have a huge amount of magical power, something like an attribute is a trivial matter.」


Platy told me so, pointing to an obvious fact.


「The most important thing in the battlefield is to use defensive spells against all attributes, and the next one is the fact that the transpose curse has the greatest compatibility with the darkness attribute.

Don’t worry, you’ll become an extremely powerful warrior.」


No one called the demon race’s warrior a combat mage.

Reason being that using magic was as natural as breathing for them…


That day, I learnt a few new spells at the fastest speed.


The basic was a naturally defensive spell.

And then the magic that transforms the manufactured bones.


It was something that should be learnt when I grew a bit older but, Platy thought that it was okay for the current me to learn it now.

That was a lifesaver.


I fused the bones of the soldiers that I killed before with magical power and turned them into a spear shaft.


I used the obsidian knife from my first battle as the tip of my spear.

Thus, my spear was complete.

Its length was around 1,5 meters, slightly longer than my current height.


The material was barely passable, its shaft used the bones of my first prey, but then, it was a splendid, rare article for my first spear created with sorcery.


Thus, it felt really familiar with my magical power.No matter how much I tried to wash it down, their bottomless anger, regret, and grudge were so strong that it―― felt like they were ready to eat me alive.


A normal, solid iron sword made by humans wouldn’t leave a scratch on its shaft… So its strength was guaranteed.

It was light and solid.

And even if the shaft was broken, I could repair it easily with magic.


In a sense, my spear was the ideal spear.


As a novice warrior of the demon race, I started training with form in earnest.


Training ground.


I readied my spear, very much aware that I had this stiff look on my face.


「Our, demon race’s weapon is a spear.」


Platy, clad in easy-to-move attire, said so as she pulled out a metal rod from her belt.

It was an enchanted spear that would turn into a sharp spear with a mere snap of her hand―― A portable spear.


This was the concept of the demon race’s ideal weapon.


Each race had their own ideal weapon.

It wasn’t just a matter of racial pride, it was just that there was some sort of curse that made each race stronger when they wielded their own ideal weapon.


For beastfolk, it was their fangs and claws.


For elves, it was a bow.


For dwarfs, it was an axe and hammer.


For the demon race, it was a spear.


And lastly, a sword for the human race.


By the way, there was no concept of a weapon for the dragon race or devil.

The reason was the devil wasn’t a native of this world, and the dragon had a trump card called breath attack.


Well, those matters aside.


「There’s no need to tell you about the importance of the spear for us, right Back then, I would not be that worried if you fought those soldiers with a spear instead of a knife.」


Platy spoke while caressing her spear.


… Yup.

I would be in deep ** if they were equipped with swords.


There was something like a blessing in racial weapons.

One would feel inexplicable power just by holding onto their racial weapon.

There was a case in which two soldiers with similar strength were equipped with different weapons, namely sword and spear.

When they fought, the human spear wielder, which should’ve had a range advantage, was lost against the sword user.


「Spearmanship is the core of the demon race’s combat technique.

Jilbagias, starting from today, I’m going to train you thoroughly in the way of the spear.

You’ve learned to use daggers and hand-to-hand combat until now, but it’s nothing more than training in case you’ve to face an emergency situation.

The training you experienced until now is nothing more than child’s play.」


Platy readied her spear.


The moment she did so, I felt an extremely powerful pressure from her.

She was a genuine warrior too.


「I’ll personally train you in the form of actual combat.

I’ll only use a spear for now.

Once you grow to a certain extent, I’ll start using feints or foul moves.

I’m gonna pass down all of my fighting skills to you.」


Basically, Platy told me to go all out.


「I’m aware that this might be too early for a kid of your age but, considering your growth, this much should be enough… Moreover, no one in the clan ever gets the chance to get such extravagant training.」


Platy’s smile deepened as she looked at my back.


Standing behind me was―― Several human races, tied down with chains.



They were different from the soldiers that I fought the other day.

Many of them are young teenagers, with a few elderly.

They were unscathed but the despaired look on their face was similar to a criminal standing right before their gallows.


Well, they literally stand before one.


The reason was that they were the substitute for the transpose curse.

And they seem to be aware of that fact.


「In the demon kingdom, Reiju clan kept the most number of the human race.

And since we’re managing their health properly, our clan has a lot of them in stock.」


It was just as Platy had told me.

I had to look for my own combat style from now on.


In short, train, train and more training.


As long as it wasn’t instant death―― Any injuries were acceptable.


「Nevertheless, there’s a limit to how many humans you can use in one day.

Endure it as long as possible to prolong your training time.

In addition, even a scratch can become a fatal weakness in real combat.

Don’t get used to wounds, you’ve to prioritize dodging or parrying over receiving a strike.」

「… Yes, mother.」


I replied while enduring the disgust and guilt in me.


If I made a blunder or was wounded, the people behind me would die.




But… Platy was really powerful.

Though I was under the protection of a defensive spell, it was torn like a piece of paper before her spear clad in mana.

That’s why I had no choice but to receive the blow with my still-developing body until I mastered the way of the spear.




When I turned around, my gaze met with the gaze of a frightened youth.


「Here I come, Jilbagias.」


Wait, that’s too fast, right Give me some time.

Platy closed the distance between us bit by bit.

None of us were talking about making preparations but, that might be the way she told me that no enemy would wait for you to get ready on the battlefield.


She told me to fight with my all.


「――【Our Name is Jilbagias】」


I used the spell to increase my strength so that I could fight even a bit longer.




Platy revealed a smile that sent a shiver running down my spine.


「That’s the spirit, Jilbagias.」


Against her gentle tone, the tip of her spear rained down mercilessly toward me.




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