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17.2 Return of The Demon Prince

Seriously, you even took out your enchanted weapon!

And then, without a shred of hesitation, Platy unleashed a merciless stab toward Ante.

「――【Forbid Spear Strike】」

But, the attack stopped as soon as Ante activated her hexing.

The tip of the spear cast dangerous light and yet, it stayed still without moving an inch right in front of Ante.


Powerful waves of magical power released from Plenty’s horn, releasing her from Ante’s hex but――

「――【Forbid Resistance】」

Ante activated another one of her hexs, and as if to prove that fact, it easily pulverized the shell that was covering Platy.


Platy was left standing up, unable to move from her stabbing form.

Ante on the other hand was sitting cozily on the sofa, she didn’t even lift her finger to face Platy.

「Do you understand now」

Ante asked so with a haughty look on her face.

Platy sent a glare toward Ante and tried to invoke her magical power again.

Wham! and thus, along with the sound that was akin to snapped leather, she managed to forcefully cancel Ante’s hex.


Seeing that, Ante sent a sidelong, yet profound glance at me as she muttered 「Well, something like this…」.

… Just now, Ante chanted 【Forbid】 instead of 【Taboo to】.

As if she told me “This is how you should use my power to mimic a high-ranking devil”.

「… Okay, it’s my loss.」

Platy declared so quietly while restoring her enchanted spear.

「You’re strong.」

And accepted Ante’s strength as she sat back in her chair.


Ante nodded with a composed look on her face.

「It’s good to have reliable foundation and strength.」

Platy said so with a smile on her face, an extremely wicked one at that.

「――Your son will become a splendid demon king.」

Platy ended up caught off guard by an unexpected remark that came out of nowhere from Ante.

Ante then stood from the sofa and stretched her body.

「Yup, the material world is stiff after all.

I’ll take a break for a while.」

And just when I thought about what she was going to do.

Ante suddenly embraced me and went into my body.


Platy was looking at the situation as if she just saw an extremely unexpected situation.

「The thing is… she chose my body as the resting place for her to decrease the consumption of her power.」

「… Offering part of your body to house the devil or carrying part of the devil with you isn’t a rare thing but, this is the first time I see someone offering their entire body to house the devil…」

So a devil housed in a demon race body wasn’t that rare eh…

「Anyhow… Jilbagias.」


「You seem to have brought back a troublesome one.」


I mean, I thought that I was done for a while.

It was purely by sheer will that I managed to maintain the mask of a demon race prince.

「… Okay then.

Let’s not waste our time in this place.

We’ve to go back to the demon king castle immediately.」

Platy struck her cheeks with her hands and then stood up from her chair.

「Eh, already I thought we were going to rest for a while…」

Even though her willpower was clearly returned after my return, her leg was clearly unsteady.

It didn’t really matter if we returned now by carriage but, we’re riding a dragon you know


「Jilbagias, as of now, you’re treated almost as if you’re already dead.

That’s why things are bound to get really troublesome later if we don’t cancel it now.」


Thus, we left Cosmolodge in a hurry.

We then rode the dragon.

And different from when we came, with my increased height, Platy couldn’t hug me anymore.

I mean, I sat behind Platy right now.

The autumn sky was colder than I thought.

The wind was chilly… and when I started to sniffle, Platy recited a defensive spell as if she just recalled it now.

A while after we took off, after the flight was starting to stabilize, Platy whose tense mind and body had loosened then started to nod off.

Oi, are you kidding me.

You’re going to die if you fall from this height you know.

「Mother, I guess you really overdid yourself this time…」

Can’t be helped I guess.

「Please lean on me and take a rest for now.」

I held the handle of the saddle and let Platy lean on me.


「… Is it that bad… well, I guess you’re right… sorry for the trouble.」

After saying so, Platy finally truly leaned on me.

Though she did her best to stay awake, it only took less than a minute for her to fall asleep in my embrace.

Taking a nap while riding on the back of a dragon, what a foolish fellow…

『The son is showing his filial piety to his mother, eh.』

I heard Ante’s tearing voice resounded in me.

Shut up.

I’m the one who will be in trouble if she dies in this place after all.

Nevertheless, what do you mean by 「Your son will become a splendid demon king」 from a while ago.

I wanted power, never once did I say that I wanted to become demon king.

『The answer to your curiosity is pretty simple.』

Ante was laughing maniacally.

『Thou seek power to kill your siblings, defeat the demon king―― and slay your mother.

Once you accomplish all of that, you will naturally be regarded as Demon King both in sense and reality.』

『That’s why I promised that woman.

I promised that her son―― You, will become a splendid demon king.』

――That’s right.

That was my wish.

I might’ve ended up drowning in the blood of my own race but… that was indeed, my own wish.

『I’m really looking forward to that day.』

And then, Ante was staying silent again for the rest of the journey.

Thus, I could only look at the ground while holding onto Platy’s warm body.

Soon enough, the demon king castle came into view on the horizon.


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