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30. I’m Hungry

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I love eating.


I enjoyed quite a few delicacies when I was still a human.


Though quite a lot of human kingdoms were ruined during my previous life―― The frontline army ate surprisingly good food.

Reason being to boost their morale.


And then, for the heroes who got sent into the place where fierce battles unfold, they had the chance to enjoy the finest dishes second only to the royal family.  Many times during those times, I thought that it might be my last supper.

And then, the people who lost their appetite or ate with a gloomy face were the ones who didn’t survive for too long for some reason.


For that reason, I turned into a battlefield’s gourmand.

I turned into a peculiar gourmand who could enjoy any food in any situation.


In short, what I’m trying to say here was the fact that the Demon King Family’s Supper(Lunch time for humans) was truly delicious.


Though the Demon King’s child who sat in the seat right on the other side of mine around the round table was the enemy of my parent(of my previous life), all I did was fully savor the meal―― I had no idea whether this was me fully adapting to this life, or just my instinct as a gourmand moving in full throttle.


This damned instinct of mine.

Well, that matter aside, the meal was delicious.

This also led me to realize two things about myself.


The appetizer which was placed in the transparent, crystal container consisted of fruits and vegetables of the season along with dry-cured ham dished up beautifully like a garden.

At this point I started to suspect that the chef might be not just your average chef.

Its green mousse that served as garnish had a really deep flavor that almost made me moan in satisfaction, my tongue was literally captivated by this flavor.

I even wondered if the chef was actually using narcotics in their dishes to boost the flavor.


I almost couldn’t hold back my laugh when I saw the muscular figure of the Demon King leaning forward, spooning the mousse with a small spoon that looked too small for his frame.

Aiogias’ hands were moving the knife and fork skilfully, he was eating elegantly like a proper royalty.


The Food Fighter(5th child) She was eating with gusto just like before.

I mean, upon a closer look, the small mountain in front of her was actually the same appetizer that I was eating right now.

I could hear the silent protest of the chef upon seeing the non-existence elegance and artistic arrangement solely on her plate.


This continued on, with an insatiable appetite even after that appetizer, the white potage came next.

It was a root vegetable mixed with a lot of butter, first sip, second sip, third sip, and before I realized, the thickly flavored soup had already bottomed up.

Despite its small amount, its flavoring was exquisite.


Rubyfia finished her plate pretty quickly, and then crossed her arms as she glared at the rest of us who were still enjoying the dish.

Like a bird of prey watching her prey during their unguarded moment, or thinking about how to kill her prey… or it might simply be because she was born with that stiff face.


At this moment, our sleeping beauty(Topazia) had finally woken up from her sleep, and ate slowly from her appetizer that she had yet to touch.

Since everyone doesn’t seem to care about her sleeping during meals before, I almost think that the food is going to be wasted.

After the meal, the green bas*tard(Emergias) glanced irritatingly at Topazia’s food, not even trying to hide his greed.


By the way, though I tried to nod at Topazia, she completely ignored me.

Rather, her gaze looked unfocused to me.

Could it be that she in fact didn’t wake up, she just ate in her sleep with her eyes wide open.


The main dish was roast duck.

The breast meat with plenty of fat was cooked in a small flame till a beautiful rose formed inside, and then painted with fig sauce.

The sauce was splendid.

I couldn’t see it because it only used very little salt but, the meat flavor became more and more enhanced as I kept eating the very same meat dish, the sauce must be applied in gradation.

This one plate alone was akin to several specialties.

Being able to taste several specialties in this one plate was truly another dimension of experience.


This one seems to be Demon King’s favoutire dish since he was clearly eating slowly, bite by bite while moaning 「Uuhm…」 As if afraid that the dish in front of him will vanish.

The 3rd child(Diagias) asking for second helpings while muttering 「Not enough energy…」.

Seeing that, even the green bast*ard(Emergias) didn’t wait for a second to ask for a second helping.


The Food Fighter That girl demanded second helpings every few seconds.

Or so I wanted to say, but there was no need to do that since there was a mountain of meat in front of her which also aroused the other’s appetite.


Though I was a little bit troubled too with the volume of food that I ate even when I was in my growth period, I decided to show some self restraint here right after I emptied the first plate.

In the end, my judgment was correct.

Reason being the fat of the duck meat was too greasy.

Even the Demon King stopped after his first plate and didn’t ask for a second helping.


Diagias ate his second helping gleefully but, the green bast*ard regretted his decision when he was in the middle of enjoying his second plate.


After we’re immersed in the profound taste of the main dish, our tongues were smoothed out with dessert and warm beverages.

The dessert was ice cream with a heap of fresh cream.

And just as I expected of the dining table of race with strong magical power, they’re the only ones who can casually take out frozen sweets like nothing.

Moreover, when enjoyed together with bitter black tea called coffee, the harmony of bitter and sweet flavor became the perfect chaser for the fat of the main dish that remained in my mouth.

Splendid, truly splendid.


The others were also sipping their tea, it seems they’re enjoying the after taste of the meal… Except for the Food FIghter who ate a heap of ice cream directly from the bucket.

Seeing her take a large bite of ice cream alone was enough to make my head ache.


「… Ah right, Jilbagias.

I almost forgot to mention this matter since you’re so well behaved.」


The Demon King suddenly breaks the ice.


「We’ve one rule when we’re in this dining table.」


Both Rubyfia and Aiogias grinned upon hearing the Demon King speak with a serious look on his face.


「「No politic talk during the meal.」」


Both of them spoke in sync.


「Anyone who violates this rule will be kicked out immediately.

Make sure you remember that.」


The Demon King sipped the tea in his cup after he said so.


「… Understood.」


Only at this moment we act like a proper family――


――An illusion which is going to vanish like a dream after he finishes the tea in his cup.

As for the Food Fighter, she … Surprisingly drinks her tea from a normal cup.


「This was the first time you attended this meeting but, I’m glad that it ends safely.」


The moment he finished those words, Gordesgias’ face returned to the face of that cold and cruel Demon King.


「Is there something that you want to tell me」


No one opened their mouth when he asked that question.


The only sound in this silence was the calm breathing of Topazia.

Sleeping right after a meal huh―― It’s gonna wreck your stomach, you know.


「Okay then.

That’s it.」


Diagias rose from his seat and left in a flash the moment Demon King said so.

He muttered something along the lines of “Wait for me, my girls” when he passed by…


「Well then, see you next week.」


Rubyfia carried the Sleeping Princess on her shoulder and left.

The Sleeping Princess being carried in and out like that for this meal by none other than the leader of the faction was… Already not the scale of shameless.


「Well then, adieu.」


Aiogias stood elegantly, and left the room.

The green bast*ard following him listlessly from behind.

The reason why they choose to wait for a while after the previous person left might be because it would feel awkward if they had to descend along such long stairs together…


The Food Fighter looked like she was being absent minded  as she patted on her slightly bulging stoma— Fu*ck, her stomach didn’t inflate that much considering the amount of food she ate.


「… Uhm, Father.」

「Is something the matter」


I called out to the Demon King who was about to leave from another door in the inner part of the room.


「Am I allowed to see you when you’re doing your job」


Demon King frowned when I asked that question.

It was a flash inspiration, I suddenly thought that I might get an extremely rare chance to see the Demon King doing his job.

A chance to become familiar with Demon King’s schedule.


「You can’t today.

I’ll have a meeting with the top brass of the kingdom.」

「Top… Brass」

「Me, leader of royal guard, leader of devil corps, dragon patriarch, no life king(lich), vampire lord, king of night elf, and then king of beastfolks.」


Isn’t that basically the central power of the demon king army!




「I mean, your status as my son alone isn’t enough to have the qualification to attend the meeting.」


The Demon King shrugged his shoulders helplessly as he spoke.


「Well, it’s not big deal if you just see me doing my usual work but, its going to be really boring you know」

「I want to know what kind of work you normally do.」

「You mean, as Demon King」


Contrary to my expectation, he asked with a serious look on his face.

I replied with 「Yes」 in a beat.


The Demon King was grinning happily upon hearing my answer.


「Fine then.

I shall consider it for the next week.」


He left quickly after he said those words.


… Yeah.

That’ll be the first step to investigating the Demon King’s weakness.


When I reluctantly turned around, the Food Fighter―― I mean, Spinezia was looking at me.


「… Is there something」

「I suddenly remember the first time I visited this room.」


This might be the first time I saw her saying something without stuffing food into her mouth.


… So this wasn’t the first time Demon King’s children wanted to observe their father’s job.

This reminds me that the Demon King acted as if it was natural… Which made it even more convenient for me.


「Back then, I used to think that I can do anything.」


Spinezia had this melancholic look on her face for a moment before her expression returned to normal and she left.

One thing that I noticed was the fact that her swollen stomach had already shrunk back to normal.


「A~h, I’m hungry.」


She left while saying so, as if she had forgotten about my existence… That girl literally came first just to get more food, it seems she made a contract with a devil that allows her to gain more power by eating but it didn’t seem to be a cost-effective one.


Thus, I left the room.


「Father loves diligent person.」


Right at that moment, I heard a rough voice come right from my side.


It was the green ba*stard―― I mean, Emergias.


「――Good job in trying to look good in front of him.

Is that the instruction from your Mama」


His murky eyes were observing me from head to toes.


As for his reason for doing this.

Maybe he tried to probe me for Aiogias.


I had a few options in this regard.

Snapping back at him, or exchanging a few pleasantries with him.


Or else, simply straight up ignore him.


Naturally I chose the last option.

Walk away while ignoring him.


I mean, who knows what would come from me if I spoke for too long with him.




「… Just going to ignore me eh.」


Demon King’s 4th child, Emergias clicking his tongue.

Glaring angrily at the retreating back of the cheeky youngest sibling.


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