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28.1.Fated Reunion

TN: Long awaited character made his appearance


「That’s why Jilbagias.

You’re awarded the Lesser Knight Rank.」



Though Garounya clapped her hands to congratulate me, she stopped immediately upon seeing that none of the other employees clapped their hands.


Well the other employees’ reaction was natural since the lesser knight title was the bottom of the barrel rank that was received by any demon race who had grown their horn.

It wasn’t something worthy of celebration.


Though Garounya became really awkward, I had no leeway to worry about her either, I couldn’t even smile at her.


A few days had already passed after the duel with those soldiers.


The date of me entering the palace had been decided.


Finally, the day of the reunion with that Demon King had come.


「Every week, at the “Day of The Moon”, His Majesty will have a lunch(Supper) with his children.」


Platy spoke as she ascended the stairs that went up toward the top part of Demon King Castle.


Meaning that I would have a chance to have a conversation with my half siblings and my father once a week.


Demon King’s Children―― The true heir, there was an extremely high probability of us killing each other in the future.

Though I’ve heard about their summary and name from Sofia beforehand, today would mark the first day I met them.


I was currently wearing an extremely formal attire to match with the occassion.


In short, there were more fangs or pelt than usual on me.

As if to remind everyone that I am a savage…


The stairs toward the palace were heavily guarded by veteran soldiers.


Though the Demon King was far more powerful than them, this was nothing more than a display of the demon race’s strength.

Moreover, our assault team wouldn’t exhaust ourselves and could fight better if not for these a―― Wait, could we really fight even better without these soldiers back then Well, that sounds impossible ――


Thus, my mind started wandering around, thinking incoherent matters since I was too nervous right now.


Yes, I was nervous.

And it wasn’t due to fear.

An unfamiliar sense of oppression or you might call it premonition―― Made the hairs on my body stand up to their ends.


『You have been killed by him before after all.』


Ante snickered inside of me.


『That’s why it’s not strange if you’re trembling nonstop.』


Just to remind you, I’m not afraid of him.


And then, at the end of the stairs.

on the topmost and extremely spacious space stood a building that might be the most magnificent building in the entire Demon kingdom, the Demon King Palace.


It had splendorous ornaments from the perspective of the demon race whose culture was behind the other races but was barely passable for a palace as splendid as this one.


The palace was made from the same marble as the castle but, the delicate craftsmanship of the dwarf craftsmen was obviously applied on the palace.

It could be seen from the relief of the brave army of the demon king.

Devil, night elves, beastfolks, dragons, and demon race’s warrior of various clans trampling down the army of the human race and forest elves were drawn in the relief.


Since the craftsman had to differentiate between night elves and forest elves, the forest elves were depicted in the form of wearing caps, foliage ornaments, flower coronet, or other items that represent forest, I could only sneer at the craftsman hardship when they carved this relief.

I mean, both races resembled each other’s appearance save for their skin color and eyes color.


All over the wall, traditional patterns of each demon race clans were inlaid with gold.

Though it looked really gaudy which could literally be mistaken as upstart, it was only thanks to the skill of the craftsman that everything came together in harmony and looked like a true, polished masterpiece.


Thus, the relief didn’t just come out as uselessly luxurious relief but a masterpiece.

The ornamented spear that was inserted in various places with a jet black flag, the symbol of the demon kingdom, fluttering on its end increased the sense of oppression in this place.


And then―― On top of the entrance was the sculpture of a hero of the demon kingdom.


It was the magnificent figure of a demon race, clasping an obsidian spear in his hand as he glared toward the visitor with a grim look on his face.


「It’s the sculpture of the 1st Demon King, Raohgias-sama.」


Yeah, I knew it was him in just a single glance.


He was the root of evil after all…!


After the gate was opened by the devil butler, we entered the palace.


Ooou… Awesome.

The artwork of various countries that were raided by the demon king army was lining up there.

Painting, sculpture, ceramic, jewelry in the glass case.


I’m used to this kind of spectacle since I’ve visited many castles or palaces due to my status as a hero in my previous life but… I still ended up being overwhelmed by the demon race.


We walk on the red carpet.


… Yeah, I can feel it.


That unnaturally powerful magical power.


「Archduchess Platyfia-sama and Demon Prince Jilbagias-sama have arrived――」


The door of the throne room is being opened.


――It was truly a fierce battle that day, the memory of pain and scorching flame was rapidly revived in my mind.


But, it was only for a moment.

In the blink of an eye, the bloodstains and damage in this place had already been fixed, as if it was a new throne room.


And then, the one awaiting me was the Demon King.


Muscular body.

Pair of ominously warped horns.

His red blood-like eyes and blonde hair that resembled a lion mane were apparently a rarity in the demon race.


He was the 2nd Demon King, Gordesgias.


He was sitting haughtily in the obsidian throne that looked really uncomfortable no matter how you look at it.

In his hand was―― The jet-black spear that looked like it was the condensation of darkness itself.


After being reborn as the demon race and growing my horn, I realized just how abnormal his magical power was.

As a comparison, Sofia looks like a small typhoon, Platy looks like a rock but, this man―― What the hell is he


Giant vortex


No―― This sensation resembled the dark portal.


His level was already that of a phenomenon.


『I see now.』


Ante muttered.


『This one is a big deal.』


… I straightened my back.

At least, I’m not alone in this case.

Ante was chuckling upon knowing my reaction.


「Long time no see, Jilbagias.」


Demon King Gordesgias was staring straight into my eyes.

The memory when he said 『You did a good job for a weak human』 and 『Uhm, he has such a fearless look on his face despite being a baby』 revived in my mind because he―― Made the same expression at those two times.


「You’ve grown so big in the time I didn’t see you.」


It seems the fact that there was a little bit of sarcasm mixed in his voice wasn’t just my imagination.


「Long time no see, Father… My horn has been growing safely.」


Yeah, it really was a long time, Demon King.


And you seem to be as healthy as ever!!


「Your Majesty!」


Suddenly another female voice resounded in the throne room.


I’ve been noticing their existence since a while ago.

Standing on the sides of the throne were the figure of several women wrapped in gaudy dresses.


Amongst them, I’ve already met the figure of a woman whose blue hair is styled like a whirl.


「What’s the matter, Laz」


Demon King replied so languidly as he looked at the woman.

Lazriel―― The mother of 1st Demon Prince, and the one who met us in the wyvern platform before I departed to Hell.


「Except for Your Majesty and Platyfia, there’s another marriage between the Reiju clan and Orgis clan.」


Lazriel said so with a vicious voice as she glared at me.


「While it is true that he can use both of his lineage magic, he’s not the only one who can use it.」


Suddenly, I heard something creaking right by my side.

Yes, Platy who stood by my side was grinding her teeth despite the composed look on her face.


「… Jilbagias.



Demon King Gordesgias… Truly a Regal king.


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